Is Money Miracle A Scam Or Make 5 Figure Miracle Money?

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Excited at the possibility of making thousands of dollars quickly or is Money Miracle a scam you need to stay away from?

They sure make it sound easy to make money online but is this the reality?

My Money Miracle review below will show you this is not really what you think it is and will reveal shocking proof that this is not to be trusted.

I’ve done hundreds of reviews on here and this is not the first time these guys have come out with a program like this.

These products do nothing but skew the perception that money is made easily online but that’s the furthest truth to what the reality is.

I will show you what I mean as I’ve detailed out my review in the following sections:



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Money Miracle name


Program Name: Money Miracle


Price: $47 + 4 figures

Owner: Teo Vee

Recommended? No

Money Miracle claims to have a system that will just legally start dumping money into your bank account “like hundreds… thousands… and even tens of thousands of dollars” month after month.

Teo Vee claims he used to be like us, not knowing how to make money online and working at a dead end job that doesn’t seem like he was working it but the hours were working him.


Money Miracle sales video


Finally one day, he was shown how a 14 year old was making money online from his system who found a little loophole that could make tons of money.

Of course, the system is supposed to be working for you 24/7 whether you work it or not so you don’t have to work much.

The sales video goes on to tell you that this system is just like who made over $177 billion last year.

It also tells you that you could pretty much make however much you want whether you want to make $1,000 more a month or $10,000 more a month, you could do that.

Well, of course it could but no system can really do this for you unless you put in a ton of work and learn how to do this properly.

Is Money Miracle really the system you need that will help you take off online and make the money of your dreams?

I really highly doubt it because this is not this guy’s first rodeo with these sales videos…. and “Money Miracle” is no system.

You see, this Teo Vee, his real product behind this is My Ecom Club which I had reviewed a few months ago and that program will be costing you a pretty penny.

I feel that system takes more money out of your wallet than genuinely helping you to succeed because the amount of money they want to charge you, and keep charging you.




Money Miracle is not the first misleading sales video this guy made, he’s also made these ones too: Free Biz Account, Get The Discovery, and Ecom Cash Code.

All of them will tell you that it has a loophole or secret system that makes you mad money of its own but all of these are not systems of their own but you’re actually buying his real system called My Ecom Club.

Creating all these fake system sites to promote his one system is highly misleading and unethical since anyone watching any of those sales video would think they are buying into those systems when they are really not.

It’s kind of a bait and switch which is not ethical to do.

You don’t see any other legitimate branded products out there that will advertise under many different names but then sends out the same product from one brand so why would making money systems be any different?

Should M&Ms advertise under a bunch of different chocolate brands that’s supposedly more smooth and rich but still only sends out M&Ms when you buy those other branded chocolates?

They would be sued so fast!

It would be different if all those fake system sites he’s created tells you that you’ll be buying My Ecom Club, but none of them do.

Instead, each of those tell people they are their own system and, to me, that’s not cool.  I don’ know about you and if you like to be tricked like that.


What Is My Ecom Club Then?

To give you a summary of what this My Ecom Club is, it’s a training platform where Teo Vee teaches you how to build your own e-commerce store to sell products from.

He uses the drop shipping method where you could sell products on your own shop without creating or even touching any physical products.

He promises that his team will help you build such a shop and help you find the right suppliers and vendors from China to work with who will be packaging and sending the products out whenever your shop sells a product.

But in order to get such help, you won’t be just paying for $47, it’ll cost you $1,997.

Once you pay that $2K, do you get a shop filled with products you want?  Well, read the comments in my My Ecom Club review and you’ll see real truth about this program there.

Let’s just say, you’ll be royally disappointed.


Why The Bait & Switch Tactic?

Why he comes out with so many different sites like Money Miracle to promote his My Ecom Club is because he could then avoid people from searching out all his negative reviews for My Ecom Club.

That’s why he makes those sales video sound like those other names like Money Miracle has their own system so when you search them out, hopefully you won’t see any negative reviews yet and buy in.


Money Miracle Is Not Its Own System


Once too many people have written negative reviews about Money Miracle let’s say, then he’ll just come out with yet another bogus site.

He’ll keep doing this until he gets sick of people who keeps telling people the truth about this products I guess.


The Reality of Making Money Online

All of these types of sales videos like the one on Money Miracle doesn’t help anyone any good because they are telling you it’s possible to make thousands of dollars very quickly without doing much work and that’s just not what reality looks like.

Having an online shop will get you nowhere if you don’t know how to promote or drive traffic (visitors) to your shop.

There are free and paid ways to get visitors to your online shop but most of these products will only show you the paid way because seems to be the fastest way to results.

However, you must be well experienced with paid per click advertising to be able to use paid traffic because you can absolutely lose a lot of money if you don’t do it right.

You’ll need a 4 figure budget for something like this to start and I’d really doubt Money Miracle will teach you everything you need to know about paid traffic because this Teo Vee is only interested in making money himself by charging you thousands of dollars for his services which people have complained about as they haven’t delivered as promised after paying over $2K!

With any system you will try to make money online, you will have to know that in order to make any money online it takes a lot more work that these products say and you usually need comprehensive training to learn it all.




Thumbs DownYes, I consider Money Miracle to be a scam because it doesn’t tell people the real system is My Ecom Club where you’ll be spending a lot more money than $47.

That’s just to get you in and since you’ve paid some money already, he’s hoping you’ll just keep paying more without knowing what you’re really paying for.

If Money Miracle at some point in their sales video shows that their system is My Ecom Club and actually told you what it does and what you’re going to be getting yourself involved with, then I wouldn’t consider this a scam.

But this Money Miracle is obviously marketed and set up to be seen as its own system with everything that is said in the sales video, so that is why this is unethically misleading.

If Money Miracle is its own system, then how could these testimonials be real when he uses the same exact testimonials for all his other fake sites?!

How could all those testimonies be from three different systems but having the exact same results?  It can’t, because these are fake and are used on these fake system sites, just take a look:


Money Miracle Fake Testimonies


This proves that these testimonies aren’t real and I could even find these actors on freelance sites like where anyone could hire these people to say anything for as low as $5:

Money Miracle Fake Testimonies 5


I have to conclude that I do not recommend Money Miracle or the underlying program.




I know for a fact that it doesn’t take thousands of dollars to make thousands of dollars.

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Stop wasting time on scams and start building your future today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Money Miracle  is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now

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