Millionaire in 90 Days Or Is 30 Day Success Club Just Scamming You Silly?

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is 30 Day Success Club a scamSure sounds exciting to be able to make so much money, even a millionaire, in such a short time but is 30 Day Success Club a scam?

Is it really possible that you can do the same as him and be a millionaire in 90 days?!

You really gotta use your common sense here guys, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is and it certainly is in this case.

Buying 30 Day Success Club will not get you close to that or close to earning much money in fact and I will give you all the details of why I think this in my review below.

My 30 Day Success Club review will be detailed out in the following sections:



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30 Day Success Club logo


Program Name: 30 Day Success Club


Price: $37

Recommended? No

30 Day Success Club is a product that just came out to help others make money online and it’s based on a business model that I really love myself, it’s called affiliate marketing, something I use everyday to make my 4 digit online income every month.


30 Day Success Club Sales Video


However, what they tell you in their sales video is highly misleading on how affiliate marketing works and how websites work.

This product targets people who doesn’t know anything about websites but I know some thing or two so I will be diving deep into why the websites that this product produces will never see the light of day.

Well, maybe a little light of day, but trust me, you’re not going to become a millionaire anytime soon with 30 Day Success Club or even making a $1,000 or even 3 digits.

You’ll actually make very little with the websites this program produces for you because they have no idea how SEO works obviously by the way they demonstrated how your website is going to be created.

I was shaking my head through their whole demonstration.

This is no surprise to me though because this is an internet marketing product on Clickbank, there are so many I’ve reviewed lately that are utterly crap:




How this is supposed to work is that their members area will have a site builder (which are very common these days to use to create websites with), you just have to input some data for your website, and then your site will be created with products that you can earn commissions from.

How affiliate marketing works is basically you’re referring people to buy other people’s products.

When your visitor clicks on products you have on your site, it takes them to the merchant’s site where they can buy the product.

When they buy, you will make a commission.

There are other types of affiliate marketing where you can paid for action so in the example in their sales video, the lady wants to give away free stuff.

The company offering that free product, they are hoping to acquire a new customer, and obviously this does work so they want many people to try their free products.

So this company will offer an affiliate program where people can use their ads to offer others free stuff, like the lady in the sales video wants to do.

She had to sign up for the affiliate program of those companies that are offering free products, in this case, they are just using Clickbank where anyone can sign up and be approved for.

Once you have your Clickbank ID, that’s what is used to track the website visitor to the company that’s offering the free product.

Once that visitor signs up for the free product, the website owner will get a small commission like $2 or less for something like this.

So that’s how it will work but the websites 30 Day Success Club is making for you won’t see much visitors because the type of sites this produces are frown upon by Google.


How Real Websites Work & Why 30 Day Success Club Won’t

Maybe back in the day, 30 Day Success Club would have worked but these days, there’s no way you could just have a website with some products of it and think that you’re just going to get visitors just like that.

Not having traffic (visitors) to any online business means you’re not going to earn a thing.

30 Day Success Club sales video claims that you can use free traffic for this which you can but the results of using free traffic from the sources that they teach you will never earn you the type of money they talk about.

The strategies they teach you is basically to spam your website all over the web like on social media, online forums, blog commenting, and doing videos.

While some of these will get you tiny bits of traffic, it’s certainly not a long term sustainable method to actually grow an income you can count on.

What’s missing in 30 Day Success Club’s free traffic strategy is that they don’t teach you the most important one: SEO.

This is because they probably don’t know how to use it themselves and, please, the example in the video where they put in a couple of keywords and calling that SEO is laughable.

If you don’t have SEO, you won’t show up on Google, without Google, your site is as good as dead.


Why Done-For-You Is NOT As Great As It Sounds

While it’s great that 30 Day Success Club builds the site for you, you have absolutely no control over it.  You can’t seem to edit the products you want or add a page about yourself or write on your website.

You also can’t seem to customize anything so everyone who buys this will have the same boring site.

Since it’s done-for-you, you also don’t have access to the back end of the website, where you would have full control and know what’s going on with your website.

Lastly, if 30 Day Success Club goes away one day, so will your website!  Trust me, these products come and go like the way I need to die my hair every 2-3 months.

When they are gone, so will your whole online business.




Thumbs DownIs 30 Day Success Club a scam when they give you a product after you pay your money?  I guess not.

Is 30 Day Success Club a scam if they tell you that you can make massive money with their product but it doesn’t pan out?  You be the judge of that.

This happens with almost every Clickbank product out there, at least this one you get a working website I guess but you will have no idea how to make real money from it.

They probably don’t know themselves how to do it.

Affiliate marketing is certainly a business model that can produce a full time income and more if you know how to build an online business properly but sorry 30 Day Success Club is not going to be your teacher.

I have to conclude that I do not recommend 30 Day Success Club.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether 30 Day Success Club is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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