Beware: Home Income System By Robin Link Posting Scam! Watch Out!

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is Home Income link posting System Robin a scamThe Home Income System by “Robin” makes link posting seem like an easy way to make some online income but is this all a big scam to get to part with your money instead of making $379 per day?

I’m glad you’re here because there are many of these link posting scams that I’ve reviewed before so I know what they are doing here and can tell you what’s all involved.

These days, the programs are getting harder and harder to decipher, they make it this way so you can’t really search for reviews on it so you can’t read reviews like mine that tell you the truth behind these types of misleading marketing.

My Home Income link posting system review will be detailed out in the following sections:



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Program Name: Home Income System


Price: $97 + $10,000’s

Recommended? No

I don’t know if you noticed but this Home Income System doesn’t really have a branded name or a system name they really refer to.

Robin just uses the word “system” a lot and this is on purpose so you don’t go out and search “is this-so-and-so system a scam.


Home Income System Sales Video


Instead, they use this weird looking domain to host this sales video and I don’t see any focus on the name of the system.

Just to give you an insight that this is most likely a scam and it’s funneling you into a high ticket program.  High ticket programs seem to not market themselves as their own name like MOBE or Jeff Lerner’s 6 Figure Business System or something else.

They don’t market under real names because then there will be more negative reviews telling everyone how they work and why they should not join so no one will join these high ticket programs.

So instead, they do stuff like this, hide the real system’s name and what it entails, and mislead you with a fake system.

This kind of marketing is highly unethical and deceiving and not sure why they are getting away with this.

I thought this is called false advertising and it’s illegal to do, so not sure why they can market like this on the internet but I’ve seen this being done over and over again:




How this really works is they just basically lure you with easy way to make you money using something called link posting and mislead you as much as possible.

They use a girl name Robin who is just a paid actor from by the way, you can see that below, and they make her read a script of the story they want to tell you.

Home Income System Robin is a Fake Owner


Home Income System Robin is a Fake Owner Fiverr Actor


The story is always something you can relate to and about financial struggles but now that she found this link posting thing, she’s making thousands and thousands a month and without all that worry.

The key to the story is always she didn’t have to work much, or that it’s super easy to do so you don’t need much skills or know anything to make $15 a link.

The link posting scheme comes from a legitimate way of making money online called affiliate marketing and you simply can’t use this way to make money by “posting links”.

You may make a few bucks here and there but that’s not how you build an affiliate marketing business or use this business model.

I have a vast knowledge on this topic because I use it everyday here on my site to earn money from affiliate marketing.

But really, this is all irrelevant as this link posting is just to mislead you into a high ticket program.

Why high ticket programs are not good is because you have to pay thousands and thousands of dollars first before you even get started.

This is because that’s how money is earned in high ticket programs, is by getting new members to come in and spend like crazy via these high ticket products which are just digital marketing packages that are 4 to 5 figures in cost!

Here’s an example of a high ticket program:

MOBE True Costs
See for Full Details.


You don’t sell these to retail customers or build anything of value in those systems, you’re basically just selling the same system to others and getting people to join to do the same thing.

But it’ll be next to impossible to make the kind of money they speak about in the sales videos because you will have to recruit massively if you are to also find others who also have thousands of dollars laying around to pass around in high ticket systems.

You’ll also be taught to use paid traffic which requires even more spending after you’ve just spent thousands for the products.

Unlike my online business, I don’t need to spend any money for people to see my site, just like how you came on my review today without me paying anything.




Thumbs DownYes, I’m pretty confident this Home Income System is a scam because I have seen this link posting scheme done in many ways and sometimes the same way but under different names.

I don’t need to also buy into this one to find out the same.

Here are just a few to give you an idea the amount of link posting schemes out there:


They all use fake owners, fake testimonies, fake countdown clock to make you buy now, fake news logos, fake everything.

I’m not sure what you can trust on these programs.

All I know is that you’re not going to make $379 a day with these link posting schemes.

You may get a few dollars here and there if you do post these affiliate links all over the web, but it’s not going to bring you any real results, never mind $379 a day.

At the end of the day, they are not really teaching you affiliate marketing and all they are doing is tricking you into a high ticket program that you probably wouldn’t have joined in the first place if you need all the info beforehand.

I have to conclude that I do not recommend Home Income System.




Making money online is very real but it’s not going to be as easy as a lot of the scams say it is and no done-for-you system will be good for you in the long run because you’ll have no control over what’s done for you!

I know what you’re looking for, a reliable, legitimate place to learn how to do this thing called make money online and I was also in your shoes not long ago.

When I did find a safe place to learn, I vowed to tell people about it too so others can also learn in a safe way how to make money online.

The business model I use is affiliate marketing, I use it properly, I don’t post links all over the internet, I just post them on my site. Lol

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You’ll be able to choose the topic of your online business which could you be one that you love and are passionate about.

You’ll also learn how to build this business to attract its very own free organic search traffic and learn how things work on the internet.  This very fact can save you from tons of scams when you know how things work.

I’ve been using this place since Sep/16 and it’s been a journey but now earning a 4 digit online income which you can read about here.

Stop wasting time on scams and start building your future today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Home Income link posting system is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



2 thoughts on “Beware: Home Income System By Robin Link Posting Scam! Watch Out!”

  1. How much is this going to cost me in the long run and how do I know your just the same scammer like the other web site advertiser are

    • Hi Manny,

      The program in my guide here that have helped me build my online business costs NOTHING to join, no credit card needed if you just want to join for FREE and just see the proof under my profile “littlemama” – I just blogged about making $2.9K in June, 2018! As well, you can see my entire journey there under my profile so you can see I’m for real.

      So I have nothing to hide up my sleeve but the honest truth about this platform that you can safely learn at. So after you see the proof and want to upgrade to Premium (which I am and much needed), it’s $19 for your first month if you take the discount, and then $49/month OR $359/year paid annually.

      I’ve only had to pay for that annual membership once out of my own pocket, and my business has paid for it since!

      Hope this helps!


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