Is Wealth Start Business A Scam Or $11,912/Mo For 15 Mins Work?

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Is Wealth Start Business a scam or make $11.9K:mo for 15mins of work:day?Wealth Start Business launched over a year ago and still people are wondering “is Wealth Start Business a scam” so I wanted to look into it for my readers.

The site sure promises some big income potential for just watching advertisements for 15 minutes a day but could this be true?

Could this be the online business that will make you a millionaire as it claims so on its front page?

I’ve broken down this business in my review as follows:



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Wealth Start Business Logo


Program Name: Wealth Start Business


Price: Free (not really)

Owner: Turan Uzunsokakli

Recommended? No.

Wealth Start Business is a multi-level marketing company that is giving you an opportunity of a lifetime it seems to earn a lot of money without doing much work (hmm 1st red flag).


Wealth Start Business Home Page


However, when I first land on Wealth Start Business’s website, I see a big black video box but there is no video.  Why is this?  What kind of business starts off like that (2nd red flag)?

Wealth Start Business then claims they are the “World’s First Zero To $1,000,000 Income Program” which is quite bold as in any business there are costs associated in requiring that income (3rd red flag).

So I keep looking to see how to make this million dollars and it looks like we can make that kind of money with just 15 minutes of work per day by just watching ads.

Watching ads?  Really?

Wow! Sounds easy! Sign me up right?


Sorry to burst that bubble but you’re not going to make a million dollars from watching ads, nope, it doesn’t work that way.

If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it already and everyone would be millionaires.

There’s another component to this which is referring people to this program, that’s how you’re going to make any money from this.

You will be recruiting people into the program so they can do the same thing, recruiting others.

What if you don’t want to recruit people, are there any products or services to sell to make money that way?

No, there aren’t any products or services to sell (4th red flag) and that’s a big concern for a MLM not to have a retail component you can sell to the general public because this will be seen as a pyramid scheme in the FTC’s eyes if a MLM just concentrates on only recruiting efforts.

So this means, this is not a business for the long term as it can be shut down or if the recruiting dies down, then you’re also out of business.

But can you make $11,912.50 per month as they claim from referring people to this site?

I really highly doubt it and I will tell you why.




Now that you know you can only make money from recruiting people to do the same thing as you, let’s look at how you will make money.

There is a compensation plan that looks like this:

Wealth Start Business Compensation Plan

There’s a reason why there is a “referral” level and the Levels 1, 2, and 3.  The first “referral” level is probably the free level to join.

The other levels is a buy-in level because there is no other way this business generates income otherwise but of course the site will not offer this kind of information before you join (5th red flag).


Wealth Start Business Lies


In fact, the homepage says you will be a “No Money Out Of Pocket Millionaire” but this is a total lie.

These types of schemes that doesn’t offer retail products or services to sell always have a buy-in type deal or else there is no money to be passed around.

There are also fees that will be paid to the owner of the site as well, or else that guy won’t make any money.

Why I don’t think you will make any money out this and definitely not earn the $11,912.50 a month is because there will be absolutely no training offered to help you know how to do this recruiting.

As in any business, the most important and hardest part of the business is getting leads, without leads, you will have no business.

Without the knowledge of knowing how to generate leads, you’ll only be recruiting a few people and then you’ll probably run out of ideas of what to do.

Depending on how high the fees are, you will probably lose money because you’re not able to recruit enough people to make that money back.

You may even use more money to promote your referral link if you want to try paid traffic, but again, you may not know how to do this so your ads will not convert that well.

The purpose for this Wealth Start Business is to basically build themselves a huge email list plus make money from the fees you’ll pay to upgrade to those levels.

Wealth Start Business doesn’t really need you to recruit because if it did, it would actually provide you with quality training, help and support, which I’m sure you won’t get.


Wealth Start Business Pay Out Methods


Another thing that’s a big red flag #6 is their payout options.  I see that they don’t offer PayPal because I bet they couldn’t get a merchant account with them and got banned from PayPal.  PayPal doesn’t work with any business that’s even borderline scammers, never mind actual scammers.

Instead, your payout options has to do with giving your bank account information away!

Hello, no thank you.




From all the red flags I’ve pointed out, I have no doubt this Wealth Start Business is a scam because you will not be earning the claims they have on their home page about being a millionaire.

Far from it, you may make some money, a little bit if you were able to recruit some people but you won’t be making any kind of consistent or significant money from this.

Not only because they don’t provide you with any training on how to recruit, but they will not provide the support you’ll need.

A MLM company with no retail products or services to sell will not go far and once the recruiting dries up, this will be shut down and another one will be created.

The owner of this has done other schemes like this like Magic Seven which promises the same thing to make 100 people into millionaires in 2013.

This guy just takes your money from your upgrades and run.  I even doubt you’ll get a pay out.

I highly do NOT recommend Wealth Start Business because it’s really NOT a business at all.




There is no system on the internet that can give you any sort of income with only 15 mins of work a day, there’s no such thing.

All successful business and successful internet marketers have put in endless hours of work to build their businesses to where they are today.

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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Wealth Start Business is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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