Writing To Wealth Review: A Scam Or Easy Work At Home Job?

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Is Writing To Wealth A Scam?Are you checking out Writing To Wealth and wondering if you can make money with it or is Writing To Wealth a big scam that’s just going to be pretty useless?

I’ve been reviewing hundreds products and systems like this and kind of know my way around the web so I can tell you that this Writing To Wealth is not what you need.

You can pretty much find writing gigs all over the internet and there are many legitimate sites to go to for… Yes FREE, I’ll explain more below.

My Writing To Wealth review will be detailed out in the following sections:



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Writing To Wealth logo


Program Name: Writing To Wealth

Website: writingtowealth.com

Price: $34 + Upsells

Recommended? No

Writing To Wealth is a site that will give you lists of writing jobs that are available to members only where you can earn as much as $325 for a writing job.

You can earn cash by writing short articles or writing blog posts for people who need the work to be done by you.


Writing To Wealth optin page


These people could be companies that are hiring or individuals who need writers for their blogs or website.

You’ll be able to get 1,000’s of writing jobs from their database and it’ll be updated daily even on weekends and holidays.

Writing To Wealth claims you can make $100/day with their program or else you are just turning down too many jobs.

This is all very misleading and I will set the truth about writing jobs and where you can find them.

But as for Writing To Wealth, you’re not going to get any $100 days from these guys since they are not giving you any training or guidance on how to write.

It says that anyone can do this but there is a certain way you do need to write for the internet or else it’s pretty much useless to you clients.

Therefore, without any training, you don’t need Writing To Wealth because you can find writing gigs on the web in many places that are very legitimate too.

So that means, there’s no need to pay $34 for their database when you can just hop onto these sites to start finding writing jobs yourself for free:

  • Upwork.com
  • Textbroker.com
  • Fiverr.com
  • iNeedArticles.com

These are all well known sites to go hire writers at if you want to outsource your writing tasks, totally legitimate and recommended.




Writing To Wealth is there to make money, that’s it.

There’s nothing wrong with making money but they need to provide value.

When they’re just providing information you can find on the web for free, then you’re not really helping anyone but themselves.

Also, they are not providing you with any training on how to write, what SEO is, what makes writing for the web different, etc.

You may be asked to use keywords in the articles you write too, and if you don’t know how to use those, or know how to research good keywords to use, then you will not look good to your potential client.

Again, there’s no training on keyword usage from Writing To Wealth.

Instead, they are just giving you information you can find on the web and there isn’t much else you are given that would justify this fee to join the Writing To Wealth program.

In fact, what “program” is there on the inside?  Not much but a list of writing gigs you can apply for.


Exaggerated Income Claims

They are also misleading you that you can earn as much as $325 on a writing job when just starting out is a complete lie.

No brand new person can obtain a writing gig that earns them $325.  Each writing platform you go on and register to, you will have a profile, and when you’re new, it will indicate so.

Therefore, why would anyone hire you with no experience under your belt at a right that senior, more experienced writers would get?

So no, you won’t be earning that much in the beginning.

You will need to build up your profile on these writing platforms by taking smaller paying jobs first to gain experience on that platform then you’ll be accepted to more higher paying jobs.


Underestimated Writing Times

Writing To Wealth makes it sound like it doesn’t take much time to write articles or blogs but they do take time.

While some don’t take much time, most will because you’re writing for clients and because of this fact, you should be writing with well researched knowledge when going about it.

Also, these days, short articles are not so much of the norm anymore and you need to write longer to have better ranking so you need to spend the time to make sure you write enough words for your client.

I’m also sure your clients would want anywhere from 800 – 3,000 words for a blog post and much more for other projects.

Especially in the beginning when you’re not used to writing, you’ll take even more time to write just one for one project, it may even take you a whole day or two to finish one project.

Efficient in your writing just takes practice and your writing time can definitely get shorter as you write more, I know I have.




Thumbs DownNo, I don’t believe Writing To Wealth is a scam as you there are people out there who don’t know what writing platforms are out there and may need Writing To Wealth’s database.

But if you’re here on my review, you probably don’t need Writing To Wealth and just go on the sites I listed up above to get your writing gigs started.

You will be able to make some money with Writing To Wealth if you’re able to land those writing jobs in there which Writing To Wealth makes it sound very easy to do by just “claiming” the writing job but not so fast.


Writing To Wealth misleading message


You don’t just claim the writing gigs you see, you will have to apply for them and see if the hiring person will hire you to write for them.

You usually need to submit samples of your work as well and you’ll need to make sure you don’t do any plagiarism since there are many checkers out there these days that your client can use to check.

I also don’t recommend using any writing software that offers you spun content or have any software write for you because those types of articles again will be found out and will be useless to your clients.

I have to conclude that I do not recommend Writing To Wealth.




Sure you can make money writing for other people but without properly knowing how to write for the internet, you will be useless to your clients.

Also, you’re limited to what you’ll be earning if you write for others, so why don’t you write for yourself and build yourself an online business with it like I have?

I’ve never been a writing and I just write conversional like this and I make a 4 digit online income from doing this consistently from my own home as a stay at home mom.

I learned how to write, what to write, how to make money from my writing, how to use keywords, how to write for the web, and so much more from this training platform I owe my whole online business to!

If you like to write, even better, then this online business will come very natural to you.

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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Writing To Wealth is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



4 thoughts on “Writing To Wealth Review: A Scam Or Easy Work At Home Job?”

  1. Sir l want to know if this write to wealth is a
    true program that give cash rewards for writing.
    l want to know if it not fake.

    l also want you to show me the one l can write from if l am in my country Liberia.
    no limitation where you are for writing.

    l also want you to show me the real link for writing to get cash into your bank account.

    Thank for your understanding.

    Trokon Johnson
    from Liberia
    west Africa.

    • Hi Trokon,

      I have already told you what I think about Writing to Wealth above in my post. I don’t think they will be the ones paying you directly, but only listing opportunities to write for.

      But you don’t have to buy this program for writing jobs, I showed you in my post above that there are FREE places to get writing jobs for cash.

      Or, like I said, you can write for yourself and build an online business instead like I have! 🙂 The info for that is HERE.

      Best of luck to you with whatever you choose!

  2. Hi Grace,

    I don´t sure if I can do that. How could I be payed for? Is that legal job?
    I living in Brazil. I’m off job and I really want do that but I have a lot of doubt about.

    Thanks for writing you web site. It’s helpful for me.

    Levi N Feitoza
    Campos dos Goytacazes – RJ

    • Hi Levi,

      This is not a job, it’s a training platform that you can learn how to build your own online business with their lessons and resources on their platform.

      They do have two memberships though and one of them is a Starter account so you can see what’s it like inside, click here to create your free account.

      The other membership is Premium and costs $49/month or $359/year which is really required if you really want to learn like the way I did. This is the SAME training I used to make my $4.4K last month. You could get on the training platform for free to read about my success and check things out to see if you like it.

      I wish you the best of luck but that is how I learned and I’m telling you that I could be your coach as well, but the details of that is in my guide, click here.

      I hope to help you in the near future!


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