Is Partner With Patrick A Scam System Or Easy $1000’s In Your Pocket?

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Is Partner With Patrick a scam system?Could you make easy $1,000’s with the Partner With Patrick system or is it really a scam that’s about to take your money?

Patrick sure knows how to make you interested with all the money he shows you that he has made with this system but is this even real?  Could this be the system you’ve been looking for?

I’m glad you’re here to find out from my honest review below what this is and I will show you all the red flags of this system.

I’ve been reviewing hundreds of programs and this is your typical “get rich quick” scheme so it’s easy for me to give you the run down of what this is.

I will break down my Partner With Patrick system review in the following sections:


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Partner With Patrick is a website that has a sales video on it that tells you how much money you can make from his system.

He doesn’t go into any details on how it all works but just tells you that he’s got too many of these money making websites and that you will need to take over for him.


Partner With Patrick sales video home page


He also tells you he doesn’t mind giving his system away since he’ll be making more money when you make money but you’ll never get any details of how that works.

The video says your account is already created which is highly impossible and this is something I’ve seen before in other scams.

Also, the way they show you the huge amounts of money you can earn from such a system is also a big red flag especially when they tell you that you can earn all that money with working only very little like an hour a day.

On top of that, everything is apparently automated and so there’s really not much for you to do but click a few buttons and then the hundreds of thousands of dollars will just start rolling into your bank account.

However, I don’t think I can believe one word he says.




This Partner With Patrick system screams scam from beginning to end and, from all the reviews I’ve done, I can bet the system inside will not make you anywhere near the kind of money he talks about in the sales video.

Usually, the inside information of such systems is totally garbage.

For instance, The AZ Code sales page talks about earning commissions from Amazon but inside the product, it’s a PDF about being a merchant on Amazon which is totally different from being an Amazon affiliate earning commissions.

Worse yet, this could be a sales funnel that tricks you into a high ticket program like Secret Society of Millionaires does which most high ticket programs do promote this way under different names to prevent you from searching out the bad reviews of the real system.

High ticket programs make you PAY thousands of dollars before you even get started because you have to buy the products that you want to make commissions from as they use the “licensing rights” business model.

Partner With Patrick is most likely funneling you to a high ticket program since he is boasting about making ridiculously high income.

To help you avoid future scams, here are many red flags to Partner With Patrick to be aware of:

Red Flag #1 – Hyped Up Income Claims, Especially With Little Work & Made Quickly

In any system you find to make money online, there’s a very slim chance you can make thousands of dollars in your first week, month, or even first 2 months because you simply need time to learn how the system works, what you need to do, etc.


Partner With Patrick Over Hyped Income


There’s really no system that can make you the kind of money these people are saying because most scammers just hire freelancers on to make these videos so they are not even real.

The internet is not magical and no system can bring your riches that quickly!  If there was, we would all be millionaires.


Red Flag #2 – Who’s Patrick Anyway?

There is never an owner of these scam sites to be found and you will never know who this Patrick person really is.

You can’t look him up or even see a picture of him and you are to just believe what he says.  You should be able to look up anything that’s legitimate but you won’t find much about this Patrick guy.

Most scams do this so you can’t contact them and usually they use fake names and fake pictures as well, so it doesn’t matter that he didn’t show a picture because it would be probably fake anyway.


Red Flag #3 – No System Information

They will always talk a lot about how much money people are making with their system but they never really tell you how it works.

The less information you know about the system, the more it will be a scam.

They don’t want you to know, they just want you to know you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars with a mystery system.


Red Flag #4 – Totally Automated, Super Easy, Just a Few Clicks

I’ve been making money online since 2012 and there’s nothing that automated.  Sure there are some tools that will make things easier for your business but there is still a lot of work to building an online business that makes real money.

No system is that easy and if it was that easy, you probably won’t be making much money from it, also, everyone wouldn’t need a job if there was.

You’re going to be way more than a few clicks away from making the kind of money they talk about.


Red Flag #5 – Limited Availability

I haven’t come across a scam that doesn’t do this, they always say there are limited spots available and they are only taking so many people in.

That is all a lie since they would never limit the amount of money they can scam from people.

You just have to go to their site multiple times, even different days, to find out this is not a real thing as the limited spots will be the same every time you go on their site.

The only way they will shut this down is when there are too many reviews like mine on the internet and their money stops coming in.

At that point, they will close this Partner With Patrick site and come up with a new one with a different name that does the same thing.




Thumbs DownI didn’t buy into Partner With Patrick because I’ve seen too many of these to know better not to and the red flags are just flooding on there so I wouldn’t touch this even if you paid me.

I’m pretty sure this is a scam, but you can make your own conclusions from what I’ve told you.

Partner With Patrick is totally not legitimate and you shouldn’t trust anything on there.

You will have a hard time getting your money back if you go for it.  Another sign that this is a scam is that this goes through which is an affiliate network full of scams.

I’m sure you can do the math on this one.

With everything I pointed out, I highly do not recommend Partner With Patrick.




Making money online is very real and I do it everyday with my online business but you’re not going to get there if you keep chasing shiny objects of making fast cash in a short amount of time.

That will only lead you to more scams and you’ll end up losing more money and time.

In order to make money online, it’s crucial you learn about how to do it yourself instead of getting into all these “done-for-you” systems because you won’t be able to control your business that way.

If you learn how making money online works and take time to learn the processes that go into it, then you’ll be doing yourself a favor because you’ll be able to make money online in the long term and can build more than one successful businesses if you’d like.

You can use the exact method I used to learn all this and also build your own online business with a topic that interests you.

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All I know is that if I can do this as a stay-at-home mom, I don’t see why you can’t do it yourself if you followed the same path I did.

You will learn from the most comprehensive, step-by-step, training you’ll ever experience and get help from a community of like-minded people.

Best part: FREE to get you started, building and learning!

When I first went into this platform, I was amazed by all the help I got, even from the owners themselves.

You would never get such support from scam systems and some even make you pay extra for support.

Remember that making money online is not a quick thing, if it was, you won’t make much money from it, if you want to make real money in the long run, it takes time to build a successful business so expect to work hard and learn everything you can.

You’ll soon be like me earning a 4 digit online income from the comfort of your own home!

Stop wasting time on scams and start building your future today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Partner With Patrick is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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