Secret Income Club Is A Scam To Avoid At All Costs! [Full Review]

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There is a very dangerous website that’s being promoted around right now that I want to tell you about which is called Secret Income Club and it’s a big time scam you need to avoid.

You will be landing on this Secret Income Club from various domains so be very careful.

It will look like they have re-released their fool-proof system but nothing on this is real.

Nope, it’s not real at all and my review below will show you what this is and how it all works to scam you so don’t you worry, it will all become clear.

My Secret Income Club review will be detailed out in the following sections:



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Program Name: Secret Income Club

Website: Various

Price: $47 + Hundreds

Owner: Jeffrey Hart

Recommended? No

When you first land on the Secret Income Club website it looks like it is promoting a system itself since it had the headline of “Classified Page: Re-released Fool Proof System”.

As you watch the sales video, you are led to believe that this system the owner, Jeffrey Hart, has is going to make you easy money since it’s so easy to set up and you will hardly do any work.



He tells you that three of his team members have been making tons of money with his system in the likes of $500, $1,000 and even $5,000 a week doing just a few minutes of “work” he said.

Of course this is all a big secret and that he’s only letting in 50 more people to try his revolutionary system but don’t fall for it guys.

This is one big smoke and mirror just to get you to go make HIM money.


Once you give him your email address, that’s it, he’ll be sending you to tons of low quality products that never live up to what they sell to actual scams.

You’ll be wasting a lot of you money and time if you go through with any of the suggested programs this sales page leads you to.

You will not only not make money, but will lose money.

I have reviewed hundreds of products in the make money online space, so I was able to identify pretty much every product that the Secret Income Club website sends you to is either a very low quality product which won’t deliver on their promises or they are outright scams to steal your money.

What’s in it for Jeffrey Hart (if that’s even his name of course)?

He has associated himself with these low quality to scam products so if you actually buy any of the products his sales page leads you to, he will make money.

Which would be fine if he was helping you find a really good product or a product of value, but he’s not.

He’s leading you to scams and products that will never make you the money they promise.

On top of everything, Secret Income Club has no system of its own to offer you at all!

So his entire sales video on how Secret Income Club has re-released fool-proof system for you is one fat lie.




Secret Income Club starts with a typical sales video about how much you can make with some secret system they have.

But they have no system at all as I had revealed in the previous section because once you give them your email address, you are redirected to a page where you a congratulation page where you have click a “Get Started Now” button.

When you click that, it will bring you to a product he wants you to go to buy so he can make commissions when you buy it.

If he was giving you legitimate systems or products to try then that’s cool but he isn’t.

He wants to be one of those unethical internet marketers instead where he’ll make money off of giving people scams and products that never live up to their sales pitches.


Secret Income Club Get Started Now button Brings You To Scams


I have pressed that “Get Started Now” button several times to see all the different products he’s promoting and sending people to, what I found was appalling.

I have built this entire website here at Work Anywhere Now to help others stay away from bad products and scams, while people like Jeffrey Hart sends people to them instead.

I could never live with myself if I did what this guy does.

Here is the list of products I saw Secret Income Club sends you to:

There are still a couple more that I will do reviews for soon but those two didn’t look good either.

There are already eight products, as seen above, that I have previously reviewed and not recommended because of the reasons I have disclosed in each review which are usually because they are a real scam or products that won’t work the way they say.

The owner of this Secret Income Club is really not doing anyone any good here by spreading these bad products to even more people.

Those products obviously don’t work because if they did, he would be using them himself instead of deceiving people.




Thumbs DownYes Secret Income Club is a scam because it is a big lie and it does not have any system to offer you.

All this website does is it wants you to give them your email address so they can spam you daily with scams and low quality products.

Secondly, it wants to you buy awful products so he can make money from you.

Like I said, it wouldn’t have a problem with him making money from you if he offered you actual legitimate products to try but he isn’t so he’s just as bad as those product owners he’s promoting.

Who knows, he could be the product owner of all those products he’s promoting.  You just never know in the internet marketing space and it’s only getting murkier the waters.

You will not be able to make much money from anything that Secret Income Club sends you to and you’re only going to compromise your email address when you give it to him.

It is really best to stay away from Secret Income Club.

I have to conclude that I do not recommend Secret Income Club.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Secret Income Club is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



2 thoughts on “Secret Income Club Is A Scam To Avoid At All Costs! [Full Review]”

  1. I will take a chance but yes if I feel that this is a scam I will not continue..I am DISABLED and I need to make extra money to pay off old bills and Medical expenses..I just broke up with my X boyfriend and I’m struggling e every day at age 50…I CAN NOT PUT a lot of money into this because I do live pay check only once a month to survive on..I already was scammed and they took over $600.00 out of my account.
    So I pray you will not do that to me as well.


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