Is The Ecom Formula A Scam Or Will You Make $40K+/Month?

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Is The Ecom Formula a scamIt’s hard not to get excited when checking out The Ecom Formula but does it really work?

Is The Ecom Formula a scam system that just wants to part you from your money or will you really make $40K+ a month?

I’m glad you’re also thinking about these types of questions that led you to my review post of The Ecom Formula and I can assure you that the information you’ll get in my review below will answer all the questions you may have for this product.

I’ve reviewed many products in this making money online arena, especially those promoted on Clickbank, and I can tell you that this is going to be not what you need.

I will expand more about this in my review and so let’s get to the follow sections:



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The Ecom Formula Logo


Program Name: The Ecom Formula


Price: $37 + Upsells

Owner: Neil Atkinson

Recommended? No

The Ecom Formula claims to have the secret formula to making $40K+ a month from ecommerce and making that kind of money in the shortest amount of time as well.

The sale video goes over and over again the amount of money you can make with e-commerce and this is very typical of these Clickbank products.


The Ecom Formula Sales Video


They want you to get in touch with your emotions and feeling like you can earn all this money really fast or imagine how it would feel if you had no money problems.

The sales video claims that The Ecom Formula is a “step by step” program that can take you from zero to making 5 digits in no time.

The owner Neil even says he only works one to two hours a day to make his $2 million a year from e-commerce.

E-commerce is certainly a way to make money online and a lot of it but will The Ecom Formula really get you there for $37?

Do you really think you’ll get the training you’ll need to make $40K a month by using his program for $37?

No way!

These Clickbank products all really turn out the same, a huge disappointment.  I did my research of this product and found out that you’re really not going to get much from buying into The Ecom Formula.

The same disappointment I had when I bought into these other Clickbank products:




Products like The Ecom Formula really skews the perception of how making money online really works.


E-Commerce Is Not As Easy As The ECom Formula Makes It Sound

Being a shop owner is no easy task, and I know this because I had two, which I’ve already shut down, but I still have which I’ll probably shut it down soon as well.

Working as a shop owner will definitely require more than 1 – 2 hours a day of work.  Whatever Neil said is a pure lie, though I can’t prove this one but I will prove the other testimonials in a second.

But from my personal experience, being a shop owner is not as easy as The Ecom Formula make it sound and you are responsible for all of the following:

  • Product creation
  • Product sourcing
  • Packaging
  • Branding
  • Distribution
  • Payment processing
  • Building an e-commerce site
  • Marketing & promotions
  • Shipping & delivery
  • Customer Service
  • Refunds & exchanges

The list goes on and on and while there are ways to alleviate some of these tasks like doing drop shipping but you are still left with half of that list to do.

So working 1-2 hours a day on your shop will not make you much money, I used to work day and night on my shops but I did hand make the products which was the worse part of my shops.

The big aspect why I don’t do online shops anymore, besides having to make the products, is because I wanted to make more passive income and you can’t get there with online shops.

Ironically, The Ecom Formula sales video stated what I’ve been using to make my passive income from is dead and that you can’t make money in affiliate marketing anymore which is furthest from the truth.

Affiliate marketing is as strong as ever if not even better as you can literally find an affiliate product for any niche you can think of with all the products and services that are online these days.

The other thing I wanted to mention about e-commerce is that you always have to be promoting, as in free and paid advertising, it’s a constant thing you need to do or you get no sales.

On the flip side, my affiliate marketing business doesn’t need me to advertise and I get over a thousand visitors a day on my site without spending a dime on advertising because I have learned how to build this business properly and with the right techniques.

Anyway, I just wanted to give you a bit of perspective of what I think about e-commerce since I’ve had that experience and wanted to let you know it’s way more involved than they make it seem.

It also costs a lot more to build this e-commerce business than what I do, an affiliate marketing business.


Will The Ecom Formula Get You To $40K+/Month?

Not likely.

This is because the The Ecom Formula only provides you with very little training materials to learn from:

  • 4 PDF files that total only 53 pages
  • 9 videos

The information you get is very generic (just like all the other Clickbank products I’ve bought into) and looks like even information you can even find online for free.

The training is very high level as well and there are definitely no “step-by-step” training on anything so you’ll just be pointed to where you would create a store like on Shopify or from a Woocommerce plugin but you’ll have to figure out on your own how to do everything.

So spending $37 is just not going to get you to $40K/month with what they deliver inside the members area.

As well, there are tons of menus that don’t even link to anything and does not even work, so they have built a members area that’s basically fake and you’re just using the two links you get to download the PDFs and videos.


Fake Testimonials

The Ecom Formula cannot be trusted because the video testimonials are not real and I know this because I recognize the same people being used in other products and these are actors you can hire on freelancing sites like

Here are some examples I have found here:

The Ecom Formula Fake Testimonies

Desktop Commission System Fake Testimony


Here’s another one:

Facebook On Fire Fake Testimonies 5


They also use stock photos as well to tell their fake success stories:

The Ecom Formula Fake Testimonies 2

The Ecom Formula Fake Testimonies 5

So you see, all their stories of making thousands of dollars are all fake because they are actors and just stock photos.

Those people have probably never heard of The Ecom Formula until that day they got the order to make those videos so nobody has banked that much money from buying The Ecom Formula.


Upsells After Upsells

Like all the other Clickbank products, they never give you all the pricing upfront and you’ll be up-sold as soon as you buy in.

They will want you to also buy this and that to make your chances of success higher, etc, but it’s just another way for them to make more money from you.

This also means the $37 stand alone product will not deliver what they say in their sales video.




Thumbs DownI guess The Ecom Formula is not a scam because you do get something for your money but is it worth buying?

Absolutely not since the information is very generic and it’s info you can find for free on the web.

There are no special techniques shown that would propel your success to $40K+ a month or anything of the sort they claimed in the sales video.

Were you misled into buying this product based on promises they can’t deliver?  Yes, certainly and some would consider this a scam because of this fact.

You don’t even get basic step-by-step instructions on how to get your online shop up and running so how do you think you’ll get any sales since they don’t even go into that part of the equation of getting traffic to your shop which is vital to any success of e-commerce?

You won’t from this The Ecom Formula product.  Yes there are people making big money in this space but you’re sure not going to get there with The Ecom Formula.

The only saving grace here is that Clickbank certainly gives you refunds but I always have to request it 3 times before the vendors give the refund, so it’s not so easy as “no questions asked” for their 60 day money back guarantee.

I have to conclude that I do not recommend The Ecom Formula.




You’re really better off building an affiliate marketing business and avoid having to go through all the store owner headaches I went through.

There are hundreds of thousands of products and services already on the market for you to promote but the way you promote in this business is not what you think, it’s not advertising.

It’s more like recommending products to others who need help in a particular topic.

It’s a much simpler business model for anyone who wants to get in on making money online and it’s a business model that’s sustainable for the long term.

You can find out what this online business is about and how it all works in my free guide here:

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My guide will show you how this business model works and where you can get real, comprehensive step-by-step training that actually helps you build a real online business from scratch!

It’s the exact training I used to build my online business that attracts its own organic free traffic everyday.

I make a passive 4 digit online income with this now and it’s only going to grow as I keep working on this online business or add another to my online portfolio.

Learn the real skills it takes to build a successful online business and stop wasting time with low quality Clickbank products like The Ecom Formula.



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether The Ecom Formula is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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  1. Hey this was really amazing. Thanks for sharing such valuable content/strategies.
    The Ecom Formula doesn’t seem to be worth it after all, appreciate learning more about this.

    I will check out your guide, hopefully it will be the answer.


    • Hi Arnold, thank you so much for your comment and kind words. Glad my review has helped you!

      I’m glad you checked out my free guide, it was definitely the answer for me and now making a 4 digit online income. 🙂

      I know it could be the same for you if you apply the training you learn closely.

      I will be there to help you through your journey so you will always have support!

      Wish you much luck in whatever you choose,


  2. Hello I really enjoyed your content talking about the curos, I actually bought it and I was not lucky as they talk in the course, I would have to create my account at and they did not accept why I am from another country, of Brazil
    The content was very good.

    • Thanks so much Kelly for sharing your experience. I’m sorry to hear about Clickbank, they usually accept people from all over the world, that is strange.

      Glad you liked the content,


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