Is 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle A Scam Or Earn $10M/Year?

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Is 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle A Scam or Can I Earn $10M a Year?Did someone contact you to join 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle but you’re asking is 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle a scam?  I’m glad you asked that question and my review will answer it for you!

When a program hype up earnings in a very short time like:

How a 72-year-old makes $10k in her first 30 days with NO marketing skills.

You gotta wonder if this is for real or not.  I often never take programs who talk like this seriously because any program you join, there’s a learning curve and there is time you need to learn the ropes.

I don’t believe for a second that a 72 year old can make $10K in her first 30 days, there’s no way.

With programs like 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle, you need to be an expert in the field who’s really good at recruiting leads with already a huge email list or know how the PPC world works to be able to make that kind of money that quickly.

I will show you below why this is not a program for your average Joe or any beginner who’s just starting to try to make money online.

My 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle review will go through the following:



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8 Figure Dream Lifestyle Logo


Program Name: 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle


Price: $2,000 – $22,000 + Other Fees

Recommended? No

The 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle program is a MLM system that sells you high ticket packages so you can sell those same high ticket packages to other people.

This is how you can make those very high commissions that they brag about.

There are many websites like Partner With Coach Anne, the one I got on, that funnels you to this high ticket program, 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle.

However, websites like Partner with Coach Anne don’t tell you that’s where you’ll be going.  It just talks about making a lot of money in a very short time and how you can achieve “Freedom in 28 Days!”.

Why do they always have to cover up these high ticket programs?

Other sites like Aspire Today and Laptop Lifestyle System does the same thing, they both funnel to other high ticket programs and nobody tells you the truth beforehand so you can’t make an educated decision before you join.

I think this way of doing business is first of all highly unethical and down right deceitful.

Secondly, this way of doing business is just not right to not tell people what the details of the program are especially the costs involved, it’s like they just want to con you in.

Thirdly, they take advantage of new people looking to make money online who don’t know better.  This is the worse, like preying on a baby.

Why 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle and other high ticket program promote their business this way is because if you actually knew what the program entails and how much it costs, they wouldn’t have a chance to bring ANY people in.

It would scare you away immediately.

So here I am, trying to reveal the truth to you so you can make a better decision before you join and decide if this 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle is really for you.




Let’s take a look at the real program here 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle and how it really works.



You are joining this program to basically sell high ticket digital packages that is training on topics like marketing strategies, self esteem, mindset, and some marketing tools.

The packages are not cheap and run in the thousands:

  • Basic Package – $2,000 + License Cost: $195
  • Builder Package – $3,500 + License Cost: $295
  • Advanced Package – $6,500 + License Cost: $395
  • Pro Package – $12,500 + License Cost: $445
  • VIP Package – $22,000 + License Cost: $495

Are the packages worth what you pay for?  Probably not, you can get the same info for much less or even free if you look research enough on the internet.

The point of these packages aren’t really for the material that comes with it, the point is to make massive commissions.

So let’s take a look how at how you can make money with this.



The 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle compensation plan is based on recruitment and you make money from getting other people to buy these high ticket packages.

BUT first, you must buy them yourself.

You must pay the cost of the package plus the licensing fee attached to that package for the level of commissions you want to make.

All the packages come with 100% commission rate so that is why there’s a licensing fee so the owners behind 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle can make money too.

So you can make money in a variety of ways:

  • Directly – you make sales directly yourself selling any of the packages, except for your first sale.
  • Qualifying Sales – if your recruit sells a package, you will get their first sale’s commissions which also means your first sale will also go to your sponsor, anything after that you get the commissions.
  • Roll Up – if your recruit sells a VIP package of $22K but he’s only bought the Basic package, he will only earn $2,000 and the rest of the $20K commissions will roll up to you if you are at the VIP level.
  • Upgrades – if your recruit upgrades to a higher package, you will continue to earn from your recruits as they upgrade.

If you buy at the highest level, you will be able to earn from all levels underneath it.

Still, $22K is not chump change.



I’m not sure, it depends how much money you’ve put into it.

At the Basic level, you may be able to make back the $2,195 after 2 sales (1st sales goes to your sponsor, 2nd sale you almost break even as you’re still out $195), but it would take a 3rd sale to actually make a profit.

Is it easy to get 3  people to put in $2,195?  Maybe you know a lot of rich people who will join too.

But what happens after that?  Who will you get to join?

What if you go all in and spend over $22K?  How many people would you need to recruit to get that money back and then to profit from?

Who else will be crazy enough to pay that kind of money to you?

What will you tell them that you’re selling?  Because you’re basically just passing money around from one person to another and not really selling anything worth the dollars people need to spend.

It would be very hard to convince people to join a nothing club.

The recruiting part will be the hardest part of this business and if you’re not good at sales, getting leads, PPC, online advertising, then you’ll soon run out of people to recruit.

This is a highly risky way of making money online and I’d doubt 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle teaches you how to gain leads using a method that brings people to you without you promoting.

You’ll be spending money on ads that won’t convert and spamming the internet on free platforms like social media which will get you banned pretty quickly if you want to do that.

Once the recruiting dries out, so will the money and this whole system.  Usually the people at the top are the ones making the most money, not the newly recruited.

None of these high ticket programs have a success rate worth noting and most people fail from getting themselves into too much debt.

NEWS FLASH: Two other systems very similar like this have been shut down by the FTC in 2018, see Digital Altitude and MOBE.




Because there is no other products for sale to the general public, I’d have to say this 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle is a scam because the whole system is about recruiting people and doesn’t provide any value to people that join.

You are just getting people to come join a club that passes money to one another and that’s not a real way of making money.

I feel this way is highly unethical as well as a nonsense business and it’s a very high risk way for any beginner to get into making money online this way.

You’re better off learning the proper way of building an online business that actually provides substance and value to others.  If you’re interested, keep reading.

Otherwise, I highly do NOT recommend 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle to anyone new to the making money online field and I hope you make the right decision for yourself.




If you’re just starting out to make money online, there is a much safer and better way to do it.

The way I learned how to make money online is a method that brings people to you by providing value to others and helping others in a topic you love and are passionate about.

You won’t have to be forced to do the same thing everyone else is doing and you can pick the topic you’d want to work on.

Then you will learn how to use that topic to help others and they will be coming to you instead of having to spend any money to promote your business.

If you want to learn what I’ve been using since Sept 2016, you can get all the details and explanation in my free guide here:

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Will you get rich tomorrow or in your first 30 days or even the first few months?  No.  There is no such thing as quick riches on the internet.

Everything takes time, you need to learn, you need to build, the internet is vast and full of opportunities but it’s not magical.

If you can put in the work effort it takes to build such an online business like I have, you can be building an asset that can pay your bills for many years to come.

Stop being tempting by get rich quick schemes and risky high ticket programs, use your work effort and time towards something of real value.



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now


2 thoughts on “Is 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle A Scam Or Earn $10M/Year?”

  1. Hi Grace,

    I’m not affiliated, or a member of 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle, but I just wanted to let you know after someone trying to recruit me into this program I watched the presentation and did some research. As with most programs like this, if you buy in at the most expensive level, $22,000, you are able to earn at that level, also you earn on all the lower package. You do not have to buy each individual package as you stated in your review to earn on sales of the lower packages. The way they get leads is by paying for a telephone leads service & phone number that automatically calls leads for you. I do agree that this is not a good program for most. If you are a retiree with lots of money to spare, and you don’t know anything about building an online biz, than this may be for that type of person. But, there aren’t many people like that with $22000 + license fee + $$$ for telephone leads service + $$$ for everything else. Not a good program I agree, just wanted to clarify that part about buying in at each level. Thanks


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