Power Up Your Posts: How To Add An Anchor On WordPress

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How To Add An Anchor On WordPressHi guys!  Today I’m going to show you how to add an anchor on WordPress, or anchors should I say since you’ll probably put more than one in your posts, and it’s going to be super easy!

It doesn’t require a lot of coding, just a little.  I promise it’s not too painful as I also have a video to show you.  🙂

Let’s take a look at these topics:



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Have you ever seen posts that have links that jump to other sections within their blog page or post?  This is the reason why, they have anchor links in their posts.

The benefits I see having anchors on your posts are:

  • Your readers can jump to the topic of their interest right away.
  • Helps keep your post organized.
  • People can link to a certain section of your post.
  • You can link to a certain section of your post.
  • Search engines like easy to read posts and adding anchors will add to the readability factor.
  • Easy for readers to find things on your page.
  • Easy navigation on your post.




My video below will take you through the whole process very easily and show you where and how to put the anchor and anchor links in your posts!

If you like the video, please click the thumbs up on the video as it will help it get seen more. 🙂  So appreciate your help!

The direct link to this video is here if you can’t see it below for some reason or something goes wrong.





If for whatever reason you’re not able to see the video at all, here is a short guide for you to follow instead.  As I realize, it’s not always appropriate to start playing a video.

I’d like to describe the two parts that are needed for this:

  • The anchor itself (where you want to be able to jump to)
  • The anchor link (the text link you’ll click on that will take you to the anchored section)

Let’s say in this example for this post, I want to link the words “Final Thoughts” in the beginning of this post to jump down to the section with the same title but in all caps.

Before you do anything, make sure all your spacing and formatting is all done.  I like doing the anchors last because it can mess up your spacing sometimes.


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Step 1

In the “Text” tab of your WordPress editor, find the section you want to anchor to, then right above that text add two line spacing by hitting the return twice.  The anchor code goes on the second line space which should be right above the section you are anchoring to.

Adding Anchor Code in Text Tab - Before


Add the anchor by adding this code <a name=”anchorname”></a> on the line just above the section you are anchoring to like the image below:

Adding Anchor Code in Text Tab - Afterwards


For me, the code is added right above my title “FINAL THOUGHTS“.  You noticed in the image I’ve changed the “anchorname” to “finalthoughts“.

You will need to change the anchor name for each anchor you create, it should be specific and with NO SPACES, like hash tagging.

The anchor name could be as long or as short as you want but just make sure there is no spacing.

Now when you return to the “Visual” tab after adding the anchor, you’ll see a little anchor symbol at the spot you added it to.

That’s normal and should be there, it also looks like WordPress added a line space but when you view your post, it’s not an actual line space.

Anchor Symbol To Show Anchor Has Been Added


Step 2

Now, we will add the anchor link.

You’ve come back to the “Visual” tab and we’ll stay here for this.  You will now highlight the text you want to add the anchor link to.

In my case, I will highlight “Final Thoughts” at the top of my blog & click on the “Insert/Edit Link” in the top toolbar:

Adding Anchor Link To Text Final Thoughts

Once the insert link box opens up for you, you just have to add “#anchorname” into the box.  Remember no quotations here, just the pound sign (or hash tag) plus your anchor name you used for the section you want to jump to, and no spacing again.

Adding Anchor Link To Text Final Thoughts 2

For me, I’m going to put “#finalthoughts” to mine and pressed the apply button on the right.  Now it’s linked to the anchor!



That’s all you have to do!  If your spacing somehow messes up between sections after adding the anchor, you will have to play around and just add the spacing back by doing it in the “Visual” or “Text” tab.

Just remember that, while in the “Text” tab, you need a blank line space above the anchor code, and the anchor code should be right above the section you are anchoring to.

Also, remember to save your changes and preview them to make sure your anchors work properly before your post is public.



See video above to see how to link to an anchor post for a different page within your site, or link to an anchor post of an external site!




I hope this was useful to all of you!  Now you can have an easier way for your readers to jump to different sections of your posts and will have an easier time navigating.

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If you have any questions or thoughts about how to add an anchor on WordPress or Wealthy Affiliate, just leave me a comment below and I’ll reply within 48 hours!  🙂  Can’t wait to hear from you!



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  2. Great post Grace! Very informative and detailed. I will definitely be looking at your other tips and techniques to help improve my own site. Thanks!

  3. Loved your post, really helped me out to get these anchors on my post. It’s nice to have this near the top of the post so that my readers can navigate straight to the spot they want to go to. I hope you keep offering tips like this.


    • So nice to receive your warm, kind words! Thank you so much, I really appreciate you letting me know that my work is helping you. I sure will continue writing helpful content to all my readers. 🙂

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