Is The Freedom Shortcut A Scam Or A Quick $20K/Mo? BE CAREFUL!

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Is The Freedom Shortcut a scamSure sounds exciting to be able to make $20K – $50K a month in 5 days like The Freedom Shortcut sales video says but could this be for real or is The Freedom Shortcut a scam system to avoid?

Luckily you’re here today because I have a lot to tell you that the sales video did not cover and for good reason for them.

There are things about this system that you have no idea what you’ll be getting yourself into because they don’t want to tell you til you get your foot in the door.

But by then, it could be too late.

My review of The Freedom Shortcut is detailed out in the following sections:



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The Freedom Shortcut name


Program Name: The Freedom Shortcut


Price: $49 + $1,000’s – $10,000’s upsells (YUP!)

Recommended? No

The Freedom Shortcut is definitely not what it seems and the only thing they tell you about is Jeff Lerner which is good enough for me I guess, I mean, some don’t even do that and say this is the actual system.

The Freedom Shortcut is not a system in itself but a sales funnel to Jeff Lerner’s 6 Steps to Freedom system where you’ll be getting yourself into a high ticket program.


The Freedom Shortcut sales video


When you pay your $49, that’s just the beginning of your spendings which doesn’t get you much.

You’ll get to maybe start some training but it’s one of those systems where you’ll have to stop and talk to a coach so they can upsell you into buying thousands of dollars of products.

What, you didn’t know that’s how they will make their thousands of dollars?

And that’s also how YOU’ll be making thousands of dollars, by making others also pay thousands of dollars.

At least TWO times in the The Freedom Shortcut sales video, it said that you don’t need time and money for this system.

The Freedom Shortcut lies not needing money for this system


Talk about unethical, misleading information.

First of all, there are no shortcuts to making money online.  This “shortcut” B.S. is just that, B.S. to make you buy now, buy today.

They had already come out with a different site a few months ago named Payday Shortcut with a similar video, especially the beginning is pretty much the same opening.

Making you feel like you have some shortcut to riches and a new life with no money worries.

This is all a hoax to make you fall for a high ticket system that is really not legit in the Federal Trade Commissions’ eyes as they have shut down two big players in this space earlier this year: MOBE & Digital Altitude.

I haven’t seen Jeff Lerner’s system being promoted in the past few months for this very reason and they think they can continue now?

Writing is on the wall guys, tread carefully if you still want to join this system.




Basically, The Freedom Shortcut is a sales funnel that you’ll have access to as well when you join Jeff Lerner’s 6 Steps to Freedom.

Once you join for $49, then you’ll go through some training on how to make money online but then you’ll need to talk to a “coach” who is really just a sales rep that will convince you to buy their upsells.

What are these upsells?

They are basically the high ticket products you’ll be selling to others but in order for you to be able to sell to others, you need to BUY them first as they call this a “licensing” or “reselling” fee.

The high ticket products are just digital marketing info that’s hardly worth the 4 to 5 figures you’ll be paying for them.

But, that’s how the system works: you buy-in and pay thousands of dollars so you have the privilege of earning thousands of dollars in high commissions.

In these high ticket systems, there are usually several packages available for you to pick from and they start off in the 4 figures then all the way up to 5 figures.

Whatever you buy is what you can earn at.

Then, you will use the same misleading, unethical marketing materials to also trick others into joining such system.

When they also buy in to those high ticket packages, then you make a big commission.


Way Harder Than It Sounds

So far the system sounds great even though you have to shell out massive amount of cash to even get started.

But the hard part is coming, you get to do the hardest part of the system, recruiting massive amount of people so you could find the small percentage of people who could also be crazy enough to join you to and pay these massive fees.

In order to recruit massively, you’ll need a huge advertising budget as you’ll have to use paid traffic to get anyone to see your one-page template site.

Without anyone seeing it, you’ll have no leads, no leads, no commissions.


Problem With Done For You Systems

The biggest problem with done-for-you systems like this is if they ever go away, your entire investment is gone.

And, yes, they do go away.  Just look at the comment thread under the shut down of MOBE post, members are left with nothing but a big black hole, losing thousands of dollars with no clue if any of it will be recovered.

Done for you systems are horrible because you don’t learn anything, you don’t own anything, and they can take it away from you with no recourse.

All your time and money invested will be gone one morning if this Jeff Lerner system gets shut down too by the FTC.




Thumbs DownI bet many people would consider this Freedom Shortcut a scam because it’s highly misleading and tells you that you don’t need money for this.

While that’s totally a lie, they lie about other things as well in that sales video like there’s a limit on how many people they take.

There’s no limit in the amount of $49 they will take.  Plus, like they say, each lead is worth $500 – $1,000 a month to them so why would they turn you away if you’re going to be someone that will potentially earn them more money?


The Freedom Shortcut how much they make from one customer


All these misleading sales tactics just to get you to buy at $49, a low price, so they could get you in the door and then the sales calls begin to get you to upsell, upsell, upsell.

These high ticket systems are all very much the same, recruiting for the sake of recruiting, passing money from one to another.. which is a system that could only collapse with time.

I have to conclude that I do not recommend The Freedom Shortcut or Jeff Lerner’s 6 Steps to Freedom.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether The Freedom Shortcut is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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