Can You Make Super High Commissions Or Is U-Economy A Scam?

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Is U-Economy a scam?If you’ve come across U-Economy and wondering if you can really make super high commissions or if U-Economy is a scam then you’ve come to the right place.

There are many scams out on the web these days and you can never be too sure about something so I’m glad you’re doing your research first.

I hope you have not started with U-Economy yet as you will need the information in my review beforehand as these types of programs never tell you all the details before you join.

I am not affiliated with U-Economy so I’m able to provide you with a non-biased assessment of this program.  I hope you will get a lot out of my review and offer you details that will help you make a better decision if you haven’t joined already.

Without further delay, let’s take a look at the following sections:



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U-Economy Logo


Program Name:  U-Economy


Price: Free – $50,000!

Owner: Peter Wolfing

Recommended? No

U-Economy is a platform where you are given the opportunity to build an online business by earning commissions from promoting the same system.

You won’t be educated to learn how to build an online business in a niche or topic you’d like, instead, you’ll be promoting U-Economy to recruit people to do what you do, which is for them to also promote U-Economy and recruit others as well.


U-Economy Home Page


U-Economy offers a wide range of products that are sold to members who join and when they buy these products, then you will make a commission.

You are then, not selling to the retail customers, but selling only to other members you bring into the system, kind of like other systems I’ve reviewed like Aspire, The 16 Steps to 6 Figures, and MOBE.

You’re essentially not building anything of value but just mass recruiting into a system in hopes of making commissions of digital products they buy.

They start you out as a free member, but quickly, you’ll need to pay $39.95/month to get anything started and at this level, you’re not even going to be making much money here and this is only the start of your spendings.

In order to make any sort of money, you’ll need to buy into all the products you want to make commissions from, meaning you gotta pay to play!

I just really dislike this kind of program where you have to pay before you can make commissions but this business model works like this so that the person that brought you in can make his/her commissions.

In this type of program, you’re essentially just passing money from one member to another and that’s how you’re making your money which is essentially a cash gifting scheme really since all the products are non-physical, sold to other members you bring in (not retail customers), and are used to look legitimate.

The actual details of the products and levels differ from the other systems I’ve mentioned above but the core of the system is the same as them.

Just wait to see what you must pay to make those big huge commissions that you saw in one of these U-Economy sales videos.

Systems like these are way harder then they make it seem as well and I’ll go into more about this in a bit below but let’s check out more on how this U-Economy system works.




How this U-Economy system differ from those mentioned above is that they have a wider range of products for you to invest in to fit all budgets.

They have several ways for you to make money, depending on how much you want to spend:

  • Leveraged Income – Basic courses start at under $100 for those who just starting out and want to see how this works first or for those with low budgets.  You can make hefty commissions here as well though.
  • Lifestyle Income – Here you are getting into more of the mid-range to high ticket offers so expect to invest at this level starting at a few thousand dollars.
  • Legacy Income – This is where U-Core, U-Fit and U-Wealth products are and where the major high ticket offers are as well as monthly residuals.

As you grow your business, the more you’ll want to spend to make higher commissions.  Just how high the commissions can go?


Let’s take a look at the products they have:


This is pretty much mandatory as you’ll be needing the back office for the tools and templates you’ll need to run your business with.

This is a monthly fee of $39.95 as mentioned earlier but there’s no products yet to promote so you can’t make any money just with this cost.

However, if you have recruits coming in and they start using the system and pay this fee, you’ll be making commissions from their payments and you can earn 12 tiers deep with this.

Meaning if your recruits (level 1) also recruits others (level 2) and their recruits also recruit others (level 3), etc, you can earn from 12 levels deep.



Here is all the cheaper products starting at $25 – $500 and you can earn 95% commissions here but remember you have to buy these first to have the licensing rights to sell them.

If you opted for the higher ticket offers, you do get the licensing rights for the lower products as well.

This group of products are good for those who’s just starting out with not as big of a budget to spend but it also means you won’t be making as much too but at 95% commissions, you just need 2 sales of each product to start making a profit.



Here you have the high ticket offers you’ve been hearing about and how you’ll be making mad cash.  The commission structure here is 100% but you also have to pay a separate licensing fee for each that you want to promote.

The range of these prices is high: $1,500 – $50,000 plus $149 – $1,995 licensing fees!

What kind of U-Network Mastery course is worth $50K???  Does it come with a house? Diamonds?

Of course they are not worth that money but guess what?  If you can invest $50,000 you can also make $50,000 commissions as you’ll be earning 100% commissions if you can get another fool to buy in like you did.

Making 1 sale will still put you in the hole for $2K of licensing fee but your 2nd sale doesn’t go to you, it goes up to your sponsor, they call this a pass up and your recruits would pass up their 2nd sale to you too.

So you’ll need to sell 3 of these to start making a profit from your $52K investment but that’s just for one of these offers.

You could be spending way more if you invest in the other 5 high ticket products as well.  This kind of system only works for those who really know how to recruit massively to find those very few people that can do this kind of spending as well.



They have U-Coaches available for you to use them if you want them to close sales for you instead of you doing it yourself.

These guys will get on the phone with your recruits and get them to spend, spend, spend and if they are successful, your commissions are sliced in half to 50% for their efforts.

They will work on your behalf and will use all marketing tactics to close these sales for you since they will have high motivation to do so.




Thumbs DownUnfortunately, this U-Economy is not a scam legally at this point but other schemes like this have been shut down before like Empower Network so time will tell.

This is quite an insane system and you’re going to have a hard time finding other people who will be able to do the same thing as you.

The one that is making the most money here is the owner Peter Wolfing since he’s collecting all those recurring fees plus all the licensing fees from hundreds and hundreds of people who are struggling to make their money back.

Anytime I review one of these systems, I always find that majority of the people who join systems like this won’t make much money since most don’t know how to massively recruit without spending even more money.

This type of business involves a lot of paid advertising to get traffic to your template landing pages.

So not only you’re investing in their products before you can make any money, but then you also have to pay for traffic since you only have a sales funnel of a one page site which search engines will never rank so no one will see it unless you advertise.

You could be paying hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each month in paid traffic if they don’t train you well in this marketing tactic and your ads don’t convert.

Although U-Economy is not a scam, I do not recommend this type of business model and thus, I do not recommend U-Economy.




I have never liked the type of business model where you pay first then promote & make commissions and I would never join such schemes to make money.

Thumbs Up

The business model I use has very basic low costs like what you need for an online business (a website, hosting) and you can get all that WITH in depth, step-by-step, training on how to build this business for only $49/month.

If you want your own domain (is better), it’s just $14-$16/year!

That’s all your costs and this is exactly what I use to make my living online.

However, you don’t have to pay a thing if you want to check it all out first… like really check it all out first, as in you can start building your online business, use the business tools, and use the training for FREE.

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You’re able to choose the topic or niche you want to work in and build a thriving online business like I do in the comfort of your own home.

You’ll also learn how to drive free organic search traffic so you have free visitors going to your online business for free if you don’t want to pay for traffic.

You will also be well supported, not only by myself personally but also a huge community of like minded people as well as industry experts, all at your fingertips.

Forget about pay to play and start building your path to success today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether U-Economy is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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