Is The Ultimate Business System A Scam? This Is A Sneaky One!

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Is The Ultimate Business System A Scam?I just came across this brand new system called The Ultimate Business System and I wanted to see if this is another scam or if it’s worth your time to check it out.

What I found in my research will surprise you what’s really in store and why you may want to re-think using this system if you were also “invited”.

I’m not easily surprised by these types of products but I love how this one try to sneak one by me… not a chance!

You will find out about all this in my review below as follows:



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The Ultimate Business System Logo


Product Name: The Ultimate Business System


Price: $12.99 (so you think)

Owner: Hidden

Recommended? NO.

I really love how all these products these days talk about how there are so many scams out there while they are pretty much doing the same thing.

This one will be no different than those they speak of in the sales video and I will reveal it all in the next section but what is The Ultimate Business System first of all?


The Ultimate Business System Sales Video Page


Well, it’s actually hard to know what it really is because they don’t really tell you.

What they do promise is that your credit score will sky rocket after using this system since they found a loop hole to erase problem credit accounts.

At the same time, this magical (since it can do both) system can also teach you how to start your own business from home.


The Ultimate Business System's offer to you


What kind of business, who knows, they don’t tell you so they expect you to just like whatever this system will teach you.

There is absolutely no substance to their sales video and is just filled with words you want to hear about the lifestyle you want.

Do you often buy things without knowing what they are?  I sure hope not.

If this is such a great system, why don’t they offer a free trial for you to test it out?

There are many things I question about The Ultimate Business System and you should too.

Now, I will reveal all the red flags of this system in the next section.




Products like this one is no different than other ones similar that I’ve reviewed recently like Profit With Our SitesThe Job Quitter System or the Click Cash System.

They all have at least 3 or more of the 11 signs on how to spot a scam that I pointed out before and when something looks like a duck, it usually is a duck.

I’m going to show you all the red flags of The Ultimate Business System and then show you how SNEAKY this product is!



#1) Hidden Owner

You can’t find the owner of this system anywhere, not on the sales page itself, the sales video, the checkout page, or anywhere on the internet.

This is a big red flag when you don’t know who you’re giving your money to.


#2) Fake Testimonies

Usually products like these just hire actors to do their testimonies in the sales video and I’m not surprised to find the same here.

They go to freelancing sites like to hire someone for $5 and up to make them a video about how much they made from their program.

Sometimes the actors are even instructor not to say the product name they are filming for so that they can use the sales video for multiple products.

For The Ultimate Business System, they have also used actors just as I thought they would, here are a couple of examples:

The Ultimate Business System Fake Testimonies 4


The Ultimate Business System Fake Testimonies 3


The Ultimate Business System Fake Testimonies 2


The Ultimate Business System Fake Testimonies


#3) No Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Refund Policy Pages

This is a huge red flag again and shows that this is not a legitimate business.  Without these pages that identifies the company, how it’s governed, and the policies regarding this product, you definitely cannot trust this company or product.

Without these policies, you can forget about any type of refund, or how to get a hold of these guys.  Their email address on their checkout page is not even properly linked to make it convenient for you to email them.

Links to these pages should be at the bottom on the sales page and on the bottom of the checkout page but nothing is found on either.

Any business that takes your money needs to have these pages (period).


#4) Limited Space Available

This is another classic sales tactic these types of product use, they make it seem like you’re especially invited to these products but in reality this is because these products are usually promoted on email lists.


The Ultimate Business System Limited Space Availability


Products like these would never be found on search engines because they are just a two page website with static info on them so no search engines will rank them and show them to people.

This is why they have to promote these types of sites through email lists and lots of them.  You’re no more special than the other hundreds or thousands of emails this is sent to.

So the truth is, there is no such thing as limited space available because they will take as much money from as many people as possible.

They will only take this product down and close the site when too many reviews like mine are on the internet exposing them.


#5) 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Ultimate Business System 60 day money back guarantee

Yeah, good luck with that.

These products hardly ever refund, they never intend to either because they don’t even have a refund policy to show for this 60 day money back guarantee they speak of.

You will email them and email them and you will never get a response until your 60 day has lapsed then they will tell you it’s too late, sorry.


#6) Fake Income Results

The type of income results they show in the sales video makes me laugh because it’s so incredibly fake, I’m not sure how they think they could get away with it.

You can see here what they used in The Ultimate Business System:

The Ultimate Business System Fake Income Results


And guess what, gee it looks like someone else used the same thing like in One Click Pay Day:

One Click Pay Day Fake Results



So now that I’ve shown you all their red flags, I’m going to show you the ultimate whamming of this product.

When you go to The Ultimate Business System’s checkout page, you may think, “Cool, only $12.99!” and you may think it’s super cheap and want to buy.


The Ultimate Business System Price At Checkout Page


But guess what?

That’s only your first payment.  After that, only 5 days later you will be charged $99 and then it continues on a monthly basis thereafter!! WOW!


The Ultimate Business System Sneaky Monthly Payments


Yup, they try to sneak that in on the very bottom of the checkout page, and by then, you may have clicked the “Complete My Order” button without reading it which they hope you don’t.

Then by the time you realize they have started charging you $99 every month, you will never see that money back because your credit card company will say you had authorized that charge, which you kind of did.

What you will get for all this money they are charging you?  WHO KNOWS!

Without governing pages (terms & conditions, refund policy, etc) to their site, there’s no way I would give them my credit card info to find out.

I know these types of products won’t give you what they promise anyway (I’ve reviewed so many products of this type) which they don’t even tell you during their sales pitch, so really, they can give you any junk they want.

What you’ll get I’m guessing is as high quality as their sales page, which as I’ve shown is full of red flags.




I’m going to have to say The Ultimate Business System is a scam because they don’t tell you what they are really selling to you and there are too many red flags as I pointed out above.

As well, they sneakily will charge you a high monthly charge after the initial small payment, instead of being upfront about it.

You will not make any money from this product let alone improve your credit score which is a bizarre combination for a product like this.

This is definitely not a legitimate business without the policy pages that they should have on their site, especially they are taking people’s money.

Giving your email and personal information to a site like this will not be protected and will be abused in various ways.  You will get major spam email, junk mail sent to your home, and worse, the barrage of sales calls you’ll get too.

Nothing good will come out of buying such a product.

I highly do NOT recommend The Ultimate Business System.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether The Ultimate Business System is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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