“Get This Plan” Scam: There is No Secret Vatican Investment!

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Get This Plan is a scamWatch out for this new scam called Get This Plan (getthisplan.com) which lies about a secret Vatican Investment that pays out checks to anyone who wants it.

To gain access to this gold mine, you don’t need anything special, you could be any age, live anywhere and you don’t even have to be a Christain.

But this whole thing is a sham, my review of Get This Plan below will show what this really is, how this scam reels you in, and why you’re not going to be receiving any damn checks any time soon.

The person behind this scam (not necessarily named Teo Vee) has been making a lot of these scams lately and they are being heavily promoted as well.

Let’s not waste anymore time and take a look at the following sections:



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Program Name: Get This Plan

Website: getthisplan.com

Price: $97 + $1,000’s Upsells

Owner: Teo Vee

Recommended? No

This is quite the story this guy thought up to make up this scam for Get This Plan.

Get This Plan’s sales video talks about some Vatican bank that’s bringing in boatloads of cash everyday because of a newly developed “commerce-club” that makes regular deposits into your bank account all on autopilot (of course).


Get This Plan Sales Video


He goes from that to how everyone is buying things online these days and all that money is going to this pool of money that the Vatican uses to payout checks to people everyday.

Teo Vee goes on to say how people are getting paid $100 a day, to $200 a day to thousands a day and beyond.

All you need is a computer, internet connection and following a little instruction.

He even shows you how he was able to buy a brand new BMW with $5K in a couple of weeks and a few months later his checks grew to $20K a month?!

No idea why or how these checks would grow for him, so the Vatican just increases the pay for everyone?

How is he even “growing” his checks if he’s doing nothing to earn it and all he did was get his name on this list?!

This whole thing doesn’t even make sense!

Why would the Vatican have training steps for you to follow when you’re just supposed to collect checks without doing anything but getting your name on a list.

I hope you were also questioning all this while you watched it too because none of this makes sense and that’s because this is all made up.

This guy has been making these fake sites for awhile now to promote his underlying system My Ecom Club and the way he’s doing this is highly misleading and unethical.

This Get This Plan is his 5th fake site, he’s got that and these others all misleading people to My Ecom Club:


At first, I thought this Teo Vee guy is an internet marketing guru who came up with his real product My Ecom Club and want to help others make money online but now I’m starting to think otherwise.

This is also evidence by the comments in the My Ecom Club post where people are telling me they don’t deliver after putting $2K in and how expensive it is to do anything.




Get This Plan doesn’t work because this is all made up and there is no Vatican with a secret bank of cash just waiting for you to deposit into your own bank.

This is all to scam you into his own product, My Ecom Club, where he’ll charge you for $1,997 for a done-for-you package where he will build you an ecommerce Shopify store using drop shipping.

That $2K package is supposed to set up your shop in the hottest niche of your choice and you’ll be charged even more like a $97/month charge for maintaining it, etc.

The worse thing about this whole set up is that you’re going to be constantly tied to this guy who doesn’t really deliver once he has your money (so I’m told on my review post as I mentioned above).

If you want to make a change, you’ll have to go through him because you have no idea about it, this is a huge problem with having someone do it for you.

It’s really NOT that hard to learn yourself and giving someone like Teo Vee to control your whole online business is quite scary and he could hold you hostage if you don’t pay.

Since this Teo Vee is just churning out scams like Get This Plan, I really don’t have much faith in him helping you build a real e-commerce business but to help himself get more money.

That’s the only reason why he’s churning out these scams so often in the last couple of months, they are working and his cashing in, unfortunately.


Fake Testimonies

He’s been using the same fake testimonies for so many of his sales videos for all the fake sites.

You see here are the ones in Get This Plan:


Get This Plan Fake Testimony


Get This Plan Fake Testimony 2


And then here they are in all the other fake sites:

Money Miracle Fake Testimonies


I’m sure he is not done and will continue making more of these and using these same testimonies again.

Usually creators of these fake sites just hire actors from freelancing sites like fiverr.com to make these fake testimonies so they are just not to be trusted.


The Reality Of Making Money Online

There is no system out there that could make you that kind of money in that short of time.

Also, there are no systems that run on autopilot, you could automate some processes, sure, but there is always work to be done if you want to make money online.

Just because it’s the internet, it doesn’t mean you could make money that much faster.

Even if you go the “fast” route of using paid advertising, you’ll still have lots to learn to achieve high converting, optimized campaigns while having to spend thousands of dollars to test, and test, and retest.

The methods that you could use to make money online are also not that easy to learn on your own, the ones that will earn you a full time income anyway.

Those methods are not to be dabbled in but learned in a comprehensive way so you can fully utilize how to make money with it properly.

Without proper education within the online space, it will be very hard for someone to figure this out on their own.

If you’re interested in learning in a safe environment with training that takes you by the hand, step by step, then continue reading below.




Thumbs DownYes, Get This Plan is a big scam, in my opinion, because you’re not buying this system about the Vatican.  This whole Vatican story is fabricated and made up.

You’re blindly led to buy his other product My Ecom Club which has nothing to do with what you were sold on.

Teo Vee has also been connected with other scams previously as well and so he is really not to be trusted.

From what I see and learned from his real customers, he’s only interested in making money for himself and not really helping anyone by charging people thousands of dollars and don’t deliver.

All he does is overhype things up and make you think you could make 4 – 5 figures in a matter of days or weeks when the reality takes people months to hit 4 figures and some taking 3 – 5 years to hit 5 figures a month.

If you buy anything in connection with this guy, you’re not going to get a lot of value, that you can count on, so don’t say I didn’t warn you if you still want to go for this.

I have to conclude that I do not recommend Get This Plan or My Ecom Club.




I don’t know about you but I can’t be misleading people to make a buck so I chose to use a business model to help others instead.

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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Get This Plan is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



6 thoughts on ““Get This Plan” Scam: There is No Secret Vatican Investment!”

  1. I’m in awe at the extent people go to scam others. Thank goodness we have reviews like yours to warn us. Thank you, you’re doing a great thing here!

    • Hi Linda, you’re very welcome and thanks for stopping by with your kind comment. Check out my guide instead which shows you a real method that I’ve personally used myself to make a monthly 4 digit online income!

      I could be your coach too to guide, check my guide to find out how!

    • Hi Peter, Thank you, glad it could help you. I’m not sure how either but my job is to help others find legitimate ways to make money online and this is certainly not one of them. Check out my guide instead for a real training platform that taught me how to build an online business from scratch which I enjoy a passive 4 digit online income from every month!

      Best of luck to you!

    • Hello David, I totally agree with you. They will remain hidden until the FTC gets a hold of these scammers and expose them. If they can bring down MOBE & Digital Altitude, they could bring down these scammers too. They cannot be misleading and deceiving people like they are for long.

      Good luck to you!


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