Job Killer System Review: Make $347/Day Or A Big Scam?

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is Job Killer System a scamI was sent this opportunity called Job Killer System and sounded amazing but is Job Killer System just another scam or can I make real cash with it?

Anyone would want to find something that can kill the life of going to a job and have the freedom to work when and where one wants.

The Job Killer System really plays on that desire and will tell you everything you want to hear to get you to pay them the $49.

But before you pay, I’m glad you’re here on my honest review to read about the truth behind this Job Killer System, I will go through the following:



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Program Name: Job Killer 


Price: $47

Owner: Hidden

Recommended? No

Here’s another system that promises you to make big commissions, even though the language on top of the sales video say $347/day, the video claims you can make even more in the thousands.


Job Killer System home page sales video


You will get to make anywhere from $500 to all the way up to $10,000+ per sale and you don’t even have to work much.

What a dream opportunity to just work 30 mins a day to make so much money and all done on autopilot?!  Pinch me if I’m dreaming!

It’s a system that will literally stuff truckloads of cash into your bank account, the sales video says, and you will even get your own sales team to close the sales for you.

So the Job Killer System promises you hardly have to work, a team to close sales for you, and you even get a mentor to help you build your business.

This system sounds so fool proof and easy to do, who wouldn’t want to jump at the chance to join in?

The sales video takes you through what Jeff Lerner has been through and how he’s used this system to make $450K in his first year, but quite frankly, I’ve seen this video on other products.

Yes, you see, there is no “Job Killer System”, this is a sales funnel to lead you to a very expensive program that will really cost you.

I know this because this website goes to The 16 Steps‘ checkout page to buy Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System which was sold on Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle before.

If you don’t know what Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System is, keep reading and you’ll be very surprised what’s all involved.

This is no different from other products like these that do the same thing:




Just when you think you’re buying Job Killer System, you’re actually buying the underlying system which is Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System.

Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System is where you can sell high ticket package to make those high commissions but before you make any commissions, you will have to pay.

How much you have to pay is in the hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars, and they call this a “licensing fee” or “right to sell”.

There are usually different levels you can buy into with hight ticket offers like this and the more you buy-in the more you can earn.  This type of program is very similar to Aspire or MOBE.

That’s how you will make those thousands of dollars in commission… when you recruit others to do the same thing as you and buy-in then you’ll earn a commission.

How much you’ll get will depend on how much they buy in at and what level you’ve bought in at too.

If you’re not at the higher levels and your recruits upgrade higher than you, then your commission will be capped at the level you are at.

In addition, there will be other monthly fees to use their system so costs just pile up with this Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System.

How you sell these high end products is by recruiting others to do the same thing which is the part that is NOT so automated.

You’ll probably get pre-made templates like Job Killer System to promote and deceive more people to bring them into such a high cost program.

Because everyone gets the same landing pages, you’ll most likely have to spend even more money to get your landing pages seen since Google will not show such one-page sites to anyone.

If you don’t know how to write high converting ad campaigns, paid traffic can be quite costly.

Any free methods to promote this program will not suffice even if you have a huge following because you need targeted leads that can afford such a big investment.

The coach or mentor you’ll get won’t really help you much because their main goal is to get you to upgrade and make you spend money.

That’s why you’re not really selling, you’re just getting others into the program so they can also do what you do and pay first before they can start “selling” and make these high commissions.

It’s like you’re just feeding money up the chain and hopefully you can bring in others who will do the same.

Many people who join such a program usually don’t make much from it and in fact lose their investment.  One of my readers have gone down this road and got herself into $15K of debt!  I hope you don’t fall into the same trap.




Well, when you’re supposed to be buying Job Killer System and you get another system instead, I would call that a scam.

You don’t buy anything else like that.. you don’t go buy one car just to get a different car.

Job Killer System is misleading and deceiving because it also does not tell you anything about the true cost of the program and what it takes to make those thousands of dollars.

It’s also not all automated and you’re being played to join a system you probably wouldn’t have joined in the first place if you knew all the facts of it.

Is Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System a scam?  Not technically but I would be weary about working with a company that allows their affiliates to trick people into their products like this.

For all these reasons, I really do NOT recommend Job Killer System or Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Job Killer System is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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