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Regal Assets ReviewIf you’re looking for the best place to buy gold bullion online, then you’ve come to the right place as I have found a company that will definitely help you.

When it comes to your money and finances, it is best to invest your hard earned money into something that has been around for centuries and gold is one of those precious metals that you could invest in.

Because of its stable value over decades of time, you could always count on having gold as your safety net for your investment portfolio.

When choosing where you could buy this gold, it should be a company that has high security storing facilities for your metals, lower fees, and amazing customer service.

In this post, I will be introducing you to this highly respected finance company that offers all those qualities I have come to know quite well called Regal Assets.

I have detailed out my review about Regal Assets in following sections:





Phone Number: 1 877 962 1133

Minimum Investment: $5,000 (Cash), $10,000 (IRA)

Office: 705, 3450 Cahuenga Blvd W, Los Angeles, CA 90068

Founder & CEO: Tyler Gallagher

Regal Assets is a precious metals and cryptocurrency investment company and highly known for their Gold IRAs that will keep your retirement funds safe and secured for your future.

They were the first company to offer alternative assets in IRAs that allow you to have precious metals and cryptocurrencies, giving you the opportunity for both protection and massive growth.


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Regal Assets has been around since 2003 and not only do they have stellar reviews from their customers but they have been praised within the industry with features in Forbes Magazine and #20 on Inc. Magazine’s Top 500 List in 2013.

They have total trust and endorsed by celebrities as well, see here for more details on all their accolades.

What makes Regal Assets different is that they are the only precious metal company that uses electronic signatures so your process with them will be super fast because of this feature and no documents are signed by hand.

This is where Regal Assets strives to be a forward thinking company, offering you super efficient customer service and fastest delivery times in the industry.




Here I will show you why Regal Assets truly stands out from the rest of their competition because of their super efficient services as well as very competitive pricing.


  • BBB Rating: A+, 4.5 stars based on 2 Reviews, 0 Complaints
  • BCA Rating: AAA, Regal Assets Trust Link 5 Star Rating based on 56 Reviews, 0 Complaints
  • Trustlink Rating: Regal Assets Trust Link 5 Star Rating based on 1058 Reviews as of this review.

Regal Assets ratings



  • 1st Year Storage and Admin Fees $0 – First year fees waved!  All precious metals retirement accounts will not receive a bill for any fees what so ever until its second year.  (Competitors could have you pay a few hundred dollars here.)
  • Segregated Storage with Brinks – Flat Fee $150 per year after 1st year (Competitors have scaling fees, segregated storage usually starts at a higher much amount or is not even offered.)
  • Admin Fee – Flat Fee $100 per year after 1st year (Competitors have scaling fees scaling fees here as well, making your fees grow as your account balance grows.)



I think the best feature of Regal Assets is its efficient electronic processes they have in place that allows for smooth, easy processing that could open your brand new IRA account within 24 hours of them receiving your signed application form, while their competition typically take 5 – 7 business days.

For transferring requested funds from a custodian, Regal Assets typically take only 48 hours to execute while their competitors take much longer 30 – 90 days.

Then, their processes will get the gold or other precious metals into your hands as quickly as 7 business days from account funding!

Their competitors could take up to 30 days to deliver for cash purchases and even up to 90 days for retirement accounts.

Whether the precious metals will be delivered to your hands for a direct cash purchase or to deliver your retirement account precious metals to Brinks, it doesn’t matter, once your account is funded, the clock starts ticking.

If they, for whatever reason, can’t make that guarantee delivery, they will automatically include a free 1 oz. Silver American Eagle to your order free of charge.

Don’t worry, Regal Assets takes full responsibility of the precious metals while in transit and they are shipped in




Regal Assets offer their clients two assets types of assets: precious metals and cryptocurrencies.

They have the following precious metals to choose from: Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium.

Within each precious metal, you’ll have the chance to buy bars measured in grams as well as coins of different kinds.

The most inventory they have is gold and you’ll be able to choose higher weighing gold bars like the one kilo bars or as small as one gram of gold.

For cryptocurrencies, the coins you could buy on their platform is Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin, all of which are highly risky so please only invest the amount you’re willing to lose because they are very volatile.

The blockchain technology of cryptocurrencies is what will drive these coins to be a common asset to have in the future so getting in on them now is the best time since they are on sale since the beginning of 2018.


Can You Get Gold Shipped To Your House?

Yes, Regal Assets sure does ship to you and they want to do it fast!  As mentioned earlier, you will have the gold in your hands within 7 business days of your account being funded.

However, they currently only ship within the United States


What If I Don’t Want To Store Gold At Home?

Then you can have tons of options to store your goal because Regal Assets has partners all over the world for you to choose from to store your precious metals with.

Regal Assets do not store any themselves, however, instead they pick their partners wisely that provide the safest places to store your metals as well as being the world’s most secure and stable financial jurisdiction.


Will I Have The Option To Sell The Gold Back?

Yes you will, Regal Assets will buy any precious metals back and can be done very quickly and easily, usually within 24 hours.




Regal Assets makes it very easy for you to buy gold bullion online or any other precious metal.

They also give you plenty of piece of mind as well throughout your entire experience with them because they will keep in contact with you daily on what’s happening with your account and where they are in the process via phone and/or email until your transaction is fully completed.

Here are the three steps:

Step #1)  Fill out this form here and make sure you put accurate information in the form or it won’t work.  This step also gives you their Free Gold Kit!

Step #2) Let Regal Assets get to work and a Gold IRA specialist will be in contact with you.

Step #3) Fund your account so you can pick your metals!

Please beware of their minimum investments for cash $5,000 and IRAs at $10,000.

You will have gold in your hands within a couple weeks if you could electrically sign everything fast and send it back to Regal Assets quickly via email!




I have no doubt that Regal Assets could help you buy the gold or precious metals and cryptos you want but another reason why they stand out from the rest is that they don’t use aggressive sales tactics like some others do.

They will follow up with you but they will not do it excessively and there’s really nothing but great testimonies out there and virtually zero complaints.

If you want to buy gold bullion online or want to roll over your IRA to a Gold IRA then let Regal Assets help you with it and get it done fast!


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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding the best place to buy gold bullion online or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


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