Is Clone My Commissions A Scam? YES, Lies! See Truth Here!

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Is Clone My Commissions A Scam? YES, Lies! See Truth Here!I love coming across products like Clone My Commissions because I like to reveal what they are all about in my honest reviews and show you if they are scams!

Before you buy this product, I hope you will read my Clone My Commissions review in full below to see what the truth is first so you can make a wise decision.

Although this product is under $10, why waste ANY of your hard earned money?  Your $10 and more is better spent on a real product that will actually make you some money.

There’s no doubt by the end of my review you will determine yourself that Clone My Commissions is indeed a scam.

I will walk you through the following:



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Product: Clone My Commissions


Owners: Mosh Bari & Jason Fulton

Price: $7.96 + Rising + Upsells

Here you have Mosh and Jason telling you how you can make $1,373 per week with only 30 mins of work a day by using their secret cloning technique.

They tell you that by buying this product will make you fast money within days of implementation and it’s totally newbie friendly 100%.

Clone My Commissions newbie friendly

They claim that method is so simple and easy to follow that anyone can do this and get it up and running in no time at all.

Just priced at $7.96, you will get 9 training modules that shows you what the whole system is about and how to implement it but fails to deliver all the step by step training for any newbie to learn.

The training promises to get you to making $1,000 in your first 30 days!

They also show you a case study on how they implemented this method but again, doesn’t show you the in’s and out’s of all the details you need to get everything set up.

Think about all the time you’ll need to figure this out on your own.  You will not be working just 30 minutes a day, you will be working hours and hours which will go nowhere because you don’t even know what to search for.

Their “secret” method is not so secret after all as it’s the same old, same old from other scam products I’ve reviewed before.  Get traffic to a landing page, capture email, and spam them with more of these scam products.

For more traffic, build more “assets” from your one source of content.  So like this blog post, you can then create a YouTube video for it, or an infographic, etc.  However, they don’t show you HOW to do any of this.

They will show you to use free traffic sources via social media and who doesn’t know about that?  Is that secret too?  But oh, this is a slow method to making money so use paid traffic.  Always goes back to paid traffic.

Finally, to get more traffic and to make $5,000 a month, they will show you to clone their method again, by creating your own product to sell and have affiliates sell for you but they don’t show you how exactly to do this either.

Let’s keep going for your sake so you learn not to fall for this kind of B.S. on the internet!




Let’s take a look at the short Pro’s list and long Con’s list of Clone My Commissions:


  • It’s under $10
  • Not much time to go through (not really a pro!)



Clone My Commissions Upsells


  • It’s got massive upsells all over the place.  First there are 3 upsells while purchasing the product and then in the video training modules, there are affiliate links to more upsells.

Clone My Commissions Training 2


  • With that many upsells, this means the main $7.96 product will not work on its own to make you the $1,373/week they so claimed promptly on their sales page.  They are really out to squeeze money out of your wallet until you get are high and dry.
  • False promises on their sales page – any time there’s high income claims with very little to no work is a sure sign of a scam.

Clone My Commissions Training


  • Their training is not real training!  There is certainly no step by step instructions to show you how to set anything up in their mind maps.  Showing someone the elements of a business plan is great, but how do all those pieces work and how do you set them up?!  You’ll be on your own to figure all that out.
  • Done-For-You Templates – there is certainly nothing special about done-for-you templates and everyone who buys the upsells will get the same thing so how are you going to differentiate yourself or brand yourself?  You can’t and they don’t show you how to either.
  • Paid traffic is not for newbies and you will lose tons of money before knowing what hit you!  Especially because there’s no training for this.
  • No support!  You want support?  Pay for it in the upsell, otherwise, nothing.  Got questions?  Out of luck buddy.
  • Waste of time!  You need real training that will teach you from the get-go how to build a solid online business because it takes time to do so.  Your time is precious, please don’t waste it on products like this!



Could you really believe a product under $10 can give you such a massive secret into making money online?

The underlining reason why this product won’t work is because the training is super weak and you will not learn anything valuable from it.

You will not learn how to build anything and you’ll be stuck by yourself all frustrated not knowing what to do next.

Following a roadmap can be helpful, but if you don’t know what to do at each step of the way, how will get to the end of the road and reach your goals?

This may be of some value to someone with more experienced in the field and know how all the pieces work in their mind maps but for someone like you and me, nope, it ain’t going to work.

It would take them many hours more to build an actual step-by-step training platform to show you all of the working pieces… and would need to charge way more than $7.96 for a complete training product.

You get what you pay for in this case.




total scamYes, it certainly a scam because you cannot make $1,373/week with a $7.96 product.

You will need much more experience plus all the freaking upsells to make it work.  If you’re a newbie, all the upsells won’t even help you make much because you wouldn’t know what to do with them since they don’t show you how.

These guys show all these income proofs but they are really sales made from a force of affiliates selling on their behalf.

The images they show are Warrior Plus screenshots where they sell lots of crappy products like this one and people fall for these false claims.

Any product that promises fast money with little to no work is a sure sign of a scam.

There’s no secret in making money online, there’s no magic button to push, it’s a lot of hard work and commitment to bring people value before you can make any money.

Don’t fall for scams like this anymore and read on to find out where to get real in-depth step-by-step training to build your online business with!




Finally, I get to show you what real training looks like!

I’ve been training myself since Sep 2016 at this awesome platform where there’s a huge community of people to learn from and get help from as well.

This one place will provide you with everything you need to start your online business today:

  • gives you 2 free websites;
  • training on how to build these websites;
  • provides highly secured hosting for them;
  • provides domain registration if you want your own domain;
  • teaches you how to choose your website topic;
  • teaches you how to build out your website properly;
  • teaches you how to create great content for it;
  • offers you necessary tools you’ll need to succeed;
  • first 10 lessons for free (of 50 lessons) – Online Entrepreneur Certification course;
  • first 10 lessons for free (of 70 lessons) – Affiliate Bootcamp course;
  • offers a free Starter (free for as long as you want) membership – for those who want to try before they buy to see the value in their product first;
  • offers a paid Premium membership for those who want to get serious to keep learning and start make money faster!
  • and many more features!!

This awesome place is at Wealthy Affiliate and you can learn to build your own online business at your own pace with so much in-depth training to learn from.

If that’s not enough, they also have weekly live webinars to teach you more current topics and skills to further your businesses.

You will have tons of support from other members (both newbies and experts, and all in between) as well as access to the owners!!

You can learn all about Wealthy Affiliate in my full detailed review and even see a video tour of the platform before you join by clicking this button here:

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As I’m a Premium member, I will be there to also offer my personal help to you, so you will have much support in your whole online journey!

I hope you will see that a solid product will provide you with all the tools and training you’ll need to help you be successful without all the upsells.


If you have any questions regarding Clone My Commissions or Wealthy Affiliate, please leave me a comment below!  I always answer my readers. 🙂



Let’s make money online!

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  1. Hello, Glad I saw your post, this is not a good product. Liked the other one you showed instead. Thanks, Leah

  2. Thanks for your review of this product and glad I did some searches before getting my credit card out. I will save my money then. What can I learn at Wealthy Affiliate though?

  3. Amazing how people can make products like this. It’s good to have people like you to tell us the truth about these products. Sounds like I should check out Wealthy Affiliate… do they teach you how to make an online shop?



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