Is Millionaire Mentors Alliance A Scam Or Make $1,000’s/Week?

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is Millionaire Mentors Alliance a scamI know it must sound exciting to make $1,000’s/week but is Millionaire Mentors Alliance really a scam system you should avoid?

I have reviewed systems like Millionaire Mentors Alliance before so this is not something new I haven’t seen.

In fact, this business model is quite risky to use these days, not great for the long term, and in my Millionaire Mentors Alliance review below I will explain why that is.

Most of these systems sound way easier than they actually are and that’s the trap people fall into when joining systems like this.

My review will be detailed out in the following sections:



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Millionaire Mentors Alliance logo


Program Name: Millionaire Mentors Alliance

Website: Various by Members

Price: 4 – 5 FIGURES! + more

Recommended? No

Millionaire Mentors Alliance is a direct marketing association, an organization of part-time and full-time business owners helping each other succeed.

They claim they are not a MLM or have any sort of downline that you earn from.


Millionaire Mentors Alliance sales video


What they are is a high ticket program and it started not long ago earlier this year and actually is a reboot of Business Success Alliance.

They focus on targeting baby boomers and retirees who have money to “invest” and tell them that this program will be very easy to do since 99% of the marketing system is done for you.

They focus also very much on how you will have a mentor to help you get your business set up and started, as well as get you a success plan that you will both create together.

Millionaire Mentors Alliance tells you that you can make $500 – $50,000 per week and they want you to make the higher end of the spectrum so you can earn money quickly.

They say why sell 35 $100 package to 35 people when you can just sell 1 $3,500 item to 1 person.

That sounds great and all but it’s far from legit this business model and it’s not all rosy and cherries just yet.

This high ticket program will be way more expensive than you think as well as way harder than you think.

They make it sound easy with 99% of the system done for you, but guess what, you have the hardest part which I’ll go into later!

Not even sure how they launched Millionaire Mentors Alliance this year when two big players in this space were shut down by the Federal Trades Commission (FTC).

Digital Altitude (Aspire) and MOBE were both shut down this year, in February and June respectively, due to their misleading marketing ways and called their business model a total fraud.




If you haven’t figured out by now how this works, that’s actually not your fault because Millionaire Mentors Alliance doesn’t do a good job of telling you how it all works BEFORE you join.

All they want you to know is that you can make a LOT of money in this program, that’s all their sales video was about, showing income proof and making you think how EASY it is to do.

Luckily, I know how these high ticket programs work and it’s quite simple really because they all pretty much work the same way.

Millionaire Mentors Alliance says to join, all you gotta to do is pay the one-time admin fee for the level you want to join at.

There are seven level, here are the one-time admin fees and how much commissions you can make for each level:

  1. Bronze – Admin fee $195, Commission $500
  2. Silver – Admin fee $198, Commission $2,000
  3. Gold – Admin fee $298, Commission $3,500
  4. Platinum – Admin fee $398, Commission $7,000
  5. Diamond – Admin fee $448, Commission $15,000
  6. Elite – Admin fee $498, Commission $25,000
  7. Empire – Admin fee $1,498, Commission $50,000

You will then be set up with your own template done-for-you site and all the other stuff needed in the back end to get you started.

Of course, you will need to talk to a mentor, this is part of their scheme is to get you on the telephone!


So they can get you to start paying some big bucks so THEY can make money, of course.

Oh what do you pay?  The cost of the level you wanted to join at.

You thought you paid it already with your one time admin fee?  Ha, think again.

This is a high ticket program, not only you could earn 4 – 5 figures, you will have to PAYOUT 4 – 5 figures for this to earn anything of your own.

The list of commissions you can earn above for each level is also the COST of the levels to you and to anyone joining the program.


Millionaire Mentors Alliance Levels


You see, with the admin fee, you’re just paying the owner of Millionaire Mentors Alliance, then you gotta pay for the actual cost of the level which goes to your sponsor that got you into the system.

Wherever you landed to get on Millionaire Mentors Alliance, the owner behind that sales page is the person you’ll be paying the cost of the level to, unless that is their first sale, then it’ll go up to their sponsor.

So if you have that kind of money to invest, then great, you could start promoting their system after you have paid in thousands of dollars.


Hardest Part Of The System

Next step is the hardest part of the system: Recruiting.

The only way you will make money here is by recruiting other hopefuls that want to make 4 – 5 figures a week but who ALSO have money in the bank to give you 4 – 5 figures.

In their previous program, Business Success Alliance, your first sale goes up to your sponsor, so here you will do the same.

Your first sale does not go to you but to your sponsor and when you recruit someone else, their first sale will go to you.

All sales after goes to you.

But is recruiting someone into a high ticket program easy?  Heck no!

After seeing the costs, you think people have that kind of money to invest?

You’ll need to do way more than bugging your family and friends who would probably think you’re crazy to ask them to do such a thing.

You’ll need to recruit way more and do it on a massive scale which will require lots of marketing spend, like thousands of dollars a month.

In theory, it would be nice to just sell 1 $50,000 item to 1 person but how many $50,000 cars have you sold?

I think selling a $50K car is easier as you can see a car physically but selling a $50K membership level with digital marketing products that never lives up to the price is going to be a hard sell.

The digital marketing products are just there so they can say they have products to sell and they won’t seem like a straight up cash gifting or pyramid scheme, which are illegal.

But products actually have to be sold to the general public to be legit, so without outside sales then, it’s pretty much not a good business model to use.


Very Risky Business

Like I said, this business model is quite risky and in FTC’s eyes I think these digital packages aren’t going to cut it either because there are no retail sales, just members paying into other members.

So when they catch on to Millionaire Mentors Alliance, they will probably shut it down like the others and guess what happens to all the members?

Bye bye to tens of thousands of dollars!

Just look at the comments under the MOBE shut down post, people literally lost their life savings, inheritances, etc., with no recourse or recovery and not sure if they ever will.

This is what happens with these “done-for-you” systems, they DO go away; and when they do, so will all your hard work, money, and time.




Thumbs DownI think Millionaire Mentors Alliance is a scam in FTC’s eyes since they have shut down two big players already.

This will not last long at all because the recruiting will eventually run out and most people who join high ticket programs don’t have good success rates.

I was not able to find any real member’s testimony of Millionaire Mentors Alliance, maybe because it’s still pretty new.

But I did find one about Business Success Alliance on Ripoff Report, their previous name and it was not a good one:

Millionaire Mentors Alliance complaintsMillionaire Mentors Alliance complaints 2


I also find that the high ticket programs don’t do anyone any good because they are not teaching you how to create something of value for yourself.

You’re not creating an asset or anything you could call your own going into a high ticket program and that is the risk you’re taking as you’ll be dependent on their system that can be shut down at anytime.

My online business is in my full control and it’s better to learn how to create your own online business instead so you are not at the mercy of some system.

I have to conclude that I do not recommend Millionaire Mentors Alliance.




Like I was saying, if you want to earn in the long term like I do, then you need to use a business model that is sound and sustainable.

Learning how to create your own online business is also not as hard as it sounds if you have the right training and tools to use.

In Sep/16, that’s exactly what I found, a training platform that helped me create my very own online business that generates a 4 digit online income every month for me.

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This means I didn’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get started or even ever, I have spent only a fraction of what it costs to get in on a high ticket program, but this training is even better than that, it’s FREE to start!

You can find out what this online business is about and how it all works in my free guide here:

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Furthermore, you’ll have the chance to have ME as YOUR Personal Coach that will guide you and make sure you are on the path of success.

It’s all detailed out in my guide where you will see what you’ll be getting with your free account which is a lot more than even some paid platforms as you’ll get free lessons, business tools and support.

You’ll finally learn how to build something to call your own and be able to in full control of your own future with your own online business.

Stop wasting time on high ticket programs and start building your future today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Millionaire Mentors Alliance is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



4 thoughts on “Is Millionaire Mentors Alliance A Scam Or Make $1,000’s/Week?”

  1. Hi,

    I’ve been on your blog before and left a question.

    My question is about your “sound business model”. How is it really any better than Millionaire Mentors Alliance since you said you make pretty much all your money from recruiting people into it as well?

    I understand that it is much less expensive but you still are making your money by selling people on the idea of making money online….

    What is your take on this?

    • The difference between what I do and what Millionaire Members Alliance is huge.

      Like I said in the review, you’re depending on Millionaire Members Alliance’s system so if you invest $50K into and one day FTC shuts it down like it did with the other systems, then you’ll be left with no $50K. With high ticket programs, money is paid upfront. You’re NOT building anything of YOUR OWN and not building anything of value. You’re just recruiting people for the sake of recruiting.

      Learning what I do is a sound business model because all I’m doing is driving RETAIL sales for merchants and companies.

      As well, what I do is not “recruiting” for the sake of recruiting, I’m referring people to a training platform so people themselves can learn a way to build their own asset that can help others. I’m generating retail sales for this training platform but this could have been easily another retail product like running shoes or pet supplies, any product that’s online.

      With this sound business model, you’re building an asset that will help bridge customers with products/services they are searching for in ANY topic/niche.

      Just because I like helping people find a sound training platform to learn how to build their own online business, doesn’t mean you need to do the same thing, you could build something to help people find cool Japanese toilets.

      Whatever you choose doesn’t matter, you’re learning to generating retail sales for existing products and/or services that are online with your very own online asset.

      In high ticket platforms, everyone is doing the same thing which is just recruiting so each person could pay in for the people in the system to make money – cash gifting scheme.

      You’re generating RETAIL sales for merchants with my business model, you’re not passing $50K from one person to another (which is um, illegal).

      You see the difference now?

      Joining a high ticket program is just passing money to one person to another, what I do with my business model is help people find products/services they can actually buy at retail.

      There are no retail sales in high ticket programs, that’s the problem with them, let alone the thousands of dollars you have to invest before earning a single penny.

      Best of luck to you whatever you choose,


  2. I get that you help drive sales for companies, but you say that you make most of your money from this site, driving sales to WA.

    Have you ever made good money promoting other products? Have you ever tried? Or are you just blindly promoting WA with the hopes that you are really leading people to a “sound business model” without ever testing it out for yourself?

    • This is the SAME training I used to make my $4.4K last month. You could get on the training platform for FREE to read about my success and check things out to see if you like it before even pulling out a credit card and gets you 20% of the training FREE as well.

      People get so jaded that they don’t know a legitimate thing when they see one.

      That’s okay, I wish you the best of luck!



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