Copy Paste Paydays Review: Why It WON’T Work For YOU!

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COPY PASTE PAYDAYS FEATUREHere comes another product from Mr. Internet Marketing Guru himself, Brendan Mace, with Copy Paste Paydays to sell you basically nothing new.  In my honest review of Copy Paste Paydays, you will see exactly why it won’t work for you!

This product claims it’s newbie friendly because it’s so easy to “copy and paste” that anyone can do it, and they claim even “brain dead simple.”

I will show you what this product is about and show you the biggest piece of the puzzle that’s missing in this product that will prevent you from making any money!

I will also show you how to actually make real money on the internet from the ground up with real complete training!


Let me take you through all this:



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Copy Paste Paydays LogoProduct Name:  Copy Paste Paydays


Owner:  Brendan Mace

Price: $4.95 (at time of post) + $19.95/month + Upsells

What Do You Get With Copy Paste Paydays?

Copy Paste Paydays ProductsBrendan Mace is known for his system of spamming people with emails to sell more products that are basically useless.

In Copy Paste Paydays, he gives you the emails that you can use to spam your own people on your list.

What I find interesting is that he is now charging a monthly fee – For what you ask?  For more emails.

For the initial $4.95, you will get 5 days worth of emails which is a total of 9 email scripts you can use – this is called one campaign.

You will also receive some “over-the-shoulder” training which I find too light and not enough information.  These types of products never include full training because if they did, this product would cost a lot more.

There will also be a case study of how Brendan Mace makes $10K/month using this system.  However, they don’t show you everything because this system does NOT make him $10K, he’s blogged about that before and I can see that he does not make this much from this system.


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What’s In The Emails?

Copy Paste Paydays Emails


You may wonder emails for 5 days but there are 9 email scripts?  Yes, this is because you have to spam your email list like this:

  • Day 1 – send TWO emails, one hour apart in the morning.
  • Day 2 – send one email
  • Day 3 – send one email
  • Day 4 – send one email
  • Day 5 – send FOUR emails

Gee, by the end of day 5, how many subscribers will UNsubscribe you think??  Yes, LOTS and bye bye to your hard work building your list or money that took to build that list.

After 14 days of your initial purchase, you will then pay each month $19.95 for more email campaigns, once a week you will receive a brand new campaign to spam your list with.

If this is your thing, then go for it and be happy, buy into this way of making money… but how will you make money when people unsubscribe because you’re not providing any value!

On top of that, you know what else is in those emails?  You’re just making Brendan Mace richer because you’ll be promoting all his products in these email campaigns.

So he’s basically teaching you how to promote his products!  This is why I stay far from this guy because his  products doesn’t really teach you to make money online, he’s building an army to benefit himself!

Beware of Brendan Mace!




The initial price now is $4.95 and apparently will be raised to $19.95 soon.

You will also be charged a monthly fee of $19.95, 14 days after your initial purchase, making each campaign you receive costing approximately $5 each.

Copy Paste Paydays Upsells

Then there are the upsells you’ll have to weed through to get to your product, and they are EXPENSIVE upsells:

  1. $37 Done For You Money Pages – Down sell of $17 for less Done For You Money Pages.
  2. $1,997 Coaching – Down sell of $197 for Digital Coaching.

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What these prices tell me is that their initial main product is again lacking the training you need to be successful with the product without these upsells.

And wow, really $2K for coaching?  I hope you will not fall for this garbage!  I’ve had his coaching for much less and he still doesn’t tell you everything.

He claims he makes $10k/month from this system, but that is the scam!  These are lies!  If spamming people can make you $10k/month, everyone would be doing it.




It's NOT for beginnersThe most obvious thing that you NEED for this product to work for you which they don’t even mention on their sales page is that you need a freaking HUGE email list!

How is this newbie friendly??

The training is light and not complete, why do you think the coaching program is so expensive?  Because he knows you’ll need help since his training will not give you the whole picture.

If you want to build the email list you’ll need to send those emails to, you will have to spend a LOT of money to do it because I’ve seen how he does it, you buy the traffic to go to your landing page to offer them a free product.

If the person signs up, then you direct them to a sales page to try to get them to buy something right away.  So essentially, the money you paid for that traffic, you’re supposed to make back from this instant offer of a crappy product like this.

But guess what?  Nobody buys right away like that.  You’ll be left with the cost of buying that traffic.

Then, for what?  Just so they can unsubscribe from your list once you start spamming them?!  What a waste of money!

So, who’s really banking here?  Brendan Mace, not you.

If you have a big email list already, then maybe this product will work for you, but their sales page doesn’t warn you of any of this before you buy.

If you want to try it anyway, make sure you ask for a refund within 14 days which I’m sure you will need to do!  There are no refunds after the 14 days.




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If you have any questions or thoughts about Copy Paste Paydays or Wealthy Affiliate, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below!  I always reply to all my awesome readers.  🙂



Let’s make money online!

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      I will help you on the inside!


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