Earn Weekly FREE PayPal Money With 4 Online Transcription Jobs

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Earn Weekly FREE PayPal Money With 4 Online Transcription JobsDo you want to start earning money weekly online? 

I am going to show you how to earn weekly PayPal money with 4 different websites.

All the 4 websites that I am going to show you will be for transcribing. Showing you 4 different sites that are similar will give you more chances to earn this way online.

As approval processes and working opportunities might be different for each site so you can just apply to more than one to increase your chances.

Keep reading till the end of this article, because I am going to give you the number 1 method that I use to earn my PayPal money.

Read till the end to learn more about this as that is going to be more of a passive income stream.

So without further ado, let’s look at the 4 websites that you will pay you weekly through PayPal:





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Sign Up At Rev

Rev is a site, where you can sign on to do some transcribing and you can find their website at rev.com.

Transcribing is basically taking an audio or video file and you type out the words so you are transcribing the audio into text form.

This website is one of the more popular ones to sign up to, they have services for transcription and also captioners, if you know another language, you can do subtitles and earn even more. They have lots of opportunities on this website.

On the homepage, you will be able to see that businesses are paying around $1 per audio minute for transcription and captions and more than $1 per audio minute for subtitles.

Go to the bottom of the homepage and click on ‘Become A Freelancer’ and they will take you the signup page where you have to fill out your name, email, and the position you want to apply for.

It is also mentioned on the website that you get paid weekly and they are always on time and dependable.

For being a transcriptionist, you are required to:

  • Listen to the audio/video
  • Accurately type what is being said
  • Label speakers

You will be paid $0.36-$0.65 per audio or video minute.

For being a captioner, you are required to:

  • Watch the video
  • Accurately type what is being said
  • Convey the sounds
  • Sync typed audio with video

You will be paid about $0.45-$0.75 per audio or video minute.

Rev has also been featured on and talked about famous news sites such as Forbes, so you know it is a legit business.

On TrustPilot, which is a great review site, there Rev has 5 stars from a lot of reviewers, which is a great sign and you should definitely sign up for this website.



TranscribeMe! Is Also A Good Site

TranscribeMe is another website that pays you to type, their website is found at transcribeme.com.

When you go to their webpage, just scroll down below and look for ‘Become A Transcriptionist’ or on the top right corner, you will be able to see ‘Join As Transcriptionist’  when you click on that, they will take you to the signup page.

On the application form, you just have to give basic information such as languages that you know, etc.

There are a few main advantages of using TranscribeMe!:

  1. Not Time Consuming: They have really short interviews, it’s not like you only have to do long videos or audios.
  2. Find Work: You will not have to look for work, they will come to you.
  3. Flexibility: You will get to work whenever you want and make your own schedule. Also, work as much or as little as you like. There is no maximum or minimum working hour requirement.
  4. Worldwide: You can signup for anywhere around the world.
  5. Skills: The only skill that you are going to need to work from them in English and a decent typing speed.
  6. Experience: You do not need any prior experience to work for them.

You just need google chrome and a reliable computer to start transcribing with them and a stable internet connection.





This is great for both part-time or full-time work.

You are going to get paid $15-$22 per audio hour and this will go up as the level of transcription gets harder or when you get better at it, you will have the opportunity to earn more.

You get paid with PayPal every week.

On Trustpilot, TranscribeMe! has around 100 reviews and more than 80% has given it 5 stars and has rated the website excellent, which is really good, which means that the site is actually reliable.



Go Check Out GoTranscript

The third site that I am going to show you is GoTranscript and their website is found at gotranscript.com.

Again, you have to scroll down and look for ‘Work’, click on that and you will be taken to a page, where they go into detail on how you can work for them.

They also have a video on that page which I recommend you watch to learn more about GoTranscript.

You are paid around $0.60 per audio minute and on average you can earn about $150 per month from this site. The top monthly earning on this site was $1215.

To earn like a top earner, you would probably have to transcribe a lot and every day. It will just really depend on how many sites you can spend on this site.

This is a reliable site as well, you get paid weekly through PayPal.

On Trustpilot, this website has more than 300 reviews but the reviews are not as good as the other two sites I already showed you, but it is still really good, 4 stars out of 5 overall.



Scribie Is Another Option

The last one I want to introduce is Scribie, this one also pays you for transcribing just like the last three, and you can find their website at scribie.com.

When you scroll down below on their webpage, they have the basics written clearly for joining Scribie as a transcriber.

All you have to do is:

  • Fill Out The Application
  • Take The Online Test
  • Earn Per Audio Hour

Click on ‘Apply Now’ to start this process.





Most of these sites will have a test that you have to take as that is how they are going to rate you to see if you can type properly and check your accuracy. To see what level you are at and to assign you a rate.



How I Earn My Passive Online Income Stream

The only problem with these kinds of sites is that you may not get the number of jobs that you want and it is not passive income.

What I do, as I wrote in the beginning is that you can make this type of money online by transcribing, but I like to do work that allows me to earn passively.

This means that the work that I do allows me to earn over and over again from it.

How do I do that?

Is by using a business model and a training platform that taught me the online skills that are needed to earn a passive online income stream.

It is time-consuming, you need determination and a lot of hard work but I have loved every minute of it and it is completely worth it!

If I can do this, you can surely do it too!

I earn anytime, doing whatever I want, whether I am spending time with my family or on vacation, this is a great option and you should definitely try it out!

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This is what I do online and what makes me a full-time online income every single month and you can learn from the exact training I used and still use today.


If you have any questions or thoughts regarding earning weekly PayPal money with 4 different websites or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now




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