The Computer Geeks: Work From Home To Make $379/Day or Scam?

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Is The Computer Geeks work at home job a scam?If you’re interested in The Computer Geeks work from home opportunity that’s supposed to make you $379/day but not sure if The Computer Geeks is a scam, then you’ve come to the right place.

Karen Williams supposedly has this job that you can do from home that will be very easy to make good money at home but is this real? Does it really work?

My review of The Computer Geeks below will show you all you need to know about this as I’ve reviewed other ones exactly the same as this but with different names.

These types of programs like The Computer Geeks are not good and I explain why in the following sections:



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The Computer Geeks logo


Program Name: The Computer Geeks

Website: Various

Price: $99

Owner: Karen Williams

Recommended? No

The Computer Geeks sales page is supposedly put together by a Karen Williams and this work at home opportunity is supposed to bring us $379/day with only about an hour of work a day to do this.

Could you imagine just working an hour a day to earn $11K a month or $132K a year?

I think that’s better than A LOT of people’s full time salary right?

Why are most people working 8 hours a day to make much less?


The Computer Geeks sales page


This is because The Computer Geeks is not actually going to make you that kind of money, and if it did, we’d be all doing it.

The Computer Geeks is a “link posting” scheme that’s been around for awhile now and it’s been promoted under various brand names with different personalities like Income Online, Home Based Wealth System, and Computer Experts Online, just to name a few but there are tons more.

Karen tells you that you can make easy money with posting links on the internet and that you can make $15 per link as well so if you can post a few links a day, you can make very good money.

These work from home jobs are apparently limited as well with how many openings they have but at the same time she tells you that companies are desperate to hire you… Hmm.

All said and done, this supposed “job” will cost you $99.  I’ve been working several jobs in my lifetime, and none of the jobs I worked at required me to pay a damn thing.

So obviously this is not a job but to many people they may think they are telling you the truth but they are not.

This whole scheme is very elaborate to make it look real so you will open your wallets to them and buy in at the $99.

But then, you’ll find out…. that’s just the beginning of your spendings!




The Computer Geeks system or program will not make you the kind of money they talked about, especially the way they tell how you’ll be making this money.

There’s no way you can make the kind of money just posting links on social media or online forums because you really can’t do too much of that these days, it’s called spamming.

The link posting they are talking about is really a simple way of saying affiliate marketing (earning a commission by driving sales to products you promote) but they will not teach you how to build a real affiliate marketing with this.

They are just loosely using this concept to make you think you can just post links and make $15 a link which is not true.

You actually can’t predict the amount of money you can earn with an affiliate link and you don’t earn anything with just posting the link, someone actually has to click on it and buy the product you’re promoting in order for the commission to trigger.

This is all irrelevant because the bigger scheme happens after you buy in at $99.

You will be then asked to talk to a “coach” to 10x your progress by upgrading and spending thousands of dollars on high ticket packages that you can then promote to make bigger commissions.

These high ticket packages usually run into tunes of $2,500 – $30K! No joke.

That’s how they get you!


This Is Promoted Many Ways

Here, I just want to show you what these guys do, you can basically assume everything on their sites are fake and lies because they just keep changing their brand names and personalities so they can evade negative reviews like mine.


That personality Karen Williams has been changed to many other names like Raena Lynn, Kelly Simmons, and Lisa Cadwell, and that picture has been used on many of other sites of the same scheme:

Once there are too many negative reviews on the web and their money stops coming in, then they will close it out and rebrand, and it starts all over again.




Thumbs DownYes, The Computer Geeks is a scam because you don’t really know what’s the real system you’re actually buying into.

The system you actually get is also not what was promoted which also makes this a scam since you’re being tricked and misled to join something you wouldn’t otherwise if you knew the truth from the start.

These scammers will take your $99 and will try their hardest to get thousands more from you because that is not your coach, that is a sales person who will earn a commission if you actually buy, as well as the real owner of these fake sites.

Don’t be tricked and scammed by this or anything else that looks similar to it, they are all the same and will scam you silly.

I have to conclude that I do not recommend The Computer Geeks.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether The Computer Geeks is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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