Another “Home Income System” Link Posting Scam On! Beware!!

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Home Income System is a link posting scamThere’s yet another link posting scam that’s just come out called Home Income System on the domain.

I say another because there are a lot of systems now by that “Home Income System” name so I have to identify this one by the domain name it’s on.

Anyway, this review will actually be valid for any “link posting” opportunities you see on the internet because they are all scams and they come in different forms.

They say you can make a lot of money quickly with this but it’s definitely not the reality so I will go through everything and let you know what you’ll be getting yourself into if you decide to go buy it anyway

My review will be detailed out in the following sections:



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Home Income System logo


Program Name: Home Income System


Price: $97

Recommended? No

One of the very few link posting scams that is marketed through a sales video like this Home Income System.  Most times these are just long sales pages but the message is the same.

You are led to believe that link posting is easy and anyway can earn money from posting links on the internet.


Home Income System sales video


You are also led to believe that you can earn money just for posting the links but this sales video actually goes into how it all works which is nice to see.

However, they won’t be teaching you how to do it properly so that you can build a thriving online business with it.

Instead, you are either told to just spam the internet with your links with some irrelevant training materials that’s obsolete, or you’re being funneled into a completely different program all together.

From what I’ve seen, and I’ve reviewed hundreds of programs on my blog here, you could be funneled into a high ticket program where you can lose thousands of dollars, no kidding.

In the following sections, you will see what I mean as I point more things out to you that you may not see or recognize but I can tell you right now, this Home Income System on is to be avoided.




There’s a little twist on this Home Income System because instead of just saying link posting, they are terming this as “ad link posting” to make it more sense for you maybe.

Either way, both terms are not what they really are, they are just dumbing it down for you.

These are actually called affiliate links and many companies like Apple or even smaller companies offer affiliate programs that you can join that give you affiliate links to their products that you’ll use to promote their products with.

The idea is when you use the affiliate links and post it somewhere on the internet and someone clicks on the link, it will take them to the merchant where the product is sold, so when they buy, the owner of that affiliate link will earn a commission.

I know this process well because this is called affiliate marketing which is something I use myself everyday to make my living online but I don’t just post my links all over the place like they are suggesting.

You will not be able to earn much money that way, much less the $400 a day they claim.

Home Income System Is not the quickest or easiest way to make $400 a day


Home Income System claims that it only takes 5 minutes to post a link, I guess this is true if you’re just posting links on social media or something but a link is not worth $15, it varies quite widely and really hard to pin point a price for a link.

Besides, spamming on social media networks will not work for you as you will either lose your followers pretty quickly if you do so or get banned from the social media platforms for posting too many affiliate links.

You also need a huge following on social media, which takes a log time to build, if you were to post your links there to be able to earn anything.  Even then, you may not earn as much money money as they claim.

The way they are telling you how to use affiliate marketing is so off base, it’s not even funny.


Why You Don’t Even Need Home Income System

Also, how will you even use their system with affiliate marketing?

Affiliate programs are between you and the company you want to promote for, you need to apply to those companies directly or through an affiliate network to get the affiliate links, not through Home Income System.

The income from these affiliate links will show up on each of the affiliate program accounts you signed up for, not in your Home Income System account as they claim.

Home Income System Not How Affiliate Marketing works

This is how real affiliate marketing works, so how can all the income show up in your Home Income System’s account as they say in their video?

It can’t and proves that Home Income System is really a scam.


Huge Red Flags on Home Income System

I want to bring your attention to the checkout page of Home Income System.  They had claimed in their sales page under the video that there is some 60 day “Make money or it’s free” guarantee and on the bottom I see Billing Support which has the info there. is an affiliate network that houses a lot of scams but they do have a refund policy on there. However, when you actually go to the checkout page of Home Income System, it’s NOT on the domain!


Home Income System checkout page


You’re being forwarded to some checkout page on and looking on that page I see another red flag which is on the bottom on the checkout page.

I always look for Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and / or any Disclaimers they have but guess what?  The link to those pages on the checkout page goes only to the same checkout page!

This tells me that you cannot trust Home Income System, the checkout page is not legitimate, and that you will likely not get any refunds since there’s no real guarantee policies on their checkout page to read through.

The image of “100% money back guarantee” doesn’t really do anything, it’s just an image, there are no guarantee policies to read about on their checkout page.




Thumbs DownI have no doubt this Home Income System will either scam your $97 or more if there are upsells or this is worse and you’re being funneled into a high ticket program which will cost you thousands more.

You will not be making any $400 a day just spamming the internet and won’t be making much money from their scheme.

Affiliate marketing is definitely a legitimate business model and scammers take advantage of this to take advantage of people who are genuinely wanting to learn this business of making money online.

Affiliate marketing if done right can certainly make you $400 a day but it won’t be 5 mins of your time, it will take a lot more of your time plus you can’t make $400 a day from the get go.

This affiliate marketing business though awesome, it takes time to build and more involved than what they make it seem.

Nothing on the internet can offer you making money that fast or quick and if they did, you can only make maybe pennies from like doing surveys or doing online tasks on get-paid-to sites.

There are faster ways to getting results but still no one is getting rich any time soon on the internet.  You need to work at it and build up to that level of success.

I have to conclude that I do not recommend Home Income System on




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Home Income System at is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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