Is Prime Time Profits A Scam Or $500/Day Everyday? [Honest Review]

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is Prime Time Profits a scamMaking $500 per day, everyday?  AND I do no work for it?  Sounds awesome but is Prime Time Profits a scam that’s going to steal your money or is this THE system you’ve been waiting for?

Pretty bold claims Prime Time Profits has in their sales video and a lot of sites like this all sound about the same.

This has scam written all over it, so there’s not much to trust on that Prime Time Profits website.

I’ve reviewed hundreds of products and systems in the internet marketing space so I can sniff a scam a mile away.

I’m glad your alarm bells went off as well seeing that you’ve landed on my page today, smart of you.

My review will show you why they are not to be trusted in the following sections:



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Program Name: Prime Time Profits


Price: $47 or $97

Recommended? No

Prime Time Profits claims that they have a “weird trick” that can generate you $500 per day, everyday and you can start right away.

All you have to do is copy his “weird trick” and then sit back and watch the $500 days roll in.


Prime Time Profits sales video


You are led to believe this magical “black box” system will just crank out $500 per day for you because it does all the work and runs on autopilot.

As much as I want a system like the way they are explaining to you, unfortunately, there’s actually no such thing, I mean no such system that can generate you money like that with no work.

The unethical creators of this website leave out the most important information about the system, the system itself, they don’t explain how it works or what it does.

All they want you to hear is that this “black box” will give you $500 a day for doing nothing.

They just want you drooling over all that money and imagine a lifestyle where you can earn $178,000 a year.

They want to make you want it so bad that you’ll just hand over your money without even knowing a darn thing about their system.

You have no idea what it does because schemes like this are always like that and presents a huge red flag when they don’t explain what the system is or does.

You don’t usually buy something you don’t know about when you’re shopping at a store, for a car, for anything in real life, so what’s the difference here?

You shouldn’t buy if you have no idea what they are selling.  If they don’t tell you how it works, then it’s a huge red flag and you just need to move away from that sales page.

This is no different than other scams I’ve seen like Financial Freedom Forever and Your Freedom Mentor.




It doesn’t.

I mean Prime Time Profits is not a system and you won’t know what you’re buying into.

For it not to be a total scam, like just taking your money and get nothing in return, they will just provide you with some generic, outdated training on some make money online method.

The training that they provide will get you nowhere because it won’t be in depth or comprehensive and most likely the people behind this Prime Time Profits don’t even know how the method really works.

I’ve seen this time and time again, I’ve reviewed so many of these systems that claim super high profits but then, all I find is disappointment and more upsells to steal more of your money.

I have seen people losing hundreds of dollars in schemes like this because they will get you to upgrade this and that, and by the time you’re done you could be out thousands.

If you hear a sales page tell you that you will make money without doing any work, you need to raise that red flag way up high!

There’s no such magical system on the internet.

You don’t just push a button and truckloads of money just fall into your lap.  The internet doesn’t work that way and it actually takes hard work and time to build up to make money online.

The more you think you can just earn that much money that quickly then you’ll just run into more scams like this Prime Time Profits.


Red Flags of Prime Time Profits

I urge you to take note of these red flags and stay away from scams or else you could be like one of my readers who told me she lost over $15K from chasing these shiny objects.

  1. High Income Claims in Short Time – When you see a headline like “$500 Per Day Starting Today“, you need to know this is impossible.  Push button systems that generate you money instantly don’t exist. Period.  It’s very much possible to earn $500 per day with an online business, but it’s not going to happen today.  People take 3 – 5 years to generate a 5 figure monthly income, it has taken me 1.5 years to generate a 4 digit monthly online income, and this is the reality of how long it takes.
  2. Autopilot, Little to No Work – Yes everyone is busy but if you think you can find a system little to no work, then think again.  There are a few legitimate methods to earn money online, and the ones that take little work, generate you very little money as well, and really a time waster.  It takes a lot of hard work and consistent hard work, especially in the beginning when you don’t make much money, to be able to generate a consistent online income.
  3. Little to No Product Information – Just because they keep telling you about the “black box” doesn’t mean it makes the “black box” any more real than what it really is, a sales tactic.  They are hiding behind this “black box” as a metaphor for how the system will make money for you, but never really give any details on how it works.  This is because they can then make you buy just about anything.  Yes, there’s often sales videos like this to make you buy a system that has nothing to do with the sales video because they just pick and choose what crap product they want to promote that week.
  4. Too Cheap – If this system truly did generate $500 a day, everyday, starting today, don’t you think they would sell this in the thousands, if not millions?  Why are they selling it under $100?!  It doesn’t even make sense, this is why you gotta use your common sense when it comes to scams.




Thumbs DownYes definitely, Prime Time Profits is a big scam that you shouldn’t trust or buy into because you’re not going to get much value from it plus they will keep trying to get you to pay them more.

It’s never just the initial payment, they always upsell you more done-for-you crap that you won’t know what to do with because they won’t have the proper training.

You will lose more money than you will make with this Prime Time Profits and you’ll not likely see much of that $500 on any day.

These scams really give internet marketing a bad name because you can truly make an online income with proper learning and guidance.

But these scammers just take advantage of people need help with their finances (who doesn’t want more money), and will say just about anything to make a buck.

So the more you think that you’ll make money fast on the internet without doing much work, then you’ll just keep running into scams.

I have to conclude that I do not recommend Prime Time Profits.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Prime Time Profits is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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