Empower Network Has Gone Bankrupt: Drugs & Craziness!

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The Empower Network has gone bankrupt as owner, David Wood, announced in the video below and well they should since all they did was scam people.


(The Video That Was Here Showing David Wood Having A Breakdown Was Taken Down.)


This is what happens when you start scamming people and take advantage of innocent people who really want to learn how to make money online.

There are tons of reviews of The Empower Network being a scam and how they are the biggest product-based pyramid scheme.

The company would bully people into buying their full set of products and if they did, they were “virtually guaranteed” to succeed.  In reality, who was raking in all the money?  The guys on top and especially David Wood.



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The Empower Network Has Gone Bankrupt, Drugs and Craziness!Why His Downfall When He Was Making So Much Money?

It’s because he got addicted to drugs and was careless about his finances.  He probably got too comfy in his madness and started playing harder than he was working and helping others.

In his video above, you can probably see what a roller coaster ride he’s had and there’s really no one to blame but himself.

Just back in June, he got all high and made this crazy video to get more people to join his scam.

This just goes to show anyone not really serious about their business and not adding value to people’s lives will ultimately crumble.



Am I Glad To See Them Go?

Yes, because the internet marketing or make money online niche is already flooded with many scams so with one of the biggest ones gone, we will all be in a better space.

At least this one company won’t be scamming people anymore and I hope other scammers can see that doing this won’t get you far.

The owner, David Wood, also said he was glad he destroyed the company in the above video, maybe because it was the cause of his addiction and glad to see that go?

Either way, it’s good to have this company out of the making money online niche but beware what he’ll do next.

Will he change his ways or come back with another get rich quick scheme?  I really hope he has learned his lessons and will come back with something that adds value to people’s lives and give instead of take.

Giving and helping others will give him a new purpose and I hope he will see how that will also benefit himself.



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