Online Web Typing Review: Is It A Scam Or Real Typing Jobs?

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Is Online Web Typing a scamRecently I was asked by my reader to see if Online Web Typing ( is a scam so I’m writing this review to report my findings for you all to check out.

You never know about these sites and you should be careful before you hand over your hard earned money.

I’m glad you’re here to find out and smart of you to do some research to see if this is legit.

Because working from home is so attractive, that’s what a lot of programs try to get you on and lure you with to get you to pay for such a luxury.

Without further delay, let’s checkout my Online Web Typing review:



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Online Web Typing Logo


Program Name: Online Web Typing


Price: $34.95 (£26)

Owner: Susan Shaw

Recommended? No

Looking for a work at home opportunity is hard these days because of all the scams that are online.

Online Web Typing claims to offer you just a work at home opportunity to do data entry tasks from home.


Online Web Typing Home Page


Once you sign up with them, you don’t need to sign up with other companies since Online Web Typing is doing the outsourcing for companies that need workers for this type of tasks.

You are not being hired as an employee of Online Web Typing but an independent contractor and so you’re considered a freelance data entry administrator.

The work is not hard, it’s supposedly very simple and you can do an order in just an hour.  All you need is an email, an internet connection, and be English speaking.

You will be paid for each completed project around $26 – $35 (£20 and £25) and you can expect a wait time of 48 hours to get paid.

You will be paid via bank transfer or PayPal.

They claim that earning potential is up to you because you can work this part time or full time depending how much money you want to make or how much time you have to spend on these projects.

In order to sign up with them, you will have to pay a small fee of $34.95 (£26) which you will pretty much make back in your first project.

They claim this fee is for training and to cover costs of the website.




The Online Web Typing site looks well put together and sure looks legitimate but I can see from my experience with reviewing hundreds of scams that this site is not to be trusted.

I find that there are several major red flags that tell me that there is definitely something off with this site.

I would like to point these red flags out so that you can see why this site is not to be trusted.

#1 Red Flag – Fee

Whenever there is a fee for this type of site, it’s usually a major red flag because legitimate outsourcing companies are paid by the companies that outsource with them so there is no need to charge the contractors.

They need contractors if they really have projects to fulfill from their clients so it wouldn’t even make sense to put a barrier up with a fee.

I have never seen a legitimate outsourcing or recruiting company that charges people to be contractors.


#2 Red Flag – Fake Social Icons

If you’re a legitimate business, why would you not have real social media accounts?  The social media icons on their site are fake, and they don’t link to anything.

Online Web Typing Fake Social Buttons

That just seems super lazy of Online Web Typing to not even set up social media accounts in this day and age.

Any legitimate business would have real social media accounts as it’s a free form of advertising for their company so why Online Web Typing have fake social icons instead?  Just doesn’t make sense.


#3 Red Flag – “Over 5 Years Of Industry Experience”

On their home page, they say they have over 5 years of industry experience but yet their site is only just over 4 years old as of this writing.

Online Web Typing Over 5 Years Experience is fake

Online Web Typing Domain Age on ICANN Whois

I guess it sounds better to have an even number like 5 years and then add “over” in front of it to make it sound even better.


#4 Red Flag – Fake Testimonies

They claim to have member testimonials but when I looked those people up, they don’t exist as who they say they are on the Online Web Typing site.

Online Web Typing Fake testimonies

In fact, these are fake testimonies and they just use stock photos for those images.  If you see below, you will find that the guy is in several either sites and the girl is also used as a book cover.

Online Web Typing Fake testimonies 3

Online Web Typing Fake testimonies 2

Online Web Typing Fake testimonies 4


#5 Red Flag – Discrepancies On Where They Are Located

This Online Web Typing site claims they are in the UK, in London but their domain is registered to Susan Shaw in the United States.

I know people can move and such to have different addresses but I know for a fact that the info in your domain must be updated year after year and if you don’t update, your domain can be deactivated.

So that is why I feel this is a bit strange here that the domain doesn’t match where they say they are at, as well, there are not phone numbers for contact so you really don’t know where they are.




Because of all the red flags, I was not able to trust this Online Web Typing site enough to actually put my money down to have a look inside.

However, because of my experience with reviewing all sorts of make money online sites and programs, this site screams scam to me, especially that fee.

Real online job sites or recruiting companies do not charge people a fee to have access to the jobs/projects. You will be interviewed to see if your experience qualifies you for the project, but never ask you to pay.

Therefore, I can only conclude that this site cannot be trusted and that I do not recommend Online Web Typing.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Online Web Typing is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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