Make $769/Day Or Is Internet Income Explained A Scam?

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is Internet Income Explained a scamI came across this new system called Internet Income Explained and wondered if it’s a scam since they are saying we can make $769 a day!

That’s $23K a month! Could it be?  Could this Internet Income Explained system really show you how to make that kind of money?

The system is apparently a huge secret and they are only taking in a 100 people.  So you better hurry to get in right?

No, it’s good you’re here to check out what this is really about because they are feeding you very misleading info.

My review will show you everything in the following sections:



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Internet Income Explained Logo


Program Name: Internet Income Explained


Price: $49 – $10,000’s

Owner: Keala Kanae (or an affiliate)

Recommended? No

Here’s another system that is selling in the name of Internet Income Explained with a sales video that doesn’t tell you much about what you’re doing with a system that supposedly can make you tons of cash.

You are led to believe that Internet Income Explained is this system that can make you over a thousand dollars in just 4 days but what will you be doing?


Internet Income Explained Home Page Sales Video


You just don’t have much information except that you can earn free, 100% automated commissions from your team.

So there is recruiting involved then obviously, but on top of the sales video, it claims that this is not any of the usual suspects so isn’t this one of them?

Well, that’s probably because I’m working in this internet marketing space so I know actually what this is and what it’s trying to do.

Internet Income Explained is trying to sell you a system that doesn’t exist.

What do I mean?

Well, the system is actually AWOL Academy and I know this because Keala that’s in the video is the owner of AWOL Academy.

So that’s not so obvious to the average person who’s checking this out.  All you know is that this system makes people rich cuz that’s what they tell you.

Who doesn’t want a free system that can make them mad money right?

Not so fast.

This ain’t close to free at all.

I will disclose how this all really works in the next section.




How Internet Income Explained really works is to make you think you are buying this system that is:

  • Free Access For Life
  • Work Less Than 20 Minutes A Day
  • Make Over $500K in Your First Year
  • 100% Automated

The Internet Income Explained sales video is there to lure you in quickly to a very expensive system called AWOL Academy.


Internet Income Explained Real System Is AWOL Academy


Using very unethical sales tactics like feeding you what you want to hear but it’s far from any of the things they talk about in the video.

It’s certainly not:

  • free
  • work only 20 minutes or less
  • make $500K in your first year
  • 100% automated

You are also shown lots of fake testimonials as well like this here, they use fake stock photo and say he’s made a lot of money with this system but these are all lies.

Internet Income Explained Fake Testimonies


Internet Income Explained Fake Testimonies 2


How is it free anyway?  You gotta pay $49 to get in and that’s just the beginning of your spending with this free system.

Internet Income Explained Is not Free


AWOL Academy, if you don’t know it, is an expensive program.  It’s one of those high ticket programs like MOBE and Aspire where you’ll have to buy into their expensive products before you make any commissions from them.

They use the “licensing” model where you have to buy every product that you want to make money from and they are priced high so that you can make those big commissions.

But how high are they?  Here’s a quick snapshot of their line up:

  • Pro Academy – ($99)
  • Inbox Academy – ($297)
  • Conversion Academy – ($997)
  • Traffic Academy – ($997)
  • Masters Academy – ($3497)

As well, once you’re in, they will email you to get you to buy the AWOL Elite which runs in the 5 figures and it’s an annual payment!


AWOL Academy Elite Package's Cost


AWOL Elite was $10,000 before but when I was doing my review of AWOL here, I had found it was at $18K!  It might even be more now.

Their whole system is geared at promoting the same program so that’s what you’ll be trained to do, recruit others to do the same thing.

When your recruits buy those products, you will earn commissions so you’re not earning commissions on selling to retail customers, you’re just making money off of members you bring in.

You will learn how to use a sales funnel as well as how to get the necessary traffic to get people to buy in.

You may even learn how to trick and mislead others with fake sites like Internet Income Explained.

The system won’t be 100% automated as well as taking a lot longer than 20 mins of work a day to get this going.

Internet Income Explained's Misleading Lies 2

Also, be prepared to spend even more money because you’ll be using tons of paid traffic to get people to see your template landing pages.

Buying their products will help you do everything and you’ll learn a lot but this system is not as easy as they make it sound as well as not being as 100% automated as they say either.

Internet Income Explained's Misleading Lies




What do you think?  You’re being promoted a system called Internet Income Explained but in reality it’s a different system.  If that happened with any other product, you would call this a scam, no?

You want to buy a pair of casual shoes and when you get to the register you’re actually paying for designer heals which cost 5 times more.

Is that how it works?

I don’t know about you, but for me, Internet Income Explained is a scam even though Keala is in the video, the average person is not going to know who that is and you’re being misled with so much false information.

Also, how is this system a secret when it’s marketed to thousands and thousands of people?

Be careful with these products, and I’m glad you are here to find out first before you buy.

Is AWOL Academy a scam? No, not technically but I find them highly unethical and I wouldn’t want to do any business with them.

Therefore, I have to conclude that I do not recommend either of Internet Income Explained or AWOL Academy.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Internet Income Explained is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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