The Six Figure Mentors Review: Is It A Scam? Is It Worth It?

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Six Figure Mentors Review- Is It A Scam, Is It Worth ItI’ve been hearing about this Six Figure Mentors and decided to look into this myself to ensure a thorough review so you can also learn if Six Figure Mentors is a scam or if it’s worth your money and time.

I can say that through my research, I have found they were able to improve some things recently and some of the reviews out there are outdated because of their changes.

Therefore, my 2017 review of The Six Figure Mentors will give you a better understanding of what’s available and what the program is all about it.

I hope that after going through my post, you will be able to make a better sound decision to join Six Figure Mentors or not.

Here are the sections I’ll cover:



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Six Figure Mentors LogoProduct Name: The Six Figure Mentors


Owners: Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek

Price: $29.95 – $20,000 (yes, that’s $20K)

Recommended?  No

The owners of the Six Figure Mentors have been in this game for many years and producing other products that are usually called a scam so from there, I was already weary about this one.

At the surface, they have spent a lot on making their website very clean, professional and well branded so you would think you can trust a website like this.

However, you must always do your research before joining anything and this is why I have written this post for you so you can quickly get the info you need to make a sound decision.

Programs like this is all about selling the dream of making tons of money, but if you look further, you’ll find there is many reasons why you shouldn’t join.


Six Figure Mentors Free Affiliate ProgramLATEST CHANGES

The biggest change they recently had is that they opened up a free affiliate program… You won’t earn too much from this free affiliate program, but nonetheless, it’s a free affiliate program which many have complained about Six Figure Mentors not having one before and making people pay to join their affiliate program.

You see, any legitimate company/business that offers an affiliate program is free to join.  You never have to pay to join an affiliate program, so if you come across one that makes you pay, then you should stay far away from it.

So, now that Six Figure Mentors have a free affiliate program, I can’t complain about that here now.  It’s fine that you don’t earn too much from it but at least now they have one.



Essentially, what Six Figure Mentors is about is learning how to make money online by promoting their very own program.  You will learn how to promote Six Figure Mentors to others and earn commissions on people who you recruit and sign up under you.

You will also earn commissions on people who your downline recruits too, which is a dangerous game to play because this is now a multi-level marketing company with no real products to sell at that level.

This is also where the high priced memberships are involved and can cost you up to $20,000 to join those levels of membership to only earn 10% commissions.

That would mean you would need to recruit 10 other people to also be willing to pay $20,000 each in order for you to make your money back on your “investment”.

At the lower levels, there are products to earn commissions on like the application and membership fees for the training platforms and other business tools recommended to use for promoting this business.

In total, they have 13 ways for you to make money on and here’s a chart of it:

Six Figure Mentors - Commission Chart
Click to zoom.


So as you can see, the more you spend, the higher the membership you’ll have, the more you’ll make but you don’t seem to make that much more to justify the higher investments at the upper levels.

At the core of the DEA (Digital Experts Academy) levels, there are no real products but are just levels that you’ll have to invest in and only make up to 10% commissions on.  Who’s getting the other 90%?  Hmmm.

DEA levels offers chances of meeting the owners and hanging out with them in expensive hotels (well, they better be for $20,000!).  You can “learn” from them and meet other gurus in the business but is this information worth a downpayment on a house?




Before they made the change to offer a free affiliate program, I would call this a scam, but now they have changed that, I don’t think I can call this a scam.

However, they walk a fine line when you can earn from 2nd tier referrals because that is multi-level marketing which is not the best business practice and businesses like this can be shut down when found by the government.

So ethically, I don’t like this company in that respect and you don’t get to earn much anyway from their free affiliate program.

There are many other aspects I don’t like about Six Figure Mentors and you can read them all in the next section.




The short answer is no but if you want more details of why I don’t recommend Six Figure Mentors, here’s why:

  1. Everything about this program is costly – from unnecessary costs like application and enrollment fees to expensive monthly and yearly membership fees, this program is way too expensive and you can get the same if not better training elsewhere for way less.  Then, they have DEA levels at thousands of dollars?  No thank you!
  2. Done-for-you affiliate pages – You will not get any organic search traffic to these kinds of pages because they are not unique and do not have original content on them.  As every member will use the same ones, Google knows and will not rank these pages so they will never show up on their search results.  This means you will have to do paid traffic and learn how to do Adwords, solo ads, etc which doesn’t look like they go into those that much.
  3. Training is weak – Looking at their course offers, they don’t really teach you how to build your website, thus, your business or how to write content that will generate organic search free traffic.  Also, you don’t get much training unless you pay the $297 enrollment fee plus $97/month!  Ouch!  You’re also not getting much more training for the Elite Add-On for $2,500 per year.
  4. No web hosting available – After paying all these high fees, you will have no web hosting that’s included or free websites that will help you get your business off the ground.  They have only the done-for-you affiliate pages that promote their own business and you’ll have nothing to help you to do build the business that YOU want to build, you’ll just be helping them build their business.
  5. Membership choices are awful – You basically don’t get much for the Affiliate & Student Access memberships until you join the Essential membership which is very expensive, plus you have to have this membership in order to have the Elite option, so very limited and they push you to have the $97/month cost (plus the one time and annual fees).
  6. Free Test Drive membership requires credit card at sign up – This is where lots of people get charged when they don’t want to because they forget they have signed up for these types of accounts.  After 30 days, they will start charging you $25 per month for not much info for this membership: the affiliate program, seminars they’ve had, and an intro module.

As you can see, there are many factors why I don’t believe this program is worth your time.  Just #1 alone, I find this program to be ridiculously expensive and a lot of the information they teach can be found elsewhere for much lower pricing.

If you are interested, keep reading.




wealthy affiliate logoIf you’re interested in building an online business using affiliate marketing, I suggest you try what I’ve been using Wealthy Affiliate.

Not only Wealthy Affiliate is a lot cheaper, their free Starter membership does not require you to use any credit cards at sign up because you’re allowed to stay free as long as you want.

As a free membership at Wealthy Affiliate, you will get a lot more than the above program:

  • 2 free websites
  • high quality, secured web hosting included
  • first 10 lessons free for both main courses
  • free keyword tool
  • test drive Premium features for first 7 days

Premium membership is only $49/month or $359/year which makes your monthly cost even cheaper, down to $29.92/month, which opens up the entire training platform to you to use.

There are no other upsells or application and enrollment fees.

You will have awesome step-by-step video training on how to build your website as well as how to write self traffic generating content, and learn how to monetize that content with affiliate marketing!

You will also enjoy other features like Live Chat, Weekly Live Webinars, private messaging, contacting the owners, Site Speed, world class web hosting, and SSL Certificates for your websites – all included in your Premium membership!

See my FULL review and a video tour of the Wealthy Affiliate platform here:

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I’ve been a Premium member there since Sep 2016 and have learned so much from it.  This website is the result from their learning plus other ones too I’ve built along the way.

There is also a huge community of members that you can network with and get help from whenever you have any questions.  You will see that the many members there are enjoying the platform as much as I have.

You will have my personal help as well so you will not get lost and you will be supported through your journey.

I hope you can now make a better decision for yourself and see which program you’d want to use.


If you have any questions or thoughts about whether Six Figure Mentors is a scam or how Wealthy Affiliate works, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below.  I always reply to all my visitors! 🙂



Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now




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