Is Digital Formula A Scam Or Make Big Time Profits $2,254/Day?

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Is Digital Formula a scamThe Digital Formula promises to have a system that will give you tons of profits from cryptocurrencies but is Digital Formula a scam that’s going to waste your time?

There are many products out there that tell you that you could make a lot of money fast but that’s just not the case, and no one system can give you a method that always trades profitably so what loophole did this Neil guy find?

My Digital Formula review below will dive into this and let you know what’s really going on here and show you what you need to know.

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Digital Formula logo


Program Name: Digital Formula


Price: $17

Owner: Neil Carter

Recommended? No

The Digital Formula claims is a system that has discover a loophole in the crypto system that allows Neil Carter to trade profitably and make thousands of dollars a day right away.


Digital Formula sales video


He gives you examples of how cryptos have increased in profits in 2017 but this year all the cryptos have been taking a dive since the beginning of the year.

It’s always 20/20 in hindsight.

This guy just gives examples of what’s has happened and tries to apply it this year when you can’t be earning like what he’s saying trading cryptos with this product.

Trading cryptocurrencies is not easy to trade and comes with high risks as they are very volatile as we have seen in the last 18 months.

Neil giving us examples of if we had bought this and that stock back in the day we would be millionaires, no kidding.

Giving examples like that is just useless because if you use the buy and hold strategy, obviously you will make money in the long run, most of the time.

But he can’t compare examples like that with what his system apparently offers which is being able to make those profits without holding since he’s got some method that could trade to profit.

He’s saying his system could make you big profits like his “students” have done making $2K a day which is not uncommon and typical results.

If only I could believe him, you see… I review a lot of products and these Clickbank products are dime a dozen.

I know products on Clickbank aren’t worth much because I’ve bought quite a few of them to review in past like The AZ Code, The Kindle Sniper, Tube Crusher, Ecom Cash Code, Profit Genesis 2.0, and Crypto Cash For Beginners.

They always over promise what they can deliver and you basically get disappointed once you get on the inside and you refund.

The only good thing about Clickbank products is that you can get a refund, though you may need to ask several times like I have in the past.




Because I know the tricks of these products, I could tell you that this product is for sure not to be trusted since all their video testimonials are fake.

Usually these video testimonials don’t even say the name of their product but at least these ones do.

But because I’ve reviewed so many of these products, I start to recognize the people in the testimonies. 🙂

This is another reason why I don’t buy anymore of these garbage products when I see fake testimonials.

I’m just not going to go through the motion just to find the same thing I always info: nothing great, nothing that can deliver what was promised.

This lady here has been in several shady products:

Digital Formula Fake Testimonials 2


She’s always animated the same way in these other products:

The Job Quitter System Fake Testimony 2

The Job Quitter System Fake Testimony


Then you have these guys here:

Digital Formula Fake Testimonials

Digital Formula Fake Testimonials 3


I mean, it’s not these individuals fault, they are just actors who don’t even know what “Digital Formula” is or seen it, so they are just doing their job as hired actors.

You could find these actors on freelancing sites like

30 Minute Money Methods Fake Testimonies Fiverr Actor 2

60 Minute Profit Plan Fake Video Testimonies 6


Without these fake testimonies, what does Digital Formula really give us before we buy?

Not much.

Products like this also never give you much info before you buy the product because there is no “system” usually when you get back there, sometimes I even find that they just used other people’s youtube videos in the members’ area which you could have found for free!

Digital Formula is just not to be trusted.




Thumbs DownDigital Forumla would be a scam if you think a scam is when you were sold on promises the product never delivers.

But, you may not think Digital Formula is a scam since you do get something for your $17.

Don’t you think $17 is your only cost though, these products always have upsells that aren’t worth their money either.

What I know for sure is that you probably won’t be making that $2K in your next 24 hours after buying the product.

Or any day after you buy.

If you want to really learn how to trade cryptocurrencies, then you need to learn how to day trade.

The only way you’ll learn is by buying training from people how are actually IN THE INDUSTRY of analyzing, buying, and selling cryptos.

People who do that are people who are on YouTube and on social media, you’ll be able to search them out on the internet.

For example, I’ve bought trading courses on Udemy from this guy called Suppoman and you can find him on both of those social media platforms that I follow:

Crypto Cash System - Udemy is Better To Learn Cryptocurrencies & Bitcoin
Click on image to go check out the MANY crypto courses!


You can search out the same thing on the other course owners on social media is see if they have a big following and active on there.

You will also see customer feedback and ratings so you can actually see if the material is good vs Clickbank products that are all rip offs if you ask me.

I can’t find that Neil Carter connected to anything crypto except for this Digital Formula itself because of someone else’s review, other than that, nada.

I have to conclude that I do not recommend Digital Formula.




Cryptocurrencies is very volatile and super risky to be trying to make money online from as a dependable source.

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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Digital Formula is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now


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