Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! My Year In Review: 2017

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I haven’t done a “rambling” blog post in awhile so I’d thought I’d use this opportunity to wish all my wonderful readers:







Christmas TreeI know this time of year is hard on a lot of families and people in general with all the gifts they need to buy but just know it’ll be all worth it when the children open their presents Christmas morning and you see their big huge smiles!

I have two girls and I can’t wait for them to open their presents this year!  We did kind of go overboard a bit but they are really good girls and best sisters to each other so they really deserve all the gifts.

I wish we can get them more but it’s always about more presents, but also spending more time with them.

We will sure spend a lot of time together as a family this holiday season and make sure to make up for some time when I’m “always working” as they claim. LOL

This year was special because they are actually old enough to put on all the ornaments without my help and my husband and I just had to do the lights.

I can’t wait til they are able to do the whole tree on their own!  But really, it’s so nice to see how my children have grown from year to year, it’s an amazing experience to be a parent!




It’s been a big year of progress as this is my first full year for this website Work Anywhere Now which I started last Sep 2016.

My biggest month so far is in November and I can tell December won’t be as great but still doing well for a hectic holiday month for everyone.

I know people who have websites that are geared to monetization from Amazon is going to make it huge this month and I really gotta make me one of those sites next year!

I have worked a lot this year on this website, more than any other blog I’ve ever built in my years online and this is by far the best site I’ve built with the knowledge I gained at Wealthy Affiliate.

I learned so much about SEO, which is necessary for your posts to hit the first page of Google search results, and it has made my site seen on the 1st page for many keywords.

I’ve also learned that being consistent in your writing helps your ranking and that longer posts will get you higher rankings as well.

If you have a blog, utilizing those two things will get your site seen by thousands which should equal some good money if you’ve monetize your site right (which is also taught at Wealthy Affiliate).


Milestone’s I’ve Achieved This Year in 2017:

  • 48,000+ users have been on my site this year!
  • Hitting all time high of 12,000+ sessions & over 10,000 users for a month.
  • Hitting a daily high of 770 sessions.
  • Reaching 300 posts by end of this month.
  • Built my email list to 1,000 subscribers!
  • Increased my Organic Search Traffic from 18% to 80% – this is the most targeted free traffic you can get!
  • Implemented better Adsense strategy for increased income by 4 – 5 times from before implementation.
  • Finally, last Nov ’16 (2 months in) I made $23.50 and this Nov ’17 I made over $1,000!  It’s also my first month that hit $1K.

I know these metrics will look very different next year so I can’t wait to see what’s to come in 2018.

There is still a lot to do to reach my goals but I hope to reach them with this site in 2018.  How to get there will be a combination of doing what I’ve been doing plus things I need to revisit or add new.


Game Plan for 2018:

In order to obtain my goals, I know I will need to do some certain things to achieve them.  Let’s run down some of things I’ll be planning:

  • Continue to Write – I would like to have 400 posts by April so that’s 100 posts more til then.
  • Revive My YouTube channel – I had started a YouTube channel in Dec ’16 and added just under 20 videos to it this year but I haven’t done much to it second half of this year so I want to add more videos in 2018.
  • Find other ways to monetize my email list – I currently have a email series but I also want to add something else that will help my subscribers to make more money.
  • Start A New Site – I will start a new site in a different niche which is really exciting for me and I hope to share the results of this new site with all of you.

I hope these things will improve this site and add to my income with a new site.

It will be an even busier year in 2018 than 2017 with all these things I need to get done.

I hope you have a game plan too for your 2018 and that it will bring you even more money online!

If you want to learn what I do and how you can create your own site on a topic you love, just check out my free guide here:

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My new site will follow the same training I’ve been using for this site but in a totally new niche.

So I hope you will start your new year with a great game plan to earn more money online by creating an online business that you’ll love to work on everyday!

I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday!!


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now




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