Get Paid As A YouTuber Without Showing Your Face

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In this article, I’m going to show you how to get paid as a YouTuber without showing your face. 

I’m also going to show you five different types of channels that are actually like this so you can see examples of how it can be like.

I’m also going to dive into how to start building one of these little videos so that it can be easier for you to start a YouTube channel without showing your face. 

If you read till the end you will be able to see what I use to run my online business and that will also give you some tips on how to earn money online.

So without further ado, let’s get into it: 





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5 Different Types Of YouTube Channel You Can Make

#1) Tutorial YouTube Channels (screen sharing software): 

The first one I want to talk about is tutorial YouTube channels. 

There are tons of tutorial YouTube channels where you are actually showing somebody how to do something on the screen.

For this, you need a screen recording software, so you can show what you are doing on your screen to guide your audience. 

The one that I use is called Screencast-O-Matic and this is the link for you to access that.



screencast o matic website screenshot



My channel is actually a tutorial channel where you are basically learning how to make money online. 

I show you different aspects of how to make money right.  

So I actually don’t need to show my face, I only need to show you where things are on my screen.

My channel is definitely one type of example where you really just need to use the screencast software to record your screen. 

Screencast-O-Matic is free but if you want more editing functionalities you need to go pro it’s very cheap, the software is $15 a year.

There is another software that you can use called OBS Studio, this is also free software.  

You just download it for free and you can use it on Windows and MacBook.

I personally use Screen-O-Matic because I find it easier to use.


#2) Compilation YouTube Channel:

The next one is compilation videos, this is when you pile up and add different videos that are alike together in one video. 

Some compilation videos are kind of like TikTok compilation videos on YouTube and they have a crazy amount of views. 

TikTok videos are allowed to be downloaded from the app so you can earn money if you can run ads to these. 

Most TikTok videos have music on them so usually, if you don’t own the music, the pay goes back to the artist that owns the music.

There’s a bunch of other types of compilation channels as well, it doesn’t have to be Tik-Tok only. 

It could be the best of something compilations or fail compilations, etc. 

There are also creative videos which means that you could download these and reuse these if you want and you’ll be okay without getting into any trouble or anything like that.

Some of the viral contents actually get thousands to millions of views but you have to keep in mind that no new channel will get that many views, in the beginning, you just have to grow into it.


#3) Background Music Channels:

Another type you can do is a channel that makes videos of just background music.

They basically can concentrate on various different things, such as music that helps you to focus, music that helps you to sleep, music that helps you to exercise, or anything else like that. 

You can find free music on YouTube, there’s also free music you can search online, there’s a lot of free music there as well.

You need to look for copyright-free music and royalty-free music. 

Then you need to search for a video to mp3 converter to just get the music and then put it up on your YouTube videos. 

There’s a lot of sites that you can use to convert music, just search on Google and you can use any one of them.


#4) Motivational Meditation Channel:

The next one is motivational meditation channels that have music with words on a screen.

Motivational or meditation channels are very popular as well and they get a ton of views so you can just search for positive affirmations.


#5) Pet Channel: 

The fifth one is a pet channel, this one is a great option because people love pets. 

People love searching for puppies and they love looking at puppies. 

You may not always be able to find videos for pets but there are free video sites where you could get some pet videos. 

You can teach people how to train puppies and give some animations of dogs in the video, you can also provide them information about puppies.

There are a lot of sights where you can find pictures of pets without any kind of charge. and are some examples of these kinds of sites where you can find both freight images and free videos, so you can get footage from these sites to make your video.



pexels homepage screenshot



How To Make A YouTube Video Without Showing Your Face

Publishing a video on YouTube is quite simple, I’m going to give you a quick summary of how to do it.

For example, if you want to make an affirmation type of video without showing your face, all you have to do is go to your YouTube Studio.

You could find a sound that you want and you could use the sounds in the YouTube live audio library. 

Go to the audio library on the left side and search for the kind of music you want.



YouTube Studio - Live Audio Library



Such as for an affirmation video you could search for calm music with an ambient sound and select the longest one.

This could be a good choice as for an affirmation video, you would just want a calming background music that is soothing to the ears.

Then you have to download the audio track on the computer.

Once you are done with the audio, you need footage for your video.

You can select footage that goes well with the sound, i.e. for an affirmation video you can select footage of stars and the sky.

Like I mentioned before, you could use and to find both freight images and free videos, so you can get footage from these sites to make your video.

Then you can go to a movie creator, for a MacBook, you could use iMovies.

You’re going to import those elements that you downloaded on your movie creator.

After that, all you have to do is put them together in a new video.

Make sure to check and put the speed and transitions of the elements as you like it.

See how it looks and review it properly to make sure it’s ready and going with the theme of your video. 

You can also do voice-overs if you want and you still won’t have to show your face.

Once you are completely done making your video all you have to do is export the video on your computer and then you just upload it to YouTube.

Check out my YouTube video on top to see me make a YouTube video without showing my face and get a more clear idea of the steps I included above and hopefully, you can do it without a hitch.



How To Get Paid As A YouTuber

After you’ve uploaded your videos without showing your face, how are you gonna actually make money with it? 

If you do it properly with copyright free music then you could use Google ads.

I would like to mention if you are doing videos such as meditation or affirmation video I highly do not suggest you put ads in between the video just maybe in the beginning and at the end.

As people are trying to listen to your whole video without interruption. 

You need 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours before you’re qualified to apply for the partner program with YouTube to get ads on your videos. 

The other option is using affiliate marketing. 

For this you can go to Clickbank found at, they have types of meditation products in there or spirituality type of product. 

You can promote these products in your video description. 

You can promote meditation books from Amazon and a lot of different types of products related to your videos.

Another option is an online shop so you can actually sell merchandise like the print on demand type shops

You could start learning about print-on-demand shops and how much easier they are to do and more fun to use than the traditional online shop.

It’s going to be much easier for you to get up and running doing that kind of thing.

You could also do your own physical product or your own online course.

These are just some of the ways that you can actually get paid from your YouTube channel

You can actually earn from sponsors as well depending on the type of channel you have. 

You can get subscribers to pay you via sites like Patreon so there are many different types of monetization you can use for your YouTube channel. 

I hope these are some ideas that you are gonna be comfortable with.



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