Coin Code Club Review: Big Scam Or Free $90K/Month?

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is Coin Code Club a scamChecking out Coin Code Club (Blueprint) and wondering if there is such thing as free crypto?  Is Coin Code Club a scam system that’s not going to work?

I’m glad you’re here at my review because I know I’ll be telling you the truth about this product instead of just blindly recommending it like most internet marketers do.

You’ll find that this Coin Code Club is not what it seems and I’ll show you why that is below in my detailed review.

Without further delay, let me show you how my review is broken down in the following sections:



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Coin Code Club logo


Program Name: Coin Code Club


Price: $17

Owner: George Phillips

Recommended? No

The Coin Code Club sales page tells you that the crypto world is the next best thing just like how computers and internet were, now it’s cryptocurrencies.


Coin Code Club sales page


Ever since the bitcoin has peaked back in Dec/17, hitting highs of bitcoin worth $20K, the coin has not bounced back to anywhere near that.

This just shows how volatile this this and you can lose money in cryptocurrencies big time.

Coin Code Club claims that it has a simple method that you don’t need any money for and use free cryptocurrencies instead to grow your crypto empire.

George Phillips is apparently a millionaire who’s now sharing his secret on how he found his fortune from this simple method he calls the Coin Code Blueprint.

His simple method basically uses free coins and waits for them to increase in value and sell when it’s grown exponentially.

Once they are sold, then you can use that money to buy other coins that are more popular.

However, the strategies in this product is not going to get you going anywhere because products like this are usually duds on the inside and you’ll get generic information about what I just told you.

Many Clickbank products are like that, I review tons of them, they are all disappointing and never give you the information that will lead to what was claimed on their sales page or video like these ones:




What you’ll get when you buy into Coin Code Club is the main guide that shows how you can profit big with free crypto coins and two bonuses are included.

The bonuses teach you how to store your cryptocurrencies and how to buy and sell cryptos for profit.

The information included is going to be very generic and you’re not going to get any special tips on how to find these free crypto coins or how to analyze them to know whether they are good coins to get or not.

You’ll definitely won’t get actual tips that will generate you $90K a month.

You’ll just get generic info that shows you that some coins when they first come out, like an initial coin offering (ICO), they will give you free tokens to promote their coin with.

Some make you buy some at a price but will give you bonus coins if you buy them early in the ICO.

Not every ICO will have coins that will increase in value like crazy as Coin Code Club claims once it hits the coin exchanges and usually they are priced so low that you probably won’t make much money from them.

You will get lucky if one of these coins do rise very quickly but if you’re banking on luck then this is not a very reliable method to make money online is it?

Cryptocurrencies are highly risky as well so I would not invest more than you could afford to lose because you will lose.

Buying this product will definitely not get you any closer to $90K a month than where you are now because products sold on Clickbank are like that.

They make their product sound like it can make you TONS of money but when you buy it, you just get generic info you can just find on the internet for free!

I know this because I’ve bought into many previous products on Clickbank and never once did they turn out worth their money.


Who is George Phillips?

This so called George Phillips is supposedly a crypto millionaire but I can’t find a darn thing on this guy.

I have known some names in the crypto space and I can’t find much of this George Phillips guy which is a red flag for me.

Someone in this crypto space would have social media presence because these types of people talk about coins all the time and doing their analyses so if I can’t find him on social media or YouTube, this is a huge red flag for me.

The ones I follow have at least a Twitter account because a lot of crypto coins announce their news on there and so if I can’t find this supposedly millionaire, then I’m not sure this guy really exists.

Also, he shows absolutely no proof of what he’s made so he can basically say anything on his sales page.

This guy looks like just a persona they made up.



$17 will not be the end of your spendings.

These types of products will squeeze as much money out of you as possible so beware of the upsells that you’ll be hit with right after you buy it.

They will usually be things that will supposedly make things easier for you but they never come with good instructions or directions so you’ll be buying things you don’t know how to apply it to the system.

Upsells also tell me that the main product is not complete and will probably not work to what you were sold on unless you buy them.

If upsells are actually valuable, then why cut the prices in half when I say no the first time?  If you’re able to drop your prices in half like that, that says to me, the upsells are crap too.




Thumbs DownI don’t think Coin Code Club is a scam but then again, you’re not going to have results like $90K a month either so it depends on how you look at scams.

You will get something for your money but if that product you get is not valuable or live up to their claims about their method, then is that a scam?  You be the judge.

If you want to learn more about cryptocurrencies, I would go to a more reliable source like to find courses that are rated by others.


Crypto Cash System - Udemy is Better To Learn Cryptocurrencies & Bitcoin


At least this way, you can see which courses were actually useful to people and provided the most value by seeing how people have been rating the them as well as comments.

There are tons of courses on there for cryptocurrencies and lots of other subjects as well, so you can learn on many subjects for as little as $11.99 at a time.

You’ll be getting way more value from those Udemy courses than this Coin Code Club for sure.

I have to conclude that I do not recommend Coin Code Club.




Cryptocurrencies is not a reliable source of income and highly risky so it’s good to go into it thinking you’ll lose your money because if you actually earn anything, it’ll be a nice surprise.

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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Coin Code Club is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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