Is My Home Success Plan A Scam Or Really Make $379/Day?

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My Home Success Plan makes it sound really easy to earn $379/day but is this for real or is My Home Success Plan a scam?

My review will tell you the truth about these types of “link posting” sales letters and I tell you this, this is not the first time I’ve seen a sales page like this and in my review below, I will show you what I mean.

There are actually more scams on the internet than there are legitimate ways to make money online, and unfortunately all these scams really make it hard for anyone to trust what’s real.

I will show you the best I can that My Home Success Plan is not a program to be trusted.

My My Home Success Plan review will be detailed out in the following sections:



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Program Name: My Home Success Plan


Price: $97

Owner: April Matthews

Recommended? No

My Home Success Plan sales page tells a story by April Matthews on how she was in financial woes because she was laid off but one day found this link posting thing she could do from home that has answered all her wishes.

You’re led to believe that she makes thousands of dollars a month from posting links for companies and has been making you so much money that she doesn’t need to worry about her finances anymore.

You’re also led to believe that you can make as much as $379 a day from working only an hour a day and that anyone can get started with this.

Apparently even companies are “desperate” to find individuals like you to work from home and post links for them.

The My Home Success Plan sales letter makes this sound like you can easily make this kind of money without doing much work and basically what you want to hear.

They even use scam tactics like there are only so many positions available but these are NOT jobs so there are no positions to be filled really.

The truth is I’ve seen this same newsletter over and over again, but under many different names and personas, you can see some of these I’ve reviewed here:

There are a lot more of these link posting scams but this short list gives you an idea how these are all about the same thing and I will provide you more proof below how this is not to be trusted.




Here I’m going to show you how this apparent My Home Success Plan system has been sold over and over again under different names so you really don’t know what you’re buying.

All they want to do is get your $97 and be done with you.

Let me show you all the red flags I see on this My Home Success Plan sales page so you can see these signs on other scams as well.


#1 Red Flag – Fake News Logos & Video

Usually when anyone references news logos or the media, it is because the news is really talking about them and they would link those stories to the news logos on their sites.

Here at My Home Success Plan, you will see the news logos but none of them are links to any real news stories and this is because they nobody is really talking about them on the news and they are just putting that there to make you think they are being talked about.

They also use this news video but nobody talks about “My Home Success Plan” but they are just talking about working from home in general.

Both of these tactics with the same exact logos / video have been used over and over again in these scams for years now.

These are no indications that My Home Success Plan is actually in the news but they use these tactics to make you trust them and make you think they are being talked about in the news.


#2 Red Flag – Fake Persona

I know this April Matthews doesn’t really exist because they change the name of the person telling the story every time they come out with a different name for the system.

Just take a look at all these same story but these are used under different branded names as their own system but obviously they are not their own system:

My Home Success Plan Fake Owner

You can see that the story is always the same but the person’s name and sometimes picture changes.

How could this be a real system when they are selling it under so many different branded names and domains?


#3 Red Flag – There Are No Positions To Be Filled

Like I mentioned earlier, there are no jobs to be filled here so no there are no positions so why have a countdown?

This is just another tactic to buy now but if you come back to the sales page in a day or a week, it’ll still show the same amount of positions available.

These scammers will never limit the amount of $97 they will take so you don’t have to worry about not being able to give your money to them.


#4 Red Flag – Making $379/Day With Only 1 Hour of Work

So this lady is telling me that working only 1 hour a day, I can make over $11K a month.  Where do I sign up?

No, this is not how making money online works, you can’t just work one hour a day to make 5 figures a month, not possible.

There are plenty of folks how work 40 hours or more a week and still not make anywhere close to $11K a month so why would this program make you that kind of money with working so little?

Any system or program that lures you with making a lot of money with very little work is just another get rich quick scheme and those are to be avoided at all costs.

Just because this is on the internet doesn’t mean you make money any faster or easier.  Sure there are ways to make little money that way, but not $11K a month.

The reality of making 5 figures online takes a LOT longer, I have seen some do it in 3 – 5 years.

I currently make a 4 digit online income and had taken me 1.5 years to start making that much which also required a LOT more hours than 1 hour a day.


#5 Red Flag – “Link Posting” Is Not Real

Link posting is not a real job or work at home business opportunity and what they are trying to do with this is simplify and exploit a real, legitimate business model called affiliate marketing.

They make link posting sound very easy to do but affiliate marketing is certainly way more involved than just getting links from companies and then spamming those links all over the web.

Companies doesn’t just give you links and the people behind My Home Success Plan can’t give you those links either (as they say)… you must personally apply to each company or affiliate network to get those affiliate links.

Then you don’t make money just by posting these links, you get nothing for posting them.  People has to see the link, click on it, then buy something at the merchant site that the link sent them to.

As well, you can’t just say each link is worth $15, the range of commissions you can earn is so wide that there’s no way you can estimate like that.

I know a lot about affiliate marketing and how it works because that’s the exact business I was talking about earlier that makes me a 4 digit online income.

So I know this link posting thing is just not real, and I’m sure when you buy in, you’re not going to be making $11K any time soon.




Thumbs DownYes, I highly believe My Home Success Plan is a scam because this apparent system is being sold under many different names so you have no idea what they are really selling.

I guess they keep using this sales letter because it works for them and people are falling for it but I hope you haven’t.

Some of these scams I have seen funnels you into a high ticket program where you’ll need to pay thousands more to even get started or something completely different than what they had sold you on.

All I know is that My Home Success Plan is not to be trusted and it’s best not to use this site at all.

I have to conclude that I do not recommend My Home Success Plan.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether My Home Success Plan is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



6 thoughts on “Is My Home Success Plan A Scam Or Really Make $379/Day?”

  1. So my story has nothing to do with this particular scam. I got “hired” on with Mail Marketing Systems. The job offer seemed legit. A little odd but legit. They paid me $30 plus mileage each time I had to go pick up an order. They never once asked me for a dime. They paid me in my paypal account for every “task” I did. I even got reimbursed for any supplies I purchased myself. I would report that I made the pick up and they would send a paid shipping label. In addition to being paid per task, I was to be paid a base salary of $2000 a month. When I was hired, I signed a contract stating as much. So the month went by great. My step mom passed away on my third day of employment. So this was perfect as I now had to become a full time care giver for my father. My “supervisor”, Malaysha Harvey, was awesome. She stayed true to her word. We actually spoke on the phone nearly every day. But as my 30 days approached, when it was time to receive my first $2000 payment, she disappeared. Wouldn’t answer calls or texts and eventually she blocked my number. Just to see what would happen, I reapplied for the position, under a fake name and guess what? I got hired. Signed the same contract even! However, I did not work for her again as they require a picture ID. I don’t really know what kind of scam they are running but it was seriously emotionally damaging. I went a full month thinking I had a legit, good paying, work from home job and then I was suddenly scrambling to find another job. Sorry this is so long winded, but I wanted to warn others of this and also to ask if you have any advise on how I can maybe sue this company? I have my contract and even saved all my emails and texts that I exchanged with her. Thanks for listening!


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