Is Smart Money Methods A Scam Or Easily Make $30K A Month?

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is Smart Money Methods a scamAre you curious if Smart Money Methods is the system that will take you to $30K a month or is Smart Money Methods just another scam waiting to disappoint you?

Welcome to my review on this system and glad you’re here.  Although it sounds tempting, I can tell you right now that there’s not going to be much inside without even buying into it.

I’ve done hundreds of reviews of products like this and have bought into many of these Clickbank internet marketing products that often turn out more than disappointing.

This is also why I won’t waste more time buying Smart Money Methods & getting a refund since their sales video is the same as all others I’ve bought into (which I’ll list below in my review).

My review will be detailed out in the following sections:



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Smart Money Methods Logo


Program Name: Smart Money Methods


Price: $37 + Upsells

Recommended? No

Smart Money Methods starts off telling you they have brand new methods that will make you over $7K a week while only working 30 minutes a day.

Throughout their sales video you will see that they not once told you what this system is or what methods are involved.


Smart Money Methods sales video


So they expect you to just blindly buy a system without knowing what you’ll be doing to make that kind of money, first big red flag.

I have been around the block a few times with making money online and I can tell you that no legitimate method could make you the kind of money that they say in their video in the short amount of time they say.

This is because not only making money online is not as easy as everyone thinks but nothing will happen that quick either.

If you can earn money “today” with any online method, that means it’s very a method that you’re not going to make much money on.

Those are the only methods that can make you money “today”.

Any big dollars that you can earn online takes time to build up as well as learning, no method will make you thousands of dollars at a push of a button or even those so called “done-for-you” systems.

No one just wakes up one day and know how to make money online, there are steps you need to learn and there is a learning curve no matter how simple a method is.

The more you believe systems like Smart Money Methods, the more money you’ll waste because once you buy in, you’ll be royally disappointed.

Here are other Clickbank products I’ve reviewed before that I end up never recommending them because the lack of substance inside once I bought in:




The Smart Money Methods sales video is very typical of these products, which is a video that will grab at your heart strings and just blab out all the money you can make with their system.

They are counting on you with a similar financial situation where you’re tight on money so everyone wants more money TODAY so that’s how they market to you to make you buy.

I have reviewed hundreds of systems on my website here and I have never come across a system that actually works when they say you can earn thousands of dollars with only working 30 minutes a day.

This cannot be furthest from the truth about how much you really need to work to make the kind of money these sales video tell you.

I know because I has taken me great effort and a lot of time to build my online business to result in my last month making $2.9K.

When you realize how the process actually works on the internet, how Google ranks (shows) pages on their front page of search results, how you’ll actually generate money, then it’s quite obvious why you can’t make money that quickly.

But, Smart Money Methods is banking on the fact that you know nothing like most beginners, so they create sales videos like this to dangle that shiny object in front of you (fast cash) so you will buy.

Then after you buy, you will realize that what you get on the inside is either completely different instructions from what that system was selling or it’s just generic info you can get anywhere online for free.

I have seen time and time again systems like Smart Money Methods promising the world of fast cash and then I look inside the members area, and nothing new.

No new techniques or anything special that would catapult your earnings to what they had promised in their sales video.

If you seriously want to make money online, you need to start with your mentality and stop looking for quick ways to earn money online because it’s simply not going to happen.

Even if you use paid traffic, you’re going to be spending way more than you think you’ll need to make the kind of money you want.

Because Smart Money Methods is sold on Clickbanks, I just really don’t have the energy to buy one more of these lame systems that show me nothing new.




Thumbs DownIt really depends on how you define scam.

Will you get a system or methods when you buy in?  Yes, so that could be seen as not a scam because you are getting something for your money.

However, what if what you get inside just gives you nothing new and it’s the same old stuff you’ve been seeing already?

Or what if you are shown what methods there are but you don’t get any comprehensive training to make good money with those methods?

What I can tell you for sure is that, yes you will get something for your money.

However, is that something going to be any good?  Mostly likely not from my experience with those previous Clickbank products I listed above.

Usually, you will just get some PDF with generic info or I’ve even seen them take other people’s videos on YouTube as their “training” method.

Will buying this Smart Money Methods for $37 make you $30K when you only work 30 minutes?  I can pretty much tell you that this won’t deliver as advertised, so if you feel that equals a scam, then so be it.

What I can guarantee is that you’ll get immediate upsells when you buy in and they will want you to buy more as soon as you submit your $37.

They will always entice you with done-for-you stuff that will “10x your results” or some other attention grabber.

I can also guarantee that you will be able to get a refund if you don’t like it since it is on Clickbank but from my experience, you will have to request it several times from the vendor before they will actually give it to you.

At the end of the day, there’s no way I will be recommending Smart Money Methods to anyone.




My online journey started back in 2012 but it was not until Sep/16 that I really learned how to make real money online because I was able to learn from real, step-by-step, detailed, comprehensive training in a safe environment.

The training showed me a path I could take at my own pace and learn how the process of making money online really works.

Step by step, I built my online business and today, I’m happy to report that I’ve been making a consistent 4 digit monthly online income but there’s no way I could have done it without learning the proper techniques to do it.

Like I said earlier, it was not instant or fast, it takes time to build such a real asset.  This online business will make this money for me for many years to come and I will be able to scale it even more to hit my bigger financial goals.

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Many other products/systems out there don’t offer help once you buy it, not here, you will have all the help you want and you’ll have a chance to have me as your personal mentor to help you guide you through your new online journey with no extra charge.

I’m tired of all the scams I see out there and crappy products that just suck up your money.  This is why I want to give back to those who really want to make money online by offering my help to you!

Stop wasting time on scams and start building your future today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Smart Money Methods is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



6 thoughts on “Is Smart Money Methods A Scam Or Easily Make $30K A Month?”

  1. Thanks for your review, very informative. I won’t even try to buy that then. I’m looking to find something that gives me really detailed step by step path, is there such a thing?

    • Yes Ronald, there certainly is! The training platform I use that helped me build my online business to $2.9k last month is exactly what you’re asking for, you can see what I mean in my free guide here. You will get FIFTY step-by-step lessons to teach you exactly how to build your very own online business that will make money for you if you follow it closely.

      It does take some good hard work, so be prepared and also it’s not a get rich quick scheme, so it won’t be quick either. You are building for the long term and sustainable in the long term.

      This has been the only method that’s worked for me and I’ve been through several things that you can read in my guide as well.

      I wish you much luck!

  2. Well done Grace,

    The only thing you forgot to tell people was that their Wealthy Affiliates websites gets them nowhere unless they upgrade to premium???

    • Hi Henry, there are no other programs that gives you 20% of their training for FREE, this is so you can see what their training is like and see if this is something you want to learn.

      No program or system will give you REAL training for free, this is the most comprehensive training you’ll ever find. I know it works because their training has taught me how to make a 4 digit online income month after month, and last month my online business brought me $2.9K. You can sign up for free and see my entire journey on my profile “littlemama”, look me up.

      Wealthy Affiliate’s Premium membership is worth every penny and then some because of all the features and tools you get with it.

      I understand this is not for everyone, and that’s okay.

      This is just what I do, and Wealthy Affiliate has helped me get there. If you upgrade to Premium, you have me as your personal coach for NO EXTRA CHARGE.

      I’ll be your guide and lead you the right way to the best way for you to take to make sure you get on the path of success from my experience.

      I wish you much success, whatever you end up doing,

  3. Well its about time some one like yourself started telling the truth good to hear, lot of scams on comp if theres away for people to scam you they will, if it was not for our greed they would not be able to scam us so easy, yes been there eyes wide open looking how much i can make, but yet anther scam , for 3yrs been looking, love to start a new comp business, but now not to much money to invest, pluss i find my self not trusting what people r saying on comp and am sure like yourself you r trustworthy and speaking the truth , am no long looking at making thousands of dollars happy if i could make a extra 500 to 1000 a month, can u help

    • Hi Robert, Yes I could help you and I know what you mean by these awful products.

      You just need to follow my guide as I show you the method I personally use and the training that I personally used to help me build my online business to a $3K/month income stream.

      You will be able to get on that training platform for FREE to see for yourself what I’m talking about and SEE how much I’ve been making as my online journey is all documented on there.

      I understand it’s very hard to trust people these days with so many scams as well, you’ve been trying for 3 years already. When I got that training, it took me 19 months to start generating a 4 digit online income but I put in a LOT of work to get this kind of result.

      If you could work hard like me, then you could do the same thing and learn from the exact training that taught me.

      Get my free guide here now!

      Best of luck to you and I wish you much success!


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