Is The Wealth Network A Scam Or 6 Figure Income? [Full Review]

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Is The Wealth Network a ScamIf you’re checking out The Wealth Network and wondering if it’s a scam or if you can really make money from it, then you’ve come to the right place!

I’ve recently checked it out too and wondered if this would work for my readers to build an Amazon business, so I’m writing this review to reveal my findings.

Making money online is the best if you know how to do so and finding that how-to is imperative to your success online.

Educating yourself in how to build an online business successfully is absolutely necessary to make the money you want from it.

Your education will make or break your ability to be successful online or not.

I will show you the following to find out what The Wealth Network is all about:



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The Wealth Network Logo


Program Name: The Wealth Network


Price: $3 – $67/month

Recommended? No

When first researching this program, I saw a bunch of reviews for The Wealth Network but realized they are all outdated.

You see, The Wealth Network first came out around July 2017 and all these reviews came out then about it which gave it a thumbs up pretty much with the exception that it was too expensive as their plans were up to $150/month.


The Wealth Network Real Home Page


They seem to have revamped their whole system since their launch and as I’m looking at their current site, I find that some parts of their system a little weird.

What The Wealth Network entails is that they provide you with a training platform to build an online business selling physical products on Amazon.

They show you how to pick and search for products to buy low and then sell it on Amazon for a profit.

The Wealth Network also has marketing training that includes a tool called Smart Funnels where you can build landing pages and there is some blog training as well to put your landing pages on there.

There is good information there for you to use and you can certainly start a business using the training they have provided.

However, not sure you will make the kind of money they are bragging about in their sales video because I find that the current set up lacks some things and I’ll go into those things in the next section.




How I got onto The Wealth Network is by landing on this page with a sales video on it:

The Wealth Network Sales Video


I found it very strange for them to market this training platform like the scams I’ve seen.  They give you a lot of hype but not a lot of substance.

When I go to their checkout page from this landing page, I could buy the system for only $3.  It doesn’t say it’s $3/month or what.

This is what I find really weird.

The Wealth Network's $3 - 3 Day Pay SystemThey are selling me a system for $3 for a “3 Day Pay System” but on this checkout page it doesn’t explain what the “3 Day Pay System” is and this was not explained in the sales video either.

It just shows you what’s included but doesn’t tell you if you only have it for 3 days, or what will happen after three days.

I’m scared to even try to put my info in as I don’t know if they’ll charge me more after 3 days or if I’ll lose access to the system after 3 days.

You will get information on how to sell on Amazon:

  • #1 Secret to Ensure Success
  • How to Make Money on Amazon
  • How to Find Profitable Products
  • How to Ship Your Products to Amazon & Start Making Sales

If only it was that easy.

This is training to teach you how to use FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) but not sure if this training is enough as they are charing only $3.

I’ve seen FBA courses costing as high as thousands of dollars so what will $3 really get me?

Also, just because you have products on Amazon to sell, it doesn’t mean you’re going to just start making sales.

You’ll still have to promote the products you have on there, is that included in my $3?  I don’t think so as it doesn’t say anything about marketing.

Whether you market within Amazon or elsewhere, you need it so that’s where all your upgrades are going to be you see.


How It Really Works

They have two other modules to offer you:

  1. $47/monthECommerce Wealth Center – the advanced training for selling products on Amazon that comes with biweekly webinars, Profit Spy to find profitable products easily, and a Facebook Mastermind group for support.
  2. $67/monthMarketing Wealth Center – for those interested in online marketing using blogs and landing pages, they offer you Smart Funnels.

I initially thought that the ECommerce Wealth Center would be good to have but then I saw the example on how it works and I was not impressed.



They show how you can find products with their Profit Spy and then sell it on Amazon but the example they used doesn’t even make sense.

They show you a basketball selling at Dick’s Sporting Goods for $24.99 and that you can buy it there and sell it on Amazon for $66.92, making a profit of $26.71 after Amazon fees of $15.22.


The Wealth Network No one will buy a $66 basketball


However, who’s going to buy this basketball for $66.92?

No one.

One quick search on Amazon and I find this same basketball selling at the same price of $24.99, so this tells me that if you price it at $66.92, no one will buy it.


The Wealth Network Under Amour Basketball also sold at $24.99 on Amazon


You can sell it for whatever price you want but no one will buy it if there are other sellers pricing the same item for less.

Also, why would anyone buy from Dick’s Sporting Goods, a retail store??

Wouldn’t you buy your products from a manufacturer or wholesaler instead??

I mean, this is very simple common sense stuff you don’t need training for when you are trying to find products to sell right?

Buy from wholesaler/manufacturer at a lower cost so you have a chance to sell it at a competitive price, not buy from another retail store and sell at retail.

The rest of the samples in their intro video continues to show you which retail places you can buy other products at to sell on Amazon which doesn’t even make sense why you would do this.

To me, this training is not well put together, to put it nicely.

I also looked inside the Marketing Wealth Center and you seem to have some good tools to build the landing pages but the blog training is weak and not comprehensive since I’ve seen what real comprehensive blog training looks like.


The Wealth Network Marketing Wealth Center


Although their Smart Funnel tool can build landing easily, I just don’t feel this module is worth $67/month for it since the email auto-responder that you will need to pay for as well to collect the emails with gives you opt-in forms use with it and there are other landing page builders for your blog that is free like the Elementor.

Another thought I had on this is why they separated the two modules.

If they are teaching us how to build this Amazon business but then you have to buy this and that module when they could have just provided one comprehensive package at a lower price than $114/month for both.




No, The Wealth Network is not a scam, you will get training for your money but is the training any good is the question.

From what I’ve already discussed above, I just don’t feel this is worth the money they are charging for information I don’t even feel is correct.

The Wealth Network was supposedly put together by Amazon experts but why would experts tell you to buy from retail stores to sell on Amazon?

Also, don’t they know that people go on Amazon for the best prices, not the highest prices?

The basketballs sold on Amazon all average $30 with a few around $50, but majority of the basketballs are selling for less than half the price of $66.92.


The Wealth Network There are no basketball over $50 on Amazon


So if you followed their training and did that, you wouldn’t be selling a damn thing, right?

You can kiss that 6 figure income good bye selling like that.

I do not recommend The Wealth Network.




You can actually build an online business and make money with Amazon without buying any products using a different business model that will take advantage of what’s already on Amazon.

Actually, not just Amazon, you can make money from a lot of retail stores such as Apple, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, and so much more.

This is a business model I’ve been using myself since Sep ’16 and I haven’t looked back, especially because of the comprehensive training I have and still apart of.

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Yes it is free for you to use which comes with step-by-step comprehensive training, user-friendly business tools, and tons of friendly support as well as industry experts at your fingertips.

This is not going to quick or push button, this is a real online business you can build so it will take real work effort and time, just like anything else that’s worthwhile in life.

If you’re willing to make it work, you can definitely build a six figure income using this widely used business model.



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether The Wealth Network is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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