Is Get Weekly Paychecks A Scam Or Easy $2K A Week?! Truth Comes Out!

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Is Get Weekly Paychecks A ScamLooking to see the Get Weekly Paychecks system can make you $500 – $2,000 a week or is Get Weekly Paychecks a scam out to steal your money?

My review will show you what this is really about and show you what you’ll be getting yourself into.

There are many of these systems/programs out there that promise the world but hardly delivers on any of their promise so is Get Weekly Paychecks going to be different?

My Get Weekly Paychecks review will sure won’t disappoint like most products I review.

Check out the following sections to see what this is all about:



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Get Weekly Paychecks Logo


Program Name: Get Weekly Paychecks


Price: $45 Monthly Fees + $40 one time fee

Recommended? No

The Get Weekly Paychecks sales video sure makes it sound easy to make thousands of dollars a week by using their system to promote one thing.

That one thing that you’re going to be using to make money is MCA – Motor Club of America which is a 24/7 road side assistance service that you anyone can sign up for in the USA and Canada.


Get Weekly Paychecks Sales Video


Get Weekly Paychecks thinks that their system will get you more sign ups to MCA then if you did promotions on your own.

That’s right, you don’t really need Get Weekly Paychecks to join the MCA referral program but Get Weekly Paychecks thinks their sales funnel will be better for you to use to recruit more people into the program.

But Get Weekly Paychecks will be charging you a fee while there’s another system that does the same thing but they don’t charge you a fee which is Wifi Wealth Systema system I didn’t recommend back then and probably will be the same with this Get Weekly Paychecks.

This Get Weekly Paychecks sales funnel into MCA makes it easier for you to promote MCA because you can use their sales video, the one that got you here in the first place, to do the same thing and promote MCA with it.

However, everyone else that joins will also be using the same sales funnel so what make will make you stand out from all the other members?

There are certainly many ways to make money online but why limit yourself to just promoting one thing?  Also do you care much about selling or promoting a towing service in the first place?

I find Get Weekly Paychecks very limited to what you can earn because you’re just promoting one thing, unlike my online business that allows me to promote whatever I want so I can have way more than one stream of income.




I’ve been making money since 2012 and I can tell you that just copying and pasting ads in social media platforms aren’t going to make you much money.

In fact, you can lose a lot of money using paid advertising and I’m sure that’s what they’re going to train you to do.


Get Weekly Paychecks 3 steps


They told you there’s only 3 simple steps to promoting when using their Get Weekly Paychecks system:

Step 1 – you will copy the ad campaigns that they have created for you.

Step 2 – paste the ad to the social media platform you want to advertise on.

Step 3 – sit back and collect $90 for every MCA membership you sell with your Get Weekly Paychecks sales funnel.

If only it was that easy.

You will hardly see $500 – $2K a week doing that, especially if you’re not advertising on there and just using free social media traffic.

While you can make some money selling MCA memberships this way, you’re not going to be selling that much because let’s face it, how many people are signing up for roadside assistance these days?

Many people already have this feature bundled with their car insurance so getting roadside assistance separately is just an extra cost that nobody needs.

Get Weekly Paychecks sales video makes it sound like everyone wants a MCA membership but I sure don’t want or need one.


Limitations of This Get Weekly Paychecks System

1) One Product Only

With Get Weekly Paychecks, you’re only going to be selling ONE thing, wouldn’t you get bored of trying to convince people to buy a MCA membership?

What would motivate one to buy one of these memberships?  Not much.

What if you want to promote something else?  Other car products or other car accessories, you can’t.

You’re just stuck with promoting MCA membership, that’s it.


2) USA & Canada Only

The greatest thing about being online is the fact that you can make money globally so having a product that you can only target USA & Canada is very limiting.

I get business from all over the world and that’s also how I can make money in my sleep.

I love waking up to see how much money I’ve made and it’s all because I get people from Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, etc visiting my online business everyday while I sleep in the USA.

With Get Weekly Paychecks, you’re only going earn from two countries and that’s ashame when you can earn from people all over the world.


3) You Don’t Own Anything 

This is also not your system or anything you will be owning so if Get Weekly Paychecks ever shuts down and I’ve seen many have, then say bye bye to your whole business because you have given your business to their control.

The landing page they give you is not yours, everything that they give you is not yours, so after you have invested lots of time and work effort and they shut down, you’re basically left with nothing.

Unlike my online business, nobody can shut me down unless of course I do something illegal on my site and the feds come in.

Other than that, I at least have an asset to show for all my hard work and any money I’ve put into it.


The Costs of Get Weekly Paychecks

Get Weekly Paychecks is already going to be making money off of you when you sign up to MCA, so why they charge this extra $25/month fee to use their sales funnel is pretty greedy.

Certainly you don’t need them to promote MCA, and so your cost would only be $39.95 one time fee to join MCA’s affiliate program and then $19.95/month as you will need to have an active membership in order for you to make money from it.

I never have had to pay to get into an affiliate program and in fact I will never join an affiliate program that requires a payment because there normally isn’t a fee to join these.

Many companies are happy for you to join their affiliate or referral program because you’re promoting their product or service for free until you drive sales for them.

All in all, you’re not paying big dollars, your first month is about $65, then after your first month, your monthly will be about $45/month.

The money I paid to learn how to build my online business is $49/month so they are about the same but guess what?

With what I learn, you get to promote pretty much any product you like that’s online and almost anything online these days are attached to an affiliate program somewhere so you’ll be better of learning how to build an online business like mine so you can promote more than one product.

In fact, you can still promote MCA using my method but I just don’t because I don’t need that cost of doing business with MCA, and roadside assistance just don’t sound too fun to promote for me.




Thumbs DownI wouldn’t call Get Weekly Paychecks a scam because they are providing you with a system that has training and how-to’s for you to use to promote your MCA memberships.

They are also upfront of what you’ll be getting yourself into and that you’re not being misled down rabbit hole you don’t know anything about.

Their sales video actually did a nice job explaining what you’ll be doing so that’s half the battle with these online systems.

Whether the information you get and whether their landing page works is another story, but think about all the people who sign up who will be getting the same landing page as you.

Promoting one product with social media ads or free traffic is just not going to get you near the $500 – $2K a week paycheck you’re looking for.

It actually takes a lot to make that kind of money in reality and nothing is that easy to do to make money online.

I have to conclude that I do not recommend Get Weekly Paychecks.




From everything I said above, I hope you will want to build your ow online business that gives you flexibility and possibility of promoting as many products as you wish.

This way you can create multiple online income streams which is the best way to go because you really don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket.

As well, this way you will be in full control of your own online business and you’ll be able to learn how to build this from the ground up.

Learning how to do this will open so many doors for you and it’s not hard to learn with the platform I use to help me build mine.

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Stop wasting time on scams and start building your future today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Get Weekly Paychecks is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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