Is 30 Minute Money Methods A Scam Or Legit $10K+/Week?

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is 30 Minute Money Methods a scamHave you seen 30 Minute Money Methods and wondering if you can really make $500 from just working 30 minutes a day or is 30 Minute Money Methods a scam?

You must be curious as this lady says she made over $2.2K in her first day for these secret websites she found and she hardly had to work for it.

That’s really amazing to hear but with any kind of income hype like this, you really gotta watch yourself and tread carefully.

Glad you are here at my review so I can show you what’s really going on inside 30 Minute Money Methods in the following way:


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30 Minute Money Methods Logo


Product Name: 30 Minute Money Methods


Price: $37 + Upsells

Owner: Shelly West

Recommended? No

The 30 Minute Money Methods came out in October 2017 and has high promises of making up to $50,000 a month, every month with only very little amount of work to do.

She claims that you can make $500 with every 30 minute you work and she has all the secret methods that will help you do this.


30 Minute Money Methods Sales page video


Her sales video is sure long and full of hype trying to convince you her secret methods are effective and makes her rich as she’s already made over $1.5M with it.

She goes into a sob story about how her husband left her with two children and needed to find work at home to watch her kids, a story many mamas can relate to.

She first tried surveys which didn’t earn much then came across a secret site that started making her money.

Her first 30 minutes made her $625, then that day she earned a total of $2,277 and then claims she used it for 3 months racking up over $10,000 each week.

Wow, if you can believe all this, you will find a flood of unicorns in your backyard!

She even adds these testimonies that show you how many thousands they made too with her secret methods, but could you believe them?

Could you believe Shelly West?

No, you can’t.  I have the inside information that will shock you what these secret methods are and you won’t be making the kind of money she talks about with these methods, not in 30 minutes anyway.

The 30 Minute Money Methods are the following:

  • Online Voiceovers
  • Stock Photography
  • Playing Games Online
  • Freelancing

Although these are legitimate ways to make money online, you certainly can’t make $500 from 30 minutes of work or $2,277 in your first day.

This product is not any better than these other ones I have reviewed previously:

Let’s dive deeper into the 4 methods and see what 30 Minute Money Methods is really worth it.




It’s really disheartening when seeing sales videos like this that hype up income so much to sell a product that doesn’t live up to that hype.


30 Minute Money Methods Small fee


If you were really going to make that much money from her “secret” (not so secret) methods, why would she just sell this info for only $37?

Obviously, it’s priced to just get your money and she’ll or whoever it is behind this product will be the one making money if you can believe her BS.

Through all her exaggeration, she is only providing you with PDFs of the four methods I uncovered above that just introduces these methods.

For $37, you will get some documents about these four methods but not any real training about them or how to make those thousands of dollars she talked about with these methods.

The PDFs are weak and with no training, you will not make anything close to what she claims.


Can you really make money with the methods she gives you?

With these not-so-seret methods of online voiceovers, selling stock photography, playing online games, and freelancing (which all have been around for years now), you can make money with them online but it will take way more than 30 minutes.

For online voiceovers, you will need to build up your clientele, and find gigs to apply to which if you’re not a professional already in this area, you may need some serious training.

There are professional actors doing voiceovers, so you can make money here if you can match that kind of quality and find the work for it.

Selling stock photography is easy but there are also so many other photos online already that are being sold.  There are stock photo sites that have millions of photos to sell and you’ll just be another person trying to get their photo sold.

Yes of course you can make money selling photos but how much and how many pictures that you’ll have to take to be able to make thousands of dollars a month will be a lot more than 30 minutes of work.

Playing online games is a waste of time because this method you usually have to put money into the game first so you won’t be making a load of money here either.

Your best chance is this freelancing gig, sites like offers you to sell your services to anyone that will hire you and you can freelance just about anything.

If you have a talent to write or graphic artist or even actors, then you’ll be able to make good money here but again it will take more than 30 minutes of work.

No success comes with little amount of work and I hope you will understand this point because there’s no magic systems on the internet that can make you the kind of money this product falsely advertises.


Can you trust 30 Minute Money Methods?

You cannot trust this product because a lot of things Shelly has said is not even true and those income claims are pure lies no matter how many disclaimers they add to their site, I find this very unethical to do just to sell a product that is really of very little value.

How about other lies?  Yes, you can’t trust those testimonies either.  They are hired actors from the site I mentioned above,

It’s not hard to find actors that will do a short video testimonial for you starting as low as $5.

Here are a couple I’ve found:

30 Minute Money Methods Fake Testimonies 2

30 Minute Money Methods Fake Testimonies Fiverr Actor 2


30 Minute Money Methods Fake Testimonies

30 Minute Money Methods Fake Testimonies Fiverr Actor


With these fake testimonies, this just confirms further that the methods Shelly mentions will not produce the kind of income she and her testimonials claim.

Who knows if “Shelly” is even a real person or just a fictional character made up to sell this product.

All I know is this is a very low quality product and being tricked into buying it with all these high income claims.




I know some will definitely call this a scam as you are not getting a product that will produce the income results in the time promised.

But because these guys aren’t taking your money and running but do provide you with some info that can make you money online, I won’t call it a scam.


30 Minute Money Methods Income Hype 2


However, I really do not agree with their sales tactic of the over hyped income claims from only working 30 minutes.

This 30 Minute Money Methods is very low quality as it doesn’t really go into how to make the money it claimed in the video with these methods even if it would take longer than 30 minutes.

You’re just getting some PDFs of some long winded introduction to those methods which won’t do you any good.

Without adequate and complete training, you will not get very far in any method that you will hear about.

For these reasons, I highly do NOT recommend 30 Minute Money Methods.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether 30 Minute Money Methods is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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  1. Great review, thanks for the info. Can’t believe people are allowed to sell products like this. What do you think really works?

    • Hi Sandra,

      Thanks for your comment here and yes I can’t believe it either. What has worked for me is learning how to make money online properly with a proven business model and it’s all explained in my free guide here.

      I know I can help you as I have helped thousands of others get started in the same path I took, so I know I can help you too!

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