Auto Affiliate Machine Review: Scam Or Boatloads Of Cash?

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Is Auto Affiliate Machine A ScamChecking out Auto Affiliate Machine and wondering if you can really earn “boatloads” of profits or will Auto Affiliate Machine scam you like so many other systems out there?

I’ve been writing hundreds of reviews and this Auto Affiliate Machine is not much different than most of them so I know I can tell you if this will really work or not.

I’ve also been making money online since 2012 and I hope with my experience and from many products I’ve seen, I can provide you with the real truth about Auto Affiliate Machine so you can make an educated decision about this system.

My Auto Affiliate Machine review will be detailed out in the following sections:



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Auto Affiliate Machine logo


Program Name: Auto Affiliate Machine


Price: $17

Recommended? No

Auto Affiliate Machine sales video shows you that this system will get you viral traffic and commissions on autopilot from this push button system all in just 47 seconds or less!


Auto Affiliate Machine sales video


I mean, if that’s not the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard, I don’t know what is.

You cannot make money in 47 seconds.

Even within their sales video, they contradict themselves as it will take minutes to figure out how to use their software to get traffic to your site.

So how autopilot is this if you have to get traffic?  I thought the Auto Affiliate Machine system already provides viral traffic on autopilot?!  I mean, isn’t that one of the first things they say about this system when the sales video plays?

But later on, it’ll say you’ll have to learn how the software works so that you can get traffic from it so just as I suspected, you won’t be earning in 47 seconds.

I never believed it for a second because I know how websites work and no system can promise you this blatant lie.

In fact, this product on the inside is not even close to what it’s trying to market to you on the sales video, the garbage they are feeding you so you will buy today on this system.

This kind of hyped up sales marketing tactic is never ethical to do and highly misleading which makes people’s perception of making money online very unrealistic and skewed.

Auto Affiliate Machine is no different than products like the following that promise you the world but nothing much on the inside:




Products or systems like Auto Affiliate Machine won’t be delivering what their sales page or video sold you on because no system will ever give you any viral traffic without YOU doing something.

There are no systems that can produce any traffic for any website, that’s just not how websites work or how websites get traffic.

No “machine” or “software” can produce traffic to your website unless you pay for it or work for it for free.

Even with you paying for it, there is no way any system can give this to you on autopilot because there is much work to do still when you pay for traffic, such as creating and optimizing your ad campaigns to ensure they convert.

You also need to analyze if that traffic source is any good, just because pay for it, doesn’t mean your the visitors will be targeted, from the location you want, or even active.

Therefore, the core of what this product is selling is actually one big lie, there is no real system that will just give you viral traffic and commissions so you can’t click a few buttons and sit back and collect boatloads of profits.


PDFs?! Are We Heading Backwards Here?

Auto Affiliate Machine banks on the fact that no one really uses PDFs anymore so if you use them now to do your product reviews, it’s going to be shared so much you’ll get free viral traffic.


No, you’re not going to get viral traffic from a cookie cutter PDF.


Auto Affiliate Machine lies about how well PDFs will work


Videos are hardly a thing of the past, just look at any of your social media feeds, majority of the posts you see are videos nowadays because people are lazy to read.

People like to be entertained and that’s why products are often sold with a sales video on it instead of just a sales page.

It’s PDFs that are a thing of the past and there’s no way they will give you viral traffic, or any traffic, and definitely not from a product review too.

The Auto Affiliate Machine is really trying to pull a fast one over your head on this one because you really won’t be earning boatloads of anything from doing product reviews via PDFs.

No website will get any traffic just because you’re producing PDFs, you will only get some traffic if there’s an actual demand for that product, and your website has such authority on the internet that you’ll get ranked on first page for that product.

But, the site that they’ll give you is just a cookie cutter copied site, so Google won’t be paying much attention to these kinds of sites, so you won’t be seen anywhere near page 1 of Google search results.

Not only Google care for copied sites, they don’t care for new sites either, it takes a long while for Google to even give you any attention when you’re new, but if you can produce quality content on it on a regular basis (yes like actually doing some work on a consistent basis), then you’ll get some attention from Google.

Other than that, someone can’t just give you a site and you’ll get viral traffic from producing PDFs, no, this is just not how websites work.



Products / systems sold on JVZoo are nothing sold at their total cost and you’ll always be hit with more upsells right after you buy too.

So if you think you’ll get rich on $17, then think again.

They will entice you to get this or that with it so you can have a better chance to be more successful with your PDFs, but I can tell you right now that no upgrade will get you any viral traffic with PDFs.

Upsells also indicate that the main product will not deliver what was sold to you either.




Thumbs DownIt really depends on how you define a scam here.  Will Auto Affiliate Machine take your money and run?  No, you will get something for your money so some would define this not as a scam.

But if the product doesn’t deliver on what you were sold on, then is that a scam?  You will have to decide this yourself.

For me, the way Auto Affiliate Machine markets this product is highly misleading and unethical to market the way they do because this product will not get you $200+ days or even $100 days.

You also don’t much training on other aspects of this business like why even do product reviews, why are they important, how will your PDFs even get seen by people, or how it will actually go viral.

This product claims you will get help and support but your support will not be anything near what I get on another platform I use because I’ve used products like Auto Affiliate Machine on JVZoo and these guys will never give you much support after you’ve given them the money.

I have to conclude that I do not recommend Auto Affiliate Machine.




To really make money from affiliate marketing, there’s really no shortcut about it and it’s best that you learn from the ground up how websites work and the process that goes into how money is made on the internet.

If you don’t learn it, you’ll keep falling for products like Auto Affiliate Machine because you have no idea how websites work.

I’m not talking about needing to know how to code websites, the design part of websites is actually way simpler these days and that’s why so many systems can give you free sites nowadays.

However, I’m talking more about how your website will get on Google and more importantly how to get on their first page search results, where all the money is!

So if you want to really make money from affiliate marketing, it’s best to learn from comprehensive training that takes you from the very beginning all the way to making money.

I did just that back in Sep/16 and now my site earns me a consistent 4 digit monthly online income and you can do the same thing by using what I used!

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I will be there for you as well as a community of like minded people to get support from.

The day I joined was the best decision I made for my online career, like I said earlier, I started my online journey since 2012 but it was not until I found this platform to learn from that I am able to finally make a real stream of income!  Passive at that!

Stop wasting time on scams and start building your future today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Auto Affiliate Machine is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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