Is The Power Lead System A Scam? Not As Great As It Appears!

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Is The Power Lead System A Scam? Not As Great As It Appears!I was recently approached to check out Power Lead System as this one lady was telling me how awesome it was and how it was working for her so well.  But, the way she was boasting about it, it made me wonder if Power Lead System is a scam because something smelled fishy.

I put on my investigative hat and found out what it was all about so now I can tell you what I really think about Power Lead System and you can make up your mind if you want to join.

After I checked it out, I really did not want to join at all and in this Power Lead System Review, I will get into all the details.


I will walk you through the following in regards to the Power Lead System:



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Power Lead System Logo

Product Name: Power Lead System

Website: No main website, all through affiliates

Owners: Neil Guess & Michael Price

Recommended? Not really, sorry.

The Power Lead System is marketed as a “business in a box” and has been around since 2013 so it’s still fairly new as of this post but lasting longer than most products I review.

The other way you can make money from this system is through their affiliate program but is it a true affiliate program?  Read on…


Business In A Box

The business in a box their set of marketing tools that they are selling.  None of the marketing tools are created by the owners but they have set it all up like your landing pages, email auto-responder, website, so you can use these marketing tools to promote your business.

If you don’t have a business promote, then these tools will be no good to you.

Even if you you do have a business, you can use the marketing funnel they have set up but from what I see, you can’t really customize the pages to your liking because it’s all “Done-For-You” which some would like but then you will have the same pages as others who are doing the same system.

Of course you can customize the wording and some coloring, but what I mean is that you can’t truly build the website you really want that’s unique to you.


Affiliate Program?

So that’s one part of the business is their marketing tools package, the other part is selling this marketing tool package but more like recruiting people into the company more like because you get paid when you bring in people.

Power Lead System Sales Video

You see, this is a multi-level marketing company as you will be able to earn money from your downline, not really an affiliate program.

In Power Lead System, this means that if I recruited you and you recruited someone else, I can make money from the person you recruited too.

In other affiliate programs, you only earn a commission on the sale you make, that’s it.

I will go into further how this is not a true affiliate program but let’s look at their cost of this product first.





To be a member to use their marketing tools, it’s $30/month.

To be an affiliate member to be able to “sell” their tools system, it’s $24/month.

If you want to use their marketing tools and become an affiliate, you’ll be paying $54/month!

You can be just one or the other and don’t have to be both, but most affiliate programs I know and use don’t make me pay to be an affiliate, like Amazon, you just sign up and start promoting.


Compensation Plan

Right out of the gate, you’re already down $24/month if you can’t get any sales in your first month.  It’s very likely this could be the case since you have to learn about their business in order to sell it.

Then, if you get your sales, you don’t get 100% commissions for all the hard work you do to get those sales, you only get $20/month for every other sale.

This means you would have to make 3 sales to cover your monthly affiliate fee or 5 sales if you are paying both fees of $54/month.

They keep going on about how much you can make if your downline keeps recruiting as well.  Talk about multi-level marketing.

Power Lead System Compensation




The Power Lead System seems very fishy to me because there are a few things that don’t sit right with me when I looked into this company.

Let’s take a look at the reasons:


#1) Why Pay To Be An Affiliate Of PLS?

They call their right to sell their system an affiliate program but most affiliate programs are FREE to join.  I find that only MLMs charge members to be affiliates.

You can check the websites of Target, Apple, Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon, etc – none of their affiliate programs cost money to join – the perk of not being in a MLM.

You usually get paid and rewarded for your promotion efforts, not the other way around.  I never join any “affiliate programs” that require me to pay to join.


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#2) They Have Training But None To Actually Help You Build A Business

I was watching some of their training and the most they tell you is where to grab your affiliate link so you can promote.

Where you can get their sales videos, so you can promote.

How to change some wording on your done-for-you landing pages, so you can promote.

However, they don’t take give you a step by step guide on how to use this system to build a business around the marketing tools they promote.

Their training is all about getting more and more recruits so you could build your team and earn that way.

They don’t teach you how you get your website to rank in Google, they don’t teach you how to write content that will show up on Page 1, they don’t teach you all the necessities about your website to make a successful business.

They just tell you to grab your affiliate link and some of their sales videos and post it on Facebook.  This is exactly what I saw on their Thursday Training.


#3) A Lot Of Hype About How Much You Can Make

There’s also a lot of hype about huge income potentials and when I saw some of their landing pages, they are misleading to anyone new to making money online.

Promising you $500/day with little to no work with done-for-you pages, not the type of marketing legitimate businesses use.  I hate seeing that kind of sales tactic.

They just end up making innocent beginners fall for these false claims and then they get disappointed and frustrated when these claims don’t become true.

It takes a lot of work to generate $500/day, it won’t come easy, and supposed “gurus” take a few years to build up a business that could generate 5 figures a month.




In my opinion, Power Lead System is not a scam but I don’t like the whole recruitment side of their business and they seem to push you that way too.

The product side of their business is fine, although their marketing tools package is of lower quality and offers no real, comprehensive training as to how to benefit and use it properly to promote your business with.

For these reasons, I just can’t recommend this product.



If you want to join a more trustworthy company that is NOT a MLM or pyramid scheme that will really teach you how to build an online business that includes all the business tools you’ll need, I recommend you check out Wealthy Affiliate where you can get started for FREE.

I’ve been a Premium member there since Sep 2016 and have learned how to build this website with their training as well as how to get my posts on first page of Google giving me tons of free search organic traffic.

You will also learn how affiliate marketing really works, how to look for your affiliate programs, products, and how to incorporate everything into your website so you can make money online!

Their training is comprehensive and even people who didn’t know anything about building a website or internet marketing can learn from their easy to follow lessons.

For a more detailed look, I hope you will check out my full review of Wealthy Affiliate where you will also see a video tour of the platform:

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The bonus I found about joining Wealthy Affiliate is that they have the best support system!

You will have access to a huge community of members that are like minded as well as having access to the owners.

You can also get instant help on Live Chat from experienced members and if you have technical website problems, they have a 24/7 support team to help you through any difficulties quickly.

It’s been the best way I’ve found to build an online business and I’ve been trying to do this for 4 years before I found Wealthy Affiliate!

Go read my full Wealthy Affiliate review now!


If you have any questions or thoughts about whether Power Lead System is a scam or how Wealthy Affiliate works, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below!  I always reply to my readers. 🙂



Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



17 thoughts on “Is The Power Lead System A Scam? Not As Great As It Appears!”

    • No problem Keith, thanks for stopping by. I know my guide here will show you a better way and you’ll be more successful with it as I am using the same business model and it’s been working for me, bringing me a consistently monthly income. I love what I do so I hope you will too.


  1. I got to tell you how extremely incorrect you are! There is extensive training on how to rank in not just google but other properties as well and many affiliate programs do set their business up as a franchise style where you pay a fee for the licensing rights. Now you may not be FOR this type of model, but it’s not illegal nor a scam.

    Also, you can absolutely customize these pages beyond just text and create from scratch. I know this because i have done it meant times using PLS.

    And the fact that PLS is still around after sooo many years is a testimony to its legitamacy or it would have been shut down a long time ago.

    • Actually no it doesn’t, the length of time it’s been around doesn’t make it any more legitimate as PLS can still be shut down if FTC doesn’t see this model as legit. That’s a fact. It’s certainly nothing like a franchise, you can justify it how you like.

      What you think is “extensive” training is subjective. I hope you know how to rank well on search engines then, guess that’s how you found my review.

      I hope you find success!

    • Hi Ted,

      Wealthy Affiliate has been in business since 2005, located in British Columbia, Canada, and the owners are Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim. Check out my free guide to see all details of what WA has to offer! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by,

  2. I’m thankful to have come across your review of Power Lead, it’s more clear now and see what this program really is.


  3. Wealthy affilate has a recruiting program exactly the same as Pls they are all rich entrepeneneurs trying help the majority learn the internet so stop putting other products down to promote yours .. I am a member of both and been online 10 years and seen a lot of products come and go and each offer the same but peesented different
    . You are doing what you are accusing as you are pushing your recrutment and putting down others there are heaps of programs like this and yours is one of them. They are both good
    They are both free with upsells Love both

    • “Wealthy affilate has a recruiting program exactly the same as PLS” <--- This statement could not be more WRONG.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts here so I can tell people how PLS members will say anything to defend their PLS program.

      Wealthy Affiliate is an educational, training platform so you can build an online business using affiliate marketing in ANY niche, not to just promote the system itself like PLS seems to be telling you to do in their training.

      WA is not even close to a MLM but PLS is a MLM.

      Big difference. How are you a member of WA and can’t tell this difference?! What’s your WA member ID?

      There is no free options in PLS, you can’t be an affiliate for free. You can be an affiliate at Wealthy Affiliate as a Free member and still earn money from their affiliate program. Another big difference here.

      What I’m doing is explaining what I found out about PLS through my own research and experience, I don’t like the PLS program and that’s my opinion.

      You don’t have to like my opinion but I tell my readers the truth of my experience, what I like, don’t like and why.

      You love both, that’s great, I’m happy you like PLS & WA.

      I wish you all the best,

  4. Hi, thanks for the review you pointed out a lot of things that crossed my mind about this program.

    One thing that bothers me though I always like to check out reviews of products and for the past couple of years I’ve noticed that the majority of reviews were basically negative reviews. Now I based a lot my decisions on not buying some of the products based on reviews I read but I have noticed a pattern developing on review sites and it seems like every second review site I go to gives a rather negative review and then pushes WA

    My question? is this what they teach you in WA to give a negative review and then offer WA as an alternative? To be honest I am now looking at review sites to see if they are pushing WA in them and if they are skipping them till I find one that isn’t suggesting joining WA the only problem with this approach the other sites are usually affiliates of the products so their approach is a little biased.

    Kinda a Catch 22 on who to believe but sure a lot harder now to make an informed decision. I do tend to check out your site as you and a couple of other WA member review sites seem to offer good information

    • I understand your concern, Dave and what you’re trying to tell me in your comment. WA teaches us how to write product reviews but not necessarily “negative” reviews.

      It’s just that there are so many platforms out there, products and so-called systems (some are really bad, and scams where there are no systems they are advertising) that simply do NOT measure to what WA offers.

      So, you will find that majority of my reviews are for products and systems that are really low quality, lack of real training, and highly misleading a lot of people.

      Power Lead System is not such system, this system is a lot better than a lot of other systems I’ve reviewed. Still of course, in my opinion, what I see available at PLS is still not superior to what is available in WA.

      What you learn in WA is not just to create a website like mine, but this is what I chose to do. WA teaches a technique that is used over many niches and there are many members making money from other niches, not just promoting WA.

      However, you do see a lot of sites because WA has a great affiliate program, members who promote truly love what the platform offers, especially myself.

      I’ve loved it from the first day I stepped on that platform and now making a 4 digit online income with their training. Training that I will apply to another site that I’m building as well in a different niche, and that’s what’s so exciting about the training at WA, I could take that training and apply to another niche I want to make money in and add to my online income.

      I’m hoping to reach 5 figures by next year some time.

      I would never write a negative review just to promote WA. You could really tell who does this and who doesn’t.

      In my reviews, what I point out about those other products are obvious to me why they won’t work because of what I learned at WA and know how things work with Google, websites, traffic, etc.

      I dedicate my site helping others find a safe way to learn how to make money online and avoid as many scams, low quality products as possible and for me that place is WA.

      I point out WHY they are scams or why they won’t work, and I find as much out about them as possible.

      I appreciate you visiting my site and I hope to continue to provide you with helpful information.

      I wish you all the best,

  5. Ive used WA and PLS , both are good but very different. first of all I think your cheesey way of going after customers and flipping them to your offer is a scam. Calling a networking opportunity that alot of people use to make a legitimate income, promote other products and learn online lead generation a pyramid scam is wrong. If it is then every sales agency, car dealership, real estate agency are all pyramid schemes.Every member has the opportunity to earn more than the sponsor.

    • Hi Scott, I call it as it is, I have gone through the training at PLS, done my research thoroughly, and that’s how I feel about the system.

      I did NOT call PLS a pyramid scheme but I have taken that paragraph out now because you’re not the first to misinterpret what I was trying to say there so I have removed it so I don’t upset anyone else by accident, that was not my intention.

      I’m not biased towards WA because I’m just another affiliate, no, I’m biased because I know it works as I’m living proof. I’m actually someone who’s used their training to build my online business up to where it’s at today, which is a monthly 4 digit online income.

      The strategies taught at WA is evergreen and for long term growth.

      I don’t have to post my affiliate links all over the internet like what I saw taught at PLS’s Thursday training.

      I just blog here on my own site and I get over 1,800 visitors a day without having to pay a single penny for it.

      That is WA’s training at work.

      I wish you much success Scott in what you do,

  6. Personally I found PLS to be a scam. I had a salesman pitch the idea to me and basically told me I would be taking in the cash by paying to be a diamond member which allows you, or so he said, to put the system on auto pilot. This was not true. Then you have to set up funnels and pay for leads which may or may not get sales. Them of coarse when you do make a sale it ends up going to the person above you in the pyramid. So for me it was a loss of about 2000 bucks. I found that the only people making the big bucks were the ones at the top of their pyramids. So imo it was a scam. I am,still looking for a legitimate way to make money without being scammed. I’m,willing to put in the work. I just would like to reap the rewards of doing do.

    • Hi Becky, sorry to hear about your experience. Systems like that, I always avoid. I don’t do any type of MLM or pyramid schemes or has uplines, downlines, etc.

      CLICK HERE to check out my money making guide for a business model that’s been used for years since early 2000’s. It’s a simple concept, but will require hard work & learning on your part to make it work. I’ve made it work, so I hope you do too.

      It’s free to start to see if you like it, I’m on there too and will personally help you if you decide to go Premium. It’s an online training platform to learn this business model. You’re your own business owner, the training platform is there to teach you how to build it step by step.

      I hope you will like this much better (I know you’ll like the price much better if you decide to go Premium and get my free coaching)!



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