Trevor Harris’ Scam: Worksheet Processing Of Unclaimed Money

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Trevor Harris' Scam Worksheet Processing of Unclaimed MoneyThis Trevor Harris sounds trusting but wow guys, Trevor Harris’ scam is elaborate and is sucking many people into it.

I’m glad you’re here to learn how this scam works because you really need to be aware of this!

Everything about this scam by Trevor Harris is slick and targets people like you looking for an easy way to make money online.

Don’t trust it and I will show you below what’s going on with this scam.  You will also learn why you need to stop looking for “easy” or “fast” ways to make money online as they don’t really exist.

This is how Trevor lures you as well as many other scams.

My review of Trevor Harris’ scam will be detailed out in the following sections:



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Program Name: Trevor Harris’ scam

Price: Free (NOT really)

Recommended? No

Trevor Harris’ scam is promoted as a make money online opportunity where you will fill out some worksheets to help people get their unclaimed money back from the banks or government.

There are various situations why people have unclaimed money but this part of the scam is real where people do have unclaimed money to be claimed which is partly why this seems real to most people.

The scam starts with a landing page that tells you that you can earn over $500 per week part time and over $1,700 per week full time by helping a company process simple worksheets online.


Trevor Harris' Scam landing page


Once you fill out that form in the image above, you’ll be taken to a page where you’ll create your login info and you’ll be taken into the members area quickly after that which looks like this:


My Cash Flow Secret Members Area


In the members area, you’ll find an intro video about what you’ll be doing which is helping people get their money back and you’ll be making big money with it.

This is when you’ll learn about Trevor and why he’s giving you all this info for free which is because he’s trying to win a contest for the most referrals he can get for this company.

The other three steps take you through how to go about finding the unclaimed funds, how to fill out the worksheets, where to send it and how, and how much you’ll be making.

I will go through everything more in detail next but want to tell you that this is currently being promoted under the name of My Cash Flow Secret so beware of this if you get this system emailed to you or you see it somewhere.

Trevor Harris is also connected to these other scams as well: Legit Flex Job and NorthAmeriCorp, and I’m sure that’s probably not his real name.




You are shown how to process the worksheets by going on to the national databases of unclaimed money for the US (NAUPA) & Canada (Bank of Canada) which he gives you the links to.

He tells you to look for balances of over $500 in the video but in the text under the video, there’s an update to tell you to look for balances over $100 instead.

Once you find someone who has the right unclaimed amount, you will then take that info you see there and fill out the worksheet that they provide you.

He even tells you something like, it’s easy work but you still have to work unlike those get rich quick scams that tell you all you have to do is click a few buttons.  I find this quite ironic.

Once you fill out the worksheet, he tells you where to send it in and what to include, which is the worksheet plus $5 for every worksheet you fill out.

You are also told you can send up to 4 worksheets at a time and just one $20 bill so you can save postage this way with one envelope.

This gets very enticing because he shows you how much money you can earn for finding these unclaimed balances.

He says that once you send in your worksheets, the company will process them by contacting the person that the money is owed to plus the right authorities to have those funds released.

The company is supposed to earn about 30% for recovering these funds for people of which you’ll earn 75% for just filling out the worksheets.

So let’s say you found a person with $5,000 and the company that will recover the money will get 30% or $1,500 as finder’s fee, and you would earn 75% of that which is $1,125.

$1,125 for putting someone’s name, their address, and the amount they are owed on a piece of paper is pretty darn good.

If you believe Trevor that is and go for this scam.




You are not going to get paid as promised in this scam because the company you’re supposed to be sending your worksheets to is a fake company called “Federal Account Recovery” c/o “Akkers Global LLC”.

“Federal Account Recovery” is a made up name, it has nothing to do with the government or any federal agencies, this is another way to add to the trust factor of this scam.

Akkers Global LLC is highly suspicious as well because the addresses you’re supposed to send these worksheets to are all UPS store mailboxes.


My Cash Flow Secret Fake Company


If this was legitimate, these worksheets would not be going to a UPS store mailbox.

If this was real, you wouldn’t be making 75% of someone’s finder’s fee, who would be the ones doing the bulk of the work if you think about it, not you putting someone’s info on a piece of paper.

This is a “too good to be true” scenario really, because why wouldn’t the company just go on those databases themselves to get the info?

Okay, maybe they are busy and need help, but why would the company pay you 75% of their finder’s fee?  It doesn’t even make sense why they would do this as the company would be the one doing the bulk of the work getting the funds released.

Would you give away 3/4 of your earnings because someone “helped” you a bit?

Akkers Global LLC also has an “F” rating on the Better Business Bureau site with all these complaints on it, talking about this scam:

My Cash Flow Secret Real Testimonies on BBB My Cash Flow Secret Real Testimonies on BBB My Cash Flow Secret Real Testimonies on BBB My Cash Flow Secret Real Testimonies on BBB 3 My Cash Flow Secret Real Testimonies on BBB 2

The very fact that they are asking you to send $5 for each worksheet is very suspicious because they asked for cash.

Cash is untraceable and that’s why Trevor suggests this instead of money order which you can send but for sure not personal checks since that would mean, they would get traced by the banks.

The scam seems believable because $5 a sheet doesn’t sound that much and some parts seem believable but I’ve been reviewing scams like this since Sep/16 and can spot this a mile away.

The questions I posed above are really red flags you should be looking out for when you encounter scams like this.


My Cash Flow Secret The Big Catch


When too many people know of this scam, he will probably just come out with a new landing page under another name and scam more people.

Beware of this and share this post with others who are looking at anything to do with worksheet processing or worksheet processor.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding Trevor Harris’ scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



8 thoughts on “Trevor Harris’ Scam: Worksheet Processing Of Unclaimed Money”

  1. Hello, I sent in and bought the online forms for processing for unclaimed money in Texas. I should be getting about $75,000. in commissions from Trevor Harris,et al. Well you can’t ever get him on his new online chat, except someone was on by chance, aka Trevor Harris to answer my question. I bought the online forms got one notification via my email. Then weeks month went by and nothing. I called my bank Chase and their fraud Dept is working on it and they temporarily gave me my money back. I can call this week or next back to the bank to see what they have found out. Someone on the live chat that day did get right away to my email, the online forms I had bought. Now I have asked him tons of times to his gmail act. and NO ANSWER !!!!! Cynthia Langguth

    • Hi Cynthia,

      Yeah sorry to hear about your experience, I’m not surprised. Just sorry you didn’t get to my review first. If you can’t get a hold of them and you feel scammed, then you can click on the link on my sidebar about contacting the FTC. They help consumers get bad product owners like that shut down.

      If you want to learn how I earn a 4 digit monthly online income, feel free to check out my free guide here!

      Best of luck to you,

  2. Hi new deal is called UBA Tracers.
    They are using Survey Monkey for the forms:
    Here is the breakdown for ordering processing forms…

    4 Forms @ $5 each = $20
    10 Forms @ $3.50 each = $35
    20 Forms @ $2.50 each = $50
    30 Forms @ 2.00 each = $60
    They say you make 10% of the found accounts
    Paul Birdsall and Sandy Sauve are promoting this
    I found about $150K of unclaimed account and spent $155
    for the forms in 2 weeks.
    I was supposed to get paid on 8-9-2019…Got 0000
    I believe the authorities need to be involved

  3. So glad I saw this. I almost joined ubatracers! I saw an ad on craigslist, sent the text to the number, and was given the website. They are getting very crafty with their scams!


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