Is Tai Lopez Bitcoin Crypto Academy A Scam Or Worth Every Penny?

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Is Tai Lopez Bitcoin Crypto Academy A Scam?Ever heard of Tai Lopez? He’s come out with a new course called Tai Lopez Bitcoin Crypto Academy and if you’re wondering if Tai Lopez Bitcoin Crypto Academy is a scam, you’ve come to the right place.

In my review, I will show you what this is all about and if Bitcoin Crypto is right for you.

Tai Lopez is a YouTube sensation with a following of over 1 million subscribers so he must be doing something right.

He’s also made other courses as well that’s been reliable so let’s see how this stands up to the rest.

In my Tai Lopez Bitcoin Crypto Academy review, you will see the following:



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Tai Lopez Bitcoin Crypto Academy Logo


Program Name: Tai Lopez Bitcoin Crypto Academy


Cost: $697 – $788

Owner: Tai Lopez

Recommended? No

The Tai Lopez Bitcoin Crypto Academy is a course from Tai Lopez to learn about how to make money with bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

With it being the hottest topic around these days, learning how you can cash in on this trend could win big for you in the near future.

Just as he states on his sales page:


If you had done that, you would be a millionaire today.

But is it too late to get in now?  Are cryptocurrencies still on an up trend?

Tai is saying no it’s not too late and yes, it’s still on the up trend so that’s why he’s come out with this academy now.

If you don’t know anything about this topic, Tai Lopez promises that you’ll have a thorough understanding of what bitcoin and cryptocurrency are all about including strategies to start out with that will help you make good investments.

Here is an intro video of this topic:


Tai Lopez Bitcoin Crypto Academy Package IncludesIn the course, he brings in experts in the field to give you advice on how to get into the market of cryptocurrencies.  He apparently knows so many people in this field who are top dog millionaires and billionaire experts.

So even though he may not be the expert in this field, he always brings in the big guns to ensure you get the right information and correct techniques taught to you.

Along with the course itself you will also get the following:

  • Private Facebook Group
  • 1-on-1 Strategy Consultation Call With a Member of Tai’s Team
  • Monthly Product Live Calls

Therefore, it looks like you’ll have some support after you purchase the initial Tai Lopez Bitcoin Crypto Academy.




You will be in a test group as part of this Academy, which he’s never done before.

You will be part of his 2-month program where him and his mentors will teach you everything you need to know about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to make money from them.


Tai Lopez Bitcoin Crypto Academy Sales Page


If you qualify for this special test group, you will be working closely with real experts in the field that can really change your life in the next few months.

They will teach you how to invest $100 in the smartest way so you can be profitable.  You will learn everything you need to know to make investing in bitcoin worth it for you.

This is a one chance only thing, the video and this course will be taken down soon so not sure what date but if it’s not there then you’re too late.




Now, let’s take a look at their pricing and the options you have.


Tai Lopez Bitcoin Crypto Academy Payment Plans


There are two ways to pay for this Tai Lopez Bitcoin Crypto Academy:

  • A single payment of $697


  • 4 Payments of $197 (totaling $788)

Of course, the one time payment will make it cheaper for you but then you’re putting out almost $700 at a time, so you’ll have to see what works for you.

It doesn’t say when those 4 payments will be made, not sure if these are monthly or weekly payments.  It wouldn’t make sense if this is a monthly payment since the program is only two months long.

So be prepared for a more frequent payment schedule than monthly.

There’s also an 30-day “action-based” guarantee where you will get your money back if you have implemented the course’s recommendations and you DON’T make money, then you will get refunded.


Tai Lopez Bitcoin Crypto Academy's 30 day action based guarantee


There are rules to that of course to show you’ve done all you can with their teachings before they will refund you.

He doesn’t specify what exactly you need to do or complete in their Terms & Conditions for this particular Tai Lopez Bitcoin Crypto Academy’s 30 day action-based guarantee as he has specified for his other products.

Maybe he’ll add it later but just know there will be things you will need to complete to be considered for a refund and proving you have not made money from it.




No, Tai Lopez Bitcoin Crypto Academy is NOT a scam.  You will be taught how to invest in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

You are not misled or deceived into another product, so this is straight from Tai Lopez who’s delivered many other products before.

Some people say he’s just a middle man of information but he’s able to get the right people together for the info he provides in a nice packaged way that is easy for everyday folks to easily consume.

For that, I think he’s pretty talented.

Do I recommend this?  Not really, because there are many resources on the net these days to learn about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for free or for much lower price like this course at Udemy is only $149 (click on this image below):

As well, this is not the safest way to make money online as cryptocurrencies are highly volatile so you’ll be taking on a lot of risk in these investments.

However, you will be taught by industry experts and you will learn all you need to know as it claims, but I just wished the price tag was a little lower.

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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Tai Lopez Bitcoin Crypto Academy is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



12 thoughts on “Is Tai Lopez Bitcoin Crypto Academy A Scam Or Worth Every Penny?”

  1. Absolute scam. You’re an idiot if you pay for something like that. Any information you could ever want to know about blockchains and decentralized hyperledgers and investing in the space can be found online on free youtube videos, on reddit, and by asking companies in the space.

  2. It’s not a scam but it’s what the title implies, an academy which means learning for beginners, not for advance people who already knows about exchanges, trading, researching, and ico’s.
    For beginners, this is great.
    Also, they tell you which ones to invest and the coins that they do tell you to invest in are med-long term hodl with a high chance of succeeding.
    You could look at Tai Lopez and be bias towards him because he’s a meme but the important thing is what you take away from this course.
    He has a talented team and that’s what is important, Tai Lopez is just a person who brought the team together and he’s doing the marketing while the others are actual people who made their millions in crypto already and are telling you EXACTLY which coins to invest in.
    Anyone smart enough will delve down, listen to what they have to say, and then make their own decision from that point.
    You can always refund it, so you lose nothing if it’s bad.

    • Hi Mike, thanks for your input here and appreciate your description of what the Tai Lopez Bitcoin Crypto Academy is all about in more detail. He is really good at putting info together for the masses, that’s what he’s good at doing.

      And yes, when it comes down to it, we have control of our own actions after listening to anyone’s advice. Read my free guide here if you don’t want to invest in such a volatile market!

  3. Absolute Scam. Tai Lopez is the modern day charlatan. He takes advantage of current trends and pretends to have exclusive knowledge on them through his “mentors”. All he’s done is look up youtube videos and read crypto sub-reddits and condensed the material into this garbage Academy. It is apparent that he is no expert on the subject and speaks in such generalities. Tai is hoping to prey on the novice internet users who don’t know which avenues to take to look up the information themselves. $697 is an absurd price to watch a snake-oil salesman give a power point presentation on information that is already freely available on the internet.

  4. Of course this is a scam. Tai Lopez has never once been a professional trader of any financial instruments and has never provided any records or trading journal of any kind. Any one who actually trades the markets and is consistently profitable knows that one needs a well defined system with an edge, a money management & position sizing plan, deep psychological work and a lot of capital to keep your skin in the game. This course offers none of that, unless this course can provide statistical backtesting evidence from a system that’s been developed (maybe from historical data of previous bubble markets) with a high SQN than I would highly stray anyone away from this. Also is there a short selling system for when it goes down? Trading is a game that takes years to master, just like being a doctor or lawyer. As the great Warren Buffett himself says, “When the tide goes out, only then will we see who’s been swimming naked.”

    • Hi James,

      Thanks for sharing your opinion on this but nobody is saying he’s a trader or have any experience in it, including himself. He even tells you that he has round up professionals and experts in the field and that the knowledge being taught is not from him but by these experts.

      I understand how you feel though, trading is not something anyone can just jump into and that it takes years to learn. At the same time, these days with the internet, we can learn much faster because of the internet but we must be careful where and from who we learn from.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting,

  5. Hi Grace,

    Can you share the course layout/structure i.e the topic dicussed in each video for example video 1 is What is Bitcoin ,Video 2 is setup Coinbase account etc etc etc

    • Hi Niall, Sorry I don’t have the details of his course, but recently I found that the courses at Udemy is so much better and cheaper! Check this out:

      I have done a course there on cryptocurrencies and love it!

      Hope you’ll like this better too,


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