Is Home Profit System A Scam? Old Scam, New Name, Same Crap!

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Is Home Profit System A ScamIf you’re still searching for Home Profit System, then you must know that it’s gotten a facelift over the years but Home Profit System is still a scam no matter how many times it’s changed.

That’s what these products do, they get revealed their scam then they just forward their site to a new name, but it’s the same old trick.

Home Profit System is no different in 2017 and I hope you won’t fall for it now either.


In my review below, you will go through the following sections:



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It’s hard to really know what Home Profit System really is because through the years, it’s been forwarded to so many different product names but the underlying system is the same.

When it first started years ago, Home Profit System was the product.

Back then, you would have seen the same sales page that I’ve seen on many other sites like this:


Home Profit System Old Home Page


But since Home Profit System has been called out and revealed as a scam by so many sites throughout the years, Home Profit System’s product now sits on another site.

Currently as of this post, if you go to Home Profit System, which is at, and click on their “Get Started Today” buttons, you will be forwarded to Secure Job Position, which I fully reviewed in detail not long ago.

Current home page for Home Profit System:

Home Profit System Home Page


After click on “Get Started Today” button, you’ll get forwarded to here:

Home Profit System Redirects To Another Site


And then, guess what happens when you click that big fat orange “Check for Availability Now” button (don’t need to fill in the form)?  You see this (look familiar??):


Home Profit System Old Home Page on Another Site


This is the same sales page as Home Profit System’s old sales page but updated!!

This is why I’ve labeled this post, “Old Scam, New Name, Same Crap!” because it is.

The scam is the same, it’s about “link posting” and how companies are desperate to hire people to post links for them.

You will pay $97 for their “system” which doesn’t even work because of how they teach you to spam all over the internet.

Please save yourself some money and don’t join Home Profit System, or should I say, Secure Job Position.




Because I’ve fully reviewed in detail the true scam under the name of Secure Job Position, I will only point out in summary why their system won’t work here.

If you want to read the full review, click here.


What Their “Link Posting” System Really Is

What they call “link posting” in their system is really affiliate marketing but they just teach you the wrong way to use it and you will truly won’t make money from it.

Quickly, affiliate marketing is the process of promoting products of companies that’s offering affiliate programs.

Once you join their affiliate program, they give you a link to promote their products with and if someone clicks on your link and buys something, you will earn a commission.

I know affiliate marketing really well as I use it everyday to make money online and I know that nobody can get the affiliate links FOR YOU.

So when I see that the “link posting” system gives you links to post in their Step 2, I was highly suspicious!

Step 2 indicates that once you log into your account, you will start getting links from their clients for you to start posting.

Secure Job Position Step 2 completely wrong


Since no one can get affiliate links for you (you must apply to each company’s affiliate program to get your own links), this means those links that they’re giving you to post are their own affiliate links!

You won’t be making anything because the companies will be paying them for any purchases bought through those links, and you won’t be the one being paid the 100% of the commission.

They will give you a portion, but you will be getting pennies compared to if you get your own affiliate links.

And oh, Netflix doesn’t even have an affiliate program and Blockbuster no longer exists!  They don’t even have the right info on their site!


Affiliate Marketing Done The WRONG Way

So not only them giving you links to post is fundamentally wrong with this system, but they teach you how to post it everywhere is also wrong.

Affiliate marketing is a great business model that I make money with everyday and you can too if you know how to use it properly.  I show you here the proper way.

Nobody will click your links if you’re just going to spam all over social media or on forums because nobody will trust your links.

The internet users are much smarter and sophisticated these days and they won’t just click on any links without knowing who you are and what you’re linking to.


Is Home Profit System A Scam?

For these two main reasons, this is why their “link posting” won’t work but is Home Profit System a scam?

I have to say yes too because it’s tricking you into thinking you are posting links for Home Depot, Apple, and other reputable companies but in reality, you are not, you are posting links on Home Profit System’s behalf for Home Depot, Applet, etc.

Not only that, there are so many fake things on their site which I went into in the Secure Job Position review, which you can read here.

They will also upsell you so much too if you hand over your phone number/email.

They will be selling you all sorts of other stuff you don’t need or know what to do with so you can “make more money” with them.

These types of scams are always out to get you, just read here how one of my readers told me she spent $15,000+ over the years buying stuff that never worked.

I hope you won’t fall for this scam too.




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