Income League Review: A Scam Or Easily Bank $1K+ Per Day?

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Is Income League a scamChecking out Income League and wondering if you could really make $1,000+ a day or is Income League a scam system waiting to take your money?

A lot of products in the making money online space talk about fast money but could this really deliver and make you the same?

My review below will show you how this really works, what’s involved and why this system may not seem as great as you think.

You could certainly make money online with this product though but making $1,000 per day is a far stretch for anyone just coming into this space.

My review will be detailed out in the following sections:



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Income League logo


Program Name: Income League


Price: $47 + upsells

Owner: Matthew Neer & Jamie Lewis

Recommended? No

Income League starts off with two gurus talking about how Matthew was able to make a thousand dollars a day from just posting tiny little ads and then making money with those ads.

He makes it seem very easy to be able to just post some ads online whenever he wants more money and just watch your commissions go up.


Income League sales video


He says he only works one to two hours a day on this business and makes that kind of money.

When it’s all said and done, this system could make you some money but it’s not going to reach the $1,000 a day that he says.

Matthew Neer has been a product creator in this space for a long time and he has hundreds, maybe thousands, of affiliates selling for him.

The results he shows in the Income League sales video could be generated by these affiliates on his previous products or generating sales through his current network/email list that you don’t have as a newbie.

All these need to be taken into account when analyzing such a product to try.

Most Clickbank products these days are not what they seem and are very low quality, as I have shown in these other reviews I’ve done:




How Income League really works is nothing new or earth shattering here, it’s a system that most internet gurus of this type will teach.

This system consists of building an email list through an initial opt-in landing page where you’ll start collecting emails, then right after that, the lead is sent to the first product that you’ll be making money from if your lead buys.

If your lead doesn’t buy at that point, then you will use his or her email to send them a series emails to try to have them buy in through your email series instead.

From what Matthew is saying, you will post ads or it could be just a message on a social media platform for people to check out the system that could make them money and you’ll include your affiliate link in that ad or message.

When someone clicks on your affiliate link go check it out, you do not get paid at this point, but you will only earn a commission if that person buys the product.

This is the affiliate marketing business model, a legitimate one, and one I know well as I also use this to monetize my website here to make money online daily.

But what Matthew is selling you and what I do is quite different even though we are using the same business model which I’ll go into in a sec.

His system will make you money, but it all depends on whether you want to make your money this way.

From what I see, this email list building system that Income League is offering you is a way to promote products but it’s not a way to build trust or any relationships with your audience and this is the main difference between what I do and Income League offers.


Disadvantage of Income League

With a system like Income League, your audience will not get to know you.

You will be posting these little ads online that say a spiel like “make $100/day with this method” or some attention grabbing headline that may or may not be true (this is the part I don’t like, misleading people), then write a little spiel about what you’re promoting.

Systems like this never teaches you which products are good and which are not to promote, they will just tell you what “converts” the most according to them.

What converts the most may not be the best product to recommend to people because the product could be absolute garbage.

I’m speaking from experience and I have reviewed many internet marketing products that are listed on Clickbank, the platform Income League wants you to use, and majority of them are really bad products that never live up to their misleading sales videos.

I would never build a list to promote Clickbank products to others because they are just not quality products and some are just generic info you get on the back end after you buy.

The major disadvantage of such a system that is you can’t built trust with your audience if you just have an email list.

You need an internet home that people could go to, see you as an authority in such a space to recommend such products, and that you have an online presence.

Just having an email list, your audience has nowhere to find you or get to know who you are.  People these days are more wise online and won’t be just clicking on anyone’s links on forums or social media.

In fact, you may get banned from such platforms if you spam too much on there.


Done For You Systems

Here’s another disadvantage of Income League, you’re going to be using all this done for you templates and such from their system but that only means you’re not going to be owning anything.

When you’re not owning anything, you will be at their mercy and if they go away one day, so will your entire business and lose all the work you’ve ever built with it.

You may think they will last for a long time, but I have seen systems come and go in a matter of months, that’s why I have to write so many reviews, new ones pop up all the time!

With what I do, I own everything and no one takes that away from me.

I have built an asset that’s mine and no one else’s so it doesn’t matter to me whether this system goes down or anything else.


Getting Traffic (Visitors) To Such A System

Without traffic to any system you use, you won’t be making any money online or offline so if you have no online presence, how do people find you?

They can’t, they won’t be able to search you out, they won’t be able to find you unless you place those ads as taught in Income League.

Income League claims that you will use free ads for this but free ads will only get you so far with this type of system, you will certainly not earn anywhere close to $500 a day with free ads, much less $1K a day.

Then of course, there’s a section in Income League that talks about buying ads and using other people’s email lists.

Which are all legit methods to use to get traffic, but do you see the pattern you’re being taught at Income League?

You’re always chasing the money.

You’re always going out there to get people to see your ads, you’re always the one going out there to promote.

I don’t have to chase the money, the money comes to me.

My online business generates over 1,800 visitors a day on its own for free, and they all come to me just like the way you landed on this post today, I don’t pay for anything ads, or post any ads to get you here.




Thumbs DownNo, I do not consider Income League a scam, it is a legitimate system that will work to a certain level, but you will need a bigger online presence if you really want to do this making money online thing long term.

Income League will not only charge you $47, you will be hit with a few upsells as well in the hundreds of dollars so if you think you could use this system without these upsells, think again.

At the same time, that’s the problem with these systems, instead of teaching you how to build these landing pages, they make you buy theirs for hundreds.

Do you want to learn how to fish, or just keep buying fish from the market?

That’s not all the costs to this system as well, you will also have to buy an email auto-responder, tracking software, and a budget if you want to use paid ads.

So as you start out with $47, you may come out of this several hundreds deep before you even get started then you may have to spend a lot more on paid advertising if the free ads don’t work too well.

From everything I have referenced above, I have to conclude that I do not recommend Income League.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Income League is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now


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