What Is Cash Crate About? Scam Or Legit & Does It Work?

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What Is Cash Crate About? Scam Or Legit & Does It Work?I had heard of CashCrate long ago but had no idea what CashCrate is about.  It’s come up again recently so I thought I’d investigate and see if CashCrate is a scam or actually a legit site.

In my review below, I show you how CashCrate works and if it’s even worth your time.

A lot of people think doing surveys is a way of making money online, but there may be some negatives to them too that I want to bring your attention to.

I will take you through the following in my CashCrate review:



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Cash Crate logo

Product Name: CashCrate

Website: cashcrate.com

Price: Free to Join

Recommended? No.

CashCrate is a marketing company that provides members the opportunity to come fill out surveys and do other online things to earn money from home.


Cash Crate home page


You will earn money for activities you do and you will actually earn cash for your time.

CashCrate has been popular because it’s free to join, has been around since 2006 and now has 4 million joining.

You may think all this sounds like a great place to be but we should see if it really stands up to be a good money making opportunity.


Let’s Take a Look at How It Works

You get to register for free, but you will spend a lot of time giving away your personal information.

All the time spent filling out this will earn you $1 and then you will earn another $0.50 for completing your profile.

Now you are ready to start earning more money by doing things like:

  • Filling out paid surveys
  • Taking up on offers
  • Getting cash back on shopping
  • Playing games, socializing, and participating in contests
  • Referral program

As you do these activities you will earn money and there is a minimum of $20 to payout and they do so by check 15 days after the month is over.

If you don’t reach the minimum, it gets rolled over to the next month until you reach the minimum payout.

There’s been a lot complaints about how all this works so let’s take a closer look at what’s really behind the CashCrate operation.




I’m sorry to say that there are way more complaints than good that I can find in my research about CashCrate and so I would be very careful about joining this site.


Here I will go into the complaints that I’ve found:

#1 Complaint – Not Paid For Pre-Surveys

Sometimes you will have to do like a pre-survey before you get to the real survey but that time spent which could be a good 15 mins, you don’t get paid for any of it.

Cash Crate Real Testimonies 3
Source: sitejabber.com


#2 Complaint – High Paying Surveys Switched To Low Paying Survey

You could be clicking on a survey that would pay $4.50 but while you’re in there, they say it’s not available anymore and they switch you to another survey but while you think you’re still going to get $4.50 at the end of it, you find out you’ll only get $0.45 for that survey that you spent 30 minutes on!


#3 Complaint –  High Minimum Payout

When you’re doing surveys for pennies, it will take you a long time to get to the $20 minimum payout.

Especially because a lot have changed at CashCrate in the recent year and they make it harder for you to earn now on the site.






#4 Complaint – You Spend More Than You Make

To be able to earn more on the site, you will have to either take on offers or give product/service reviews but guess what?

You have to pay for the offers (like shipping) or you have to actually buy the product/service, so what’s the point when you’re spending more than you’re earning?

Also, the cash back on the shopping activities is a sure negative return and you’ll never get ahead of that game.

Even playing games, sometimes you will be required to add a minimum amount of money to the game before you get anything, so you’re always spending on CashCrate.


#5 Complaint – CashCrate Sells Your Personal Information

This is the worse thing of all, they sell your phone number and email to other companies and so you will be bombarded with spam emails and sales calls galore.


Cash Crate Real Testimonies 2
Source: sitejabber.com


There are quite a few people that complained about this and it’s really disappointing to see this happening when this information is required to submit in order to start making money.


Cash Crate Real Testimonies
Source: sitejabber.com


People are being taken advantage of on CashCrate and that is not cool at all.


#6 Complaint – Really Bad Customer Support

The customer support is not good there at all and they take no responsibility for anything that goes wrong with the surveys you fill out.

If you don’t get credit for surveys you fill out, they don’t help you in anyway to get the credit you deserve as they will say it’s not their survey.

Um, hello?  You are providing the service, so you should be able to contact the survey provider and help your members!


#7 Complaint – Not Worth Your Time

Some have complained that it’s not worth your time because you make so little for each thing you do.

Sometimes you don’t make anything at all because you end up not qualifying for the survey after spending some time already answer a bunch of questions.

Here’s someone that documented her first hour on the site:

Cash Crate Earnings in One Hour
Source: The Penny Hoarder




CashCrate is not a scam but there are many reasons why I won’t recommend you joining it.

Mostly because they sell your information and that you won’t make a lot of money on their site so you’re really wasting your time.

Making money this way like filling out surveys will never earn you a significant amount of money.

However, if you’d still like to do it, I’d rather you go to either Swagbucks or Clixsense as they provide better service but you’re still not going to make a fortune with those.

There is a much better way to spend your time online and actually build something that can earn you an income that will really affect your live.

I will go into that next.




If you really want to make money online that will impact your life, you need to start thinking about building an online business instead of doing these online activities for pennies.

You may think you don’t know how to do something like that but you know what?  It’s actually easier than you think.

If you have the proper education and business tools, you can build your online business that will generate a significant enough income to be job replacing.

With a lot of hard work, perseverance, and patience, you will really build something that will be long term and create a passive income stream.

Online businesses don’t get built overnight, and I’m not talking about any get rich schemes or scams, but if you invest your time to build an online business, you will be earning in ways you’ve never thought!

I’m talking about a real proven path using a business model that is sound and available to any of us.

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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether CashCrate is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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