Best Online Business To Start From Home: How I Did It & So Can YOU!

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Best Online Business To Start From HomeLooking for a way to make money but don’t know what the best online business to start from home?

Working from home is certainly a huge draw to work online and I know it’s been a great benefit for me to be able to do it as a stay at home mom.

I can show you what I’ve been doing for the last two years that makes me a consistent 4 digit monthly online income.

Working online is definitely not as easy as one may think and it actually takes some time to be able to build an online business to a point where it’s making money.

However, with some hard work and consistency, you could really do this too.

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There are a few avenues you can take in order to build an online business, I have seen and even tried some of these options.

There are easy ways to make money online like doing paid surveys or get paid to do online tasks and I have reviewed quite a few of these platforms.

I must say that most of these survey or get paid to sites don’t really have much potential and you can’t really build an online business around something like that.

The other options that have more business potential are like building an online shop, creating your own digital courses or products, or affiliate marketing.

Building an online shop, whether you use your own products or drop shipping, you will need to constantly promote it to get online sales as well as wearing many hats as a shop owner.


laptop with chair


You’ll need to deal with customer service, collecting payments, processing refunds and exchanges, marketing, working with suppliers and wholesalers, and also be handling all aspects of advertising and promotions.

I had two online shops and never one of them gave me the satisfaction I wanted nor was it earning me much money without all the physical labor I have to do for them.

Creating your own digital course or product could be a possibility as well but the only thing about this is that, once you have your own digital products, how will you  promote them?

Having your own digital course may be a next step after having some experience online and when you know how getting traffic (visitors) works.

This is where affiliate marketing can trump both of these options and a method I love best because this is what I use with my online business and offers so much flexibility especially in the way I use it.

There are many misconceptions out there about affiliate marketing as well as unethical affiliate marketers using this in a very wrong way to mislead folks.

Ultimately, if you use affiliate marketing the right way, you could make a full time income like I do, but this is an online business that will take some time to build which I’ll go over next.




This website you’re on, Work Anywhere Now, is my online business and what I use to generate income is from display ads and affiliate marketing.

Without affiliate marketing, there’s no way I could make any money from my display ads because of the way this affiliate marketing business has been built.

Here is my 2 years results which shows how gradual this online business is in the way it is built and when it earns money:

Income vs New Posts Graph


The results can vary quite widely depending on the niche (topic) you pick, your work ethics, and how consistent you are in building your online business.

In a much less competitive niche, you could start making a 4 digit online income quicker than 19 months like I did and if you can work harder in the beginning than what I did above, you may see faster results.

You may not understand what the red line represents, but that line represents my work effort, how many posts are published on this website per month.

My graph just shows that this online business takes time to build and requires dedicated hard work throughout its journey.

Then once my website caught onto the search traffic from Google, that income line just took off!

Once a website gets good rankings on Google, you could get lots of traffic coming on your site, which results you making money from the products you promote on there.

As you can see, this affiliate marketing business model is one of the best online business to start from home and requires way less money than an online shop or creating your own products.


How Affiliate Marketing Works

Affiliate marketing allows you to earn commissions from promoting other people’s products and/or services by driving new sales for these products and/or services.

So if you were to create a website about flower bouquets and how to make them, then you could make commissions if one of your readers click on your affiliate links and buys the flower supplies you recommended in your article.

The key to having success with this business model is to be helpful to others and provide tons of value.

If you can help people in your niche, you can make good commissions because you have created trust between you and your readers with the value you offer to them.

That’s how affiliate marketing works in a nutshell.

In order to be successful with this, you really need to start this kind of online business with a website.

Some people try to do this without a website and it’s highly not recommended since you will not have the same income potential.

People think there are shortcuts but there really isn’t and it takes hard work to make money online.




In order to build your website right and properly done, you will need education and training from a legitimate source.

I had tried affiliate marketing back in 2012 without any training or learning, and thought I could just start a blog and away I go.

Nope, that didn’t work out so much.

So, when I wanted to try it again in 2016, I knew it wasn’t going to do it alone this time and I fortunately found the best training platform that’s specifically for affiliate marketing.

Their training is really second to none, and has tons of features that make it really a one stop shop.

The lessons are organized in a way that you will do each step in a certain order to build your site with a strong foundation and tasks at the end of each lesson encourages you to take action on your website what you just learned.

This is the exact training I used to build my online business that makes me a comfortable 4 digit monthly income and you can sign on for FREE!

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I will use my experience to guide you through the training and give you extra resources when I see you needing it.

I will always provide you with my best advice and make sure you stay on the path to succeed.

This is the training that taught me how to get 40,000 – 45,000 visitors a month (currently, it will continue to grow) without paying a single penny for it.

What you learn there is very powerful and can be applied to any niche you want to choose and create far into the future.

If you want to own your very own money making asset, then start building your future today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding best online business to start from home or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now




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