Teachers Could Create Their Own Teaching Online Job Opportunities

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Teachers Could Create Their Own Teaching Online Job OpportunitiesIn this vast space we call the internet, there are making money opportunities abound but are there teaching online job opportunities for teachers?

You’d be surprised that many people can’t find online teaching jobs but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing out there for you.

You just need to be a bit creative, you see, teachers these days are in luck because you really have the opportunity here to build a side business or a full blown online business teaching online in subjects that you are comfortable in teaching.

This post will give you some insight of what is involved and how you will go about doing this in the following sections:



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The benefits of having your own online teaching opportunities are long because you’ll be basically creating an online business for yourself and don’t have to depend on anyone else.

You will have the choice of teaching whatever you’d like and organized in a way how you would want to layout a course.

You will be able to work on creating your course from anywhere with your laptop and a wifi connection while choosing your own hours.

Therefore, you could definitely add this new income stream to your current teaching job or do it over the school breaks.

One of the biggest benefits of creating your own online courses is the fact that you can create an online course ONCE and earn from it OVER and OVER again.

So, if you had a bunch of these courses earning for you over and over again, don’t you think that’s a pretty good passive income stream you’ll be creating?

This is why digital online education is just exploding and you need to catch on this wave as a teacher.

The even greater thing about this online teaching opportunity is that there are ways you could start this for FREE which I’ll show you below.

Whether you want to just create one course to try it out or for someone who is more serious and need a robust platform, I have it all for you to check out.

This is really for anyone, not just teachers, to teach someone something you know.  We all know something about that someone else doesn’t know so it’s endless on the variety of things you can teach.




All teachers have to do to create their own online teaching opportunities is to learn how to create videos.

People love learning from how-to videos because it’s such a helpful visual aid.  This does not mean you have to show your face.

As soon as I mentioned videos, I bet some of you were already afraid of this but it’s not as bad as you think because videos could be about you actually teaching in the video or you could use like a slideshow format.

The more quality information you put in your course, the more you will be sell.  Value here is the key and you want to make your instructions very easy to follow.

You want the student taking your course to really learn what they intended to learn when they bought your course and having an easy to follow course will help achieve this goal.

The next thing you’ll need is a platform to host your courses at because you need a place where people go to actually take the courses.

Depending how extensive your course is, you’ll have two options that I’ll go over next but I go over them, you may want to check this out.

I have created this other post here on how to create online courses and what you’ll need if you want to create online courses but may not be enough for you.

Alternatively, there are many great courses here you could check out that are reasonably priced for you to learn how to create online courses:

Udemy - How to create online courses


Clicking the image above will take you to check out those courses where you could learn how to do this from others who’s succeeded.

What’s great about Udemy courses is that you could see how useful the courses are to other students, as well, you could see the ratings of the courses from others.

At $11.99, it’s not that expensive to learn from a course or two on there.




I have two very good options for you on where you could upload your course to host on the web:

  1. Udemy
  2. CourseCraft

Now let’s take a closer look at both of them.


Udemy – Sign Up Here

Yes, Udemy is what I had just recommended to you above is also where you could host and sell your courses at too (after you’ve learned how to do it with their courses)!

Isn’t this awesome?  You could learn how to create online courses on there AND also sell your own, so it’s a perfect platform.

This is also where you could get on for free and create your courses as one of their instructors.

There are two types of online courses you could create on there, ones that are free and ones that you charge.

Of course you want to create courses that you will sell, so you will apply to be one of their premium instructors which you will discover on the platform when you try to price your course.

You just need to set up some information to become a premium instructor so you could collect money when you sell the courses.

Best feature of this platform is that it’s already a market place for selling online courses so this platform already get tons of traffic and visitors on their site so the potential to sell here is huge.

However, that also means that your earnings are not as much since you are using a free platform, your revenue will be shared with the Udemy platform as well as affiliates that sell on behalf of Udemy also gets a cut.

Therefore, when you sell a course, here are the three ways you can earn:

  • Instructor Coupons97% revenue share if your course is sold by you, how they know is by you giving away a coupon to your customers to use when they purchase.
  • Organic Sales From Udemy – 50% revenue share if your course is sold naturally from Udemy’s organic traffic/visitors they receive on a daily basis.
  • Affiliate Generated Sales – 25% revenue share if your course is sold by an affiliate that has partnered with Udemy to sell on their behalf.

The advantage of this Udemy platform is that you already have potential customers waiting to purchase your course.

So you have a give and take on Udemy since you don’t make as much money on this platform as others but you have more potential sales to be made here without any marketing effort on your part.

This is great place to start though.


CourseCraft – Sign Up Here

CourseCraft is a bit different than Udemy in that it’s not a marketplace for online courses, instead they provide a platform for building beautiful online courses for the more serious folks who really want to teach.

Your course will be built right on CourseCraft platform which has many tools and features that will help you make a full course for your students.

The following summarizes their prime features:

  • Simple & Flexible Editor – making course building easy with this editor which allows all media you’ll need to include in your course.
  • PayPal or Stripe – they use the best two payment gateways for you to sell your courses with.  Of course, keep in mind that using a payment processing gateway will have merchant fees associated with that service that is separate from what CourseCraft charges.
  • Lesson Scheduling – if you have several courses to release, you could just have it scheduled so you can just “set it & forget it”.
  • Easy Integration – they have marketing tools for you to use to promote your course with.
  • Forms & Quizzes – this is very cool that you have templates that will help you build tests or quizzes for your students.
  • Make Your Course Private – Restrict access to your course with an access code. Great for internal training.
  • Much more…

Start for FREE as well here at CourseCraft, they have three membership options:

  1. Free – $0/month – 9% transaction fee, you can have up to 100 students per course, up to 2GB uploads per course, unlimited courses, instant payouts, drip lesson scheduling, integrate with your website, coupon codes, commenting/discussion forum, course stats and analytics, mailing list integration, and exceptional email/livechat support.
  2. Club – $29/month – 5% transaction fee, everything that Free has plus: unlimited participants, unlimited uploads, set up payment plans, sell add-ons with your course, auto participant geolocation, custom branding, add forms and quizzes, bundle courses together, and customize your course URL.
  3. Society – $59/month – 0% transaction fee, everything that Club has plus: use your custom domain, work with collaborators, manage and pay affiliates, and unlimited free seats.

I think both of these platforms are worth using and you could see which platform could make you more money.

If you already created your online course for one platform like Udemy, then you could also upload it CourseCraft to make it even more nicer and professional looking.

The courses you will create in CourseCraft will be more of a community you’ll be creating because you can add comments forum in there where students can ask questions and help each other.

The only downside of CourseCraft is that you have to self promote 100%.




There are plenty of ways to promote your online courses and especially if you’re creating yours on CourseCraft, you’ll need to know how to market your online courses.

Here are multiple free ways for you to promote your online courses with:

#1) Your Own Website – Having a blog website will build you a “home” on the internet for people to find you.  You could add a blog to your website that could drive thousands of free leads to your course if done right.

See this guide to get training on how to blog (you could just ignore the affiliate marketing stuff in the guide since you’ll have your own course to promote, this is the same training that taught me how to drive over 1,500 visitors, potential customers, a day here to my website for free, very powerful stuff to learn if you go this route).

#2) Social Media – This is a great one to use because everyone is on social media these days and what’s really effective are Facebook Groups because they are people are already organized in niche groups!  However, all social media platforms will get you exposure if you engage with others on them.

#3) Online Communities for Your Course Niche – whatever you’re teaching, find out where your potential students are hanging out and go to these online communities to promote your course.

#4) Get Help Forums – You’ll be surprised what you can find on these forums.  Go to places online where people go to get help and see what customers are asking about your niche, maybe your course fills their need.

#5) Email Marketing – This may not be a free option though there are free versions and paid ones to use, but email marketing could also be very effective in creating a relationship with your audience as well as recommending your course to them through this trust you’ve created.




Whether you choose one or both online course hosting platforms is up to you, I think this is a great way for teachers or anyone who wants to teach online but can’t find any teaching online job opportunities.

Udemy (Sign up here) would seem like a great beginners’ choice as well since you will probably need more education on how to do this, the actual know how of it all, so getting some courses on there will be highly recommended as their courses will have the more detailed how-to information you’ll need to get things set up properly.

The login is the same whether you buy courses or sell them, so you can use that sign up link above.

If you’re looking for a more professional look to your course and need all the feature options you get with CourseCraft (Sign up here), then choose them instead.


Either way, educating yourself first in this new space you’ll be going into is necessary, so the Udemy link above will also show you the “how to create an online course” courses when you click it.

If you could make this a success, then you’ll enjoy working from home with your new online business and being your own boss!

You’ll be glad you came here today to learn about how teachers could create their own teaching online job opportunities.

I’m a stay at home mom and I certainly have enjoyed my online business here.  I’ve been doing it less than two years and last month I made $4.4K!

My two years is up at the end of this month so, you will hear about my update for sure.

Meanwhile, you can find out what my online business is about and how it all works in my free guide here:

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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding how you could create your own teaching online job opportunities or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now




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