Is Internet Funnel System A Scam Or Your Ticket To 6 Figures?

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is Internet Funnel System a scamThe Internet Funnel System sounds pretty easy to make $1,000’s without doing much work but is Internet Funnel System a scam really?  Will your wallets be emptied?

I mean, if a brain-damaged guy named Mike can do it, why can’t you right?

I have seen many sites like this, all branded up promoting a system that doesn’t even exist because it wants to evade all the negative reviews of the underlying program.

Internet Funnel System is no different and my review will tell you all about what this is, how it all works, and what you’ll be getting yourself into if you join this program.

My review will be detailed out in the following sections:



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Internet Funnel System Logo


Program Name: Internet Funnel System


Price: $49

Recommended? No

The Internet Funnel System claims to have the a system that is all done for you with products, template landing pages, sales team, coaches, and everything else you’ll need to start your own online business with.


Internet Funnel System Home Page Sales Video


Internet Funnel System markets to you with a guy named Mike who got exposed poisonous fumes that gave him brain damage which made him lose his job and can’t work for months.

He goes out on a hunt to find things he can do from home to make money and came across this system that made him over $1,000 in just 2 days.

In 3 years, he’s supposedly made 3/4 of a million dollars and now they travel everywhere, live where they want, buy what they want, etc etc etc.

Remember this is a branded fake system so this story is probably fake too.

What this is really promoting is MOBE (My Online Business Education, Ltd.), a high ticket program where you’ll have to spend thousands of dollars before you even get started!


Internet Funnel System Income Disclaimer Shows MOBE as Real Owner


You will be using the “licensing rights” business model here which means you’ll need buy everything you want to make commissions from that costs you more than you want to know.

I will go into more of the details of this program, but there are tons of sites like this that promote MOBE but won’t tell you upfront, just like these other ones:




The Internet Funnel System website was created to market to you under a different name so you don’t look for reviews of MOBE.  If you did, then you’ll know what this is really about and won’t be joining.

Internet Funnel System misleads you in many ways and makes the MOBE system sound super easy to do but it’s going to take more work effort than they make it sound.

Of course, they won’t tell you what the catch is until you’ve already bought in at the low fee of $49.

There’s no way you were going to actually get a system for $49 that will actually make you thousands of dollars just like that.

No, they use a licensing rights business model so your $49 is just the beginning of your massive spending spree if you’re not careful.


How MOBE Works

You’ll join for $49, not long after you will go through their signature 21 step training but you won’t get far before you have to talk to your coach that they so generously give you for free.

But that’s the thing, you’re not really given a coach, the coach is just a sales rep.  In fact, your coach acts as the sales rep for the person that brought you into the system (the member who used Internet Funnel System website to generate leads).

Internet Funnel System Coach and Sales rep is the Same Person


You’ll basically talk to this coach/sales rep because they want you to buy the products right away or else they will say you won’t be able to make much money unless you do.

You’ll be taught to buy these high ticket packages so you can promote them and then earn those 4 digit commissions they talked about in Internet Funnel System sales video.

But, these high ticket packages are insanely expensive, just take a look here:

MOBE True Costs
See for Full Details.


From Silver to Diamond, the packages run from almost $2,500 to almost $30,000!

If you don’t want to miss any commissions, then you’ll need about $64K+ to invest into this business because if you haven’t bought in and someone you bring in buys a package you don’t have, then the commission doesn’t go to you, it goes to the next sponsor up the has that package.

Once you buy into a package or packages, then you’ll be able to start promoting using a template site like Internet Funnel System and go out there to mislead more people into this business.

You don’t sell to anyone else but the members that come into the system, there are no physical products or any retail sales.

You don’t build anything in this business but place ads online to get your template landing pages like Internet Funnel System seen by people.

All you’re doing in here is recruit others to buy-in to those digital marketing high ticket packages so you can make those high commissions.

It’s almost like just passing money from one new member to three MOBE entities: MOBE itself, the coach/sales rep that sold it, and the person that brought in the new member.


It’s Way Harder Than It Sounds

The Internet Funnel System claims you just have to work 60 minutes a day to make thousands of dollars, well, you’ll have a rude awakening if you really believe this.


Internet Funnel System How It Works


No matter what system or method you use, to make real money online, you must put in the work effort.

But, this system, you’ll need to put in tons more effort because you’ll need to know how to recruit massively in the thousands to find the very few people that has thousands of dollars laying around to pass to you, or should I say buy those high ticket packages.

It’s going to cost you way more money as well because no one will see template sites unless you advertise and if you don’t know how to use paid traffic, you’ll be spending thousands of dollars a month more just in advertising costs.

It’s not as if you’ll be building an online business like me where I don’t have to pay a dime for anyone to see this review or any page on my website.

Even their income disclaimer says the average consultant only makes $700 a year and that’s over 62% of their members.

They talked about 6 figures in the Internet Funnel System, only 1.83% of all active members earn such an income, probably the ones near the top of the structure.

Internet Funnel System Real Results of MOBE

One of their competitors was shut down earlier this year by the FTC that uses the same licensing rights business model.

So, it would be very high risk to go into MOBE right now.  You probably don’t want to invest 5 figures into something that will one day shut down on you.




Thumbs DownThe Internet Funnel System is a sales funnel for MOBE, is it right to market to you this way?

I don’t like it. I don’t think people should promote their system under a bunch of different names when you should just say what it is you’re selling.

It’s highly misleading, deceiving, and quite unethical.

Is Internet Funnel System a scam?

Some would call it that because you’re not really buying an “Internet Funnel System”, you’re buying the MOBE system.

Some wouldn’t call it a scam because it’s just a sales funnel, marketing thing, whether right or wrong, you’re getting a system after you pay your $49.

Now that you have all the info, you can decide for yourself if this whole thing is good for you or not or whether you consider this a scam.

At least now you know what’s going on and can make an educated decision instead of just blindly going into something that was marketed as easy and can make you tons of money, without telling you all the costs involved.

I have to conclude that I do not recommend Internet Funnel System or MOBE.




If you’re always looking for ways to make lots of money fast on the internet, then you’ll probably run into more scams or lured into high ticket programs like this.

Making money online is very real but it takes time, nothing happens that quickly.

If you know this and dedicate yourself to build a online business properly using the business model I use, then you’ll be building an asset that will generate a stream of passive income for you in the long term.

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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Internet Funnel System is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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  1. Oh wow, that’s expensive, had no idea these programs could get that expensive. Unbelievable.

    Thanks for your review,

    • Yes they sure can cost that much, it is a little ridiculous. My free guide here shows you a much better way and way less cost than this program. It’s the exact method I used to earn a 4 digit online income from my online business which I started in and stuck with since Sep/16.

      Best of luck to you!


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