Make $3,475.65/Day Or Is Facebook On Fire A Scam?

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is Facebook On Fire a scam?Does Facebook On Fire sound like the best system ever or does it sound like you should be asking if Facebook On Fire is really a scam?

Most of us are on Facebook who share, like and post things but this system claims you can make hundreds of dollars by just doing that in a slightly different way.

Well, I know a lot about Facebook, I’ve been using it for years for personal and business, and I can tell you if Facebook On Fire is telling you BS or if it really can make you money with the loopholes he found.

My review will take you through these topics:



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Facebook On Fire Logo


Product Name: Facebook On Fire


Price: $47

Owner: Fake

Recommended? NO.

Does this program sound like the best thing you can use to make thousands of dollars a month or even in a day?!


Facebook On Fire Sales Page


Facebook On Fire sure has some high income claims and their testimonies show people making tens of thousands in their first month and even up to $80K in their first 6 months.

This must be it right?!

This Joseph guy says he’s found a loophole from a conversation he heard between Zuckerberg and Gates which really, if you can believe this.. anyway, the loophole can make you easily hundreds on your first day.

The system apparently only takes you 5 mins to set up, and everything will run on autopilot.

All you’re doing is “fooling around” on Facebook in a slightly different way and it’s a “push button system” he called it too.


Facebook On Fire Push Button System Is A Lie


Well, I’m here to tell you and wake you up… there is no magic on Facebook or loopholes to be had.

Nor are there any push button systems anywhere on the internet.

I know how Facebook works, and there’s no way you can make this kind of money without knowing how to have a full blown advertising campaign, high converting ad copy, high demanding product, and a huge amount of money to invest into these ads.

But that’s not Facebook On Fire talks about, he just says that all you have to do is what you are already doing which is sharing, posting, and liking things.

You don’t need much experience at all and just need the following:

  1. click your mouse
  2. basic typing skills
  3. internet connection
  4. have a laptop, pc, or smartphone

Facebook On Fire Posting, Sharing, Liking on FB


Sounds easy and sounds like anyone could do it.

However, I can tell you right now that posting, sharing and liking things will not make you anywhere near the type of money he talks about in his sales video because I’ve been there and done that.

Any free methods on Facebook will only get you very limited sales, and I will explain it more in the next section.

Facebook On Fire is the same BS as another Facebook system I had reviewed before called Facebook Cash System, in fact, they are exact the same thing but different names.




What Facebook On Fire is going to tell you to do is to share affiliate links on Facebook to earn commissions from people clicking on your link and buying from them.

While affiliate marketing is a real business model to use to make money online, this is not the way to best use it.

So let’s take a look at the different ways you can post your affiliate links on Facebook.

There are only a few things you can do on Facebook:

  1. Posting to your wall (status updates)
  2. Posting on other people’s walls
  3. Posting to Facebook Groups
  4. Posting to Facebook Fan Pages
  5. Creating your own Facebook Groups
  6. Creating your own Facebook Fan Pages


Option 1 – Posting To Your Own Wall

Sure you can get some sales here because I’m sure you have some friends that may be interested in what you’re posting and will check it out.

But after awhile, your friends will notice that’s all you’re doing and will get annoyed with all your affiliate links and stop clicking on them.

If you continue to do it, they’ll get even more annoyed and will either “unfollow” you or worse “unfriend” you.


Option 2 – Posting On Other People’s Walls

You wanna piss off your friends and family or something?  Yeah I wouldn’t do that too often on people’s walls.

Good luck here.

You’ll be unfriended or unfollowed so fast, you don’t know what hit you!


Option 3 – Posting To Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups have very strict rules about members posting affiliate links or links of any kind in their groups.

You will need to read the admin’s new members post to see what the rules are and if you can post in there with your links.

If you can, then you may be a few sales again here, but if you can’t then you’re out of luck.

Even if you can, this can’t be abused so you’re only going to get a few sales here at most.


Option 4 – Posting To Facebook Fan Pages

Yeah, people who owns Fan pages won’t let you do that either.

Your post will just be deleted.


Option 5 – Creating Your Own Facebook Groups

Sure this you can do and post as many links as you want if you have your own Facebook Groups… but you’ll need people to join your group to get any clicks.

In order to get people to join your group, you’ll need to know how to grow a following on Facebook.

Besides the people you know, how else will you get other people to join?

Do you know anything about creating a large following on social media?

If you don’t, then creating groups will not get you much further and if you do know how to create a large following, this still takes time and you won’t be making $11K in your first 3 weeks.


Option 6 – Creating Your Own Facebook Fan Pages

Well, like Facebook Groups, you’ll need a following but having a following on Fan Pages are even worse than groups.

Facebook’s algorithm doesn’t let the people who like the page see the page’s posts!!

It’s a fact, I have many of these Fan pages and even when I’ve advertised to gain those FB Likes to my pages, I still have to pay MORE to get my posts seen by the people who liked my page.

FB Pages are bullshit these days.

So good luck here, unless you have tons of money to use to advertise your posts.


With Facebook On Fire telling you that there is some loophole that can make you hundreds of dollars in your first day is a load of crap.


Facebook On Fire LoopHoles Don't Exist


I’ve been using Facebook for years and you can’t make that much money from any free methods on that platform.

Especially the way Facebook On Fire is telling you – all you have to do is know how to post, like and share… yeah, that’s not going to make you much money.

No loopholes exists and Zuckerberg wouldn’t let something like that happen any way, he’s actually way smarter than this Facebook On Fire owner.




Without a doubt, Facebook On Fire is a scam because you cannot make that kind of money they say in the sales video by just doing posting, sharing, and liking.

There are no loophole that exists so they are outright lying to you to get your $47.

There’s also no limited availability either, they will scam as many $47 payments as they can before they have to shut down and change their name again.

This scarcity tactic is always used by scam products to make you think you have to buy now and take action today.

They also lie about the $500 that you’ll get just for watching the video.


Facebook On Fire Good Luck getting the $500


Did you stay to the end of the video thinking you’re actually going to get $500?  Lol

Yeah, that’s another trick these types of scams use.  You’ll never see that $500 because they will always have the right to say you haven’t made enough effort make the $500 on your own with the system.

This is just to lure you again to get your $47.

They also use all actors for their testimonies so nobody is making those hyped up income results.

Just see below where I found at least three actors on a freelancing site called



So there you go, you definitely can’t believe Facebook On Fire can really make you that kind of money when all their testimonies are fake.

Look for signs of scams here so you can stop getting scammed in the future.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Facebook On Fire is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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