Make $1,300/Day Or Is Automated Income Systems A Scam?

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Is Automated Income Systems A ScamCould you believe a “stupid simple, done for you system” can make you $1,300 a day or is Automated Income Systems a scam waiting to take your hard earned money?

No matter how simple a system is, it won’t make you money unless you work for it.

Don’t think just because a system has high commissions that you can make tons from it and you really need to look at the underlying business model.

If it’s so simple and people are making mad money with it, wouldn’t we all be doing it by now?

In my Automated Income Systems review, I will show you the following:



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Automated Income Systems logo


Program Name: Automated Income Systems


Price: $0 – $1,497

Owner: Donald McClendon Jr

Recommended? No

So, how simple is Automated Income Systems anyway right?  All you have to do is pass out a phone number with your promo code on it and you’re all set to make thousands of dollars.

That’s what the sales page sure tells you and they make it sound like it’s very easy to do but it’s never as easy as it sounds.

You’re recruiting people into a system that has no real products in it, and even though you are buying “Biz Op Leads & Viral Traffic Packages”, those are not worth much which I’ll explain later.


Automated Income Systems Sales Page


When your recruits join the system, you will be paid commissions according to the ranks of what level they buy in at and what level you are at as well will play a part of how much you earn.

The whole premise of this system is you buying in so the person who brought you in gets paid.  These types of schemes is not seen as legitimate businesses and may be shut down if the FTC catches on.

You also need to recruit A LOT of people and it’s the main thing you need to do to continue earning money from this “stupid simple system” as you can only earn a limited amount from each person you bring in.

In this system, you won’t have to close any sales, they will do it for you and anytime they close a sale for you, you will get paid.

They say in their disclaimer that they are not a MLM or network marketing company but when you earn money from your downline, then this is considered a MLM.

When you make commissions or “overrides” from your direct referrals’ sales, then this system is a MLM no matter how shallow the depth is.

But just because it is a MLM, it doesn’t mean it’s a scam right away, there are other factors that come into play.

This Automated Income Systems works very similar to Best Easy Work and Wealthy Start Business.

Let’s take a closer look at all the details of this Automated Income Systems.




Just like Best Easy Work, you have a free level to join and other paid levels you can join at in the Automated Income Systems.

You can start as free to see how this works but they will call you and pressure you into upgrading to the highest level.  That’s what their sales team is for that will close deals for you.

Here are the levels, prices, and the compensation plan:

  • FREE | $0
    • No Product Purchase
    • Earns you $25 per Sale
  • STARTER | $97
    • 10,000 Biz Op Leads & Viral Traffic Package
    • Earns you $50 per Sale
  • SILVER | $297
    • 50,000 Biz Op Leads & Viral Traffic Package
    • Earns you $50 per Starter Sale
    • Earns you $200 per Silver & Above Sale
    • Earn Upgrade Commissions up to $200
  • GOLD | $597
    • 100,000 Biz Op Leads & Viral Traffic Package
    • Earns you $50 per Starter Sale
    • Earns you $200 per Silver Sale
    • Earns you $500 per Gold & Above Sale
    • Earn Upgrade Commissions up to $500
  • PLATINUM | $997 
    • 250,000 Biz Op Leads & Viral Traffic Package
    • Earns you $50 per Starter Sale
    • Earns you $200 per Silver Sale
    • Earns you $500 per Gold Sale
    • Earns you $900 per Platinum & Diamond Sale
    • Earn Upgrade Commissions up to $900
    • Earn 25% commissions on your Free Members’ Sales
    • Earn 25% commissions on your Starter Members’ Silver & Above Sales
    • Earn 25% commissions on your Silver Members’ Gold & Above Sales
    • Earn 25% commissions on your Gold Members’ Platinum & Diamond Sales
    • Earn 25% commissions on your Platinum Members’ Diamond Sales
  • DIAMOND | $1,497 
    • 500,000 Biz Op Leads & Viral Traffic Package
    • Earns you $50 per Starter Sale
    • Earns you $200 per Silver Sale
    • Earns you $500 per Gold Sale
    • Earns you $900 per Platinum Sale
    • Earns you $1,300 per Diamond Sale
    • Earn Upgrade Commissions up to $1,300
    • Earn 50% commissions on your Free Members’ Sales
    • Earn 50% commissions on your Starter Members’ Silver & Above Sales
    • Earn 50% commissions on your Silver Members’ Gold & Above Sales
    • Earn 50% commissions on your Gold Members’ Platinum & Diamond Sales
    • Earn 50% commissions on your Platinum Members’ Diamond Sales


With this system, you will make money on every level you’re at and the higher you are, the more you make.

If your referrals upgrade at a later time, you will get those commissions as well.

The overrides are the commissions you’ll get from the sales your referrals make and it can sound confusing when looking at the “Why Choose a Diamond Membership” video on their sales page but let me give you a simple example here:

  • You’re a Diamond member
  • Your referral who is a Silver member makes a Gold sale
  • Your commission would be your Gold commission (that you would get from a direct sale) $500 minus your Silver commission $200 = $300 x 50% = $150

That is what the number I see in their chart as well:

Automated Income Systems Override Chart


At first I couldn’t understand how they got their numbers but I figured that out finally and you can use that same formula to come up with the rest of the overrides in their chart above.


Will This Work For You?

As attractive as those commissions are, you will have a very hard time with this if you don’t know how to get leads to the phone number and promo code.

I also would like to bring your attention to the Biz Op Leads & Viral Traffic Packages you’re buying.

When you buy into a level, your sponsor will get most of the sale amount as commission and generally there’s $97 left to go to Automated Income Systems.

In turn Automated Income Systems will use that $97 to buy those leads for you to get you the lead package you bought.

However, from Silver to Platinum, they will use $97 to buy 50K, 100K, 250K leads??  What do you think the quality of these leads are?

The leads would cost $0.00194/lead for the 50,000 package, and way lower for the other two lead packages.

Also, this is assuming they use the whole $97 to buy the leads, what if they kept any portion of that $97 as profit?!

If you know anything about paid traffic, this is EXTREMELY poor quality leads as it costs just tiny fractions of a penny per lead.

This is what I meant earlier about you’re not selling any products of value here.  This is just a prop to make it look like they are selling a product here to make themselves look legit.

However, with such poor leads, you are not really buying anything.

You’re basically dealing with a Ponzi scheme where people are just passing money from one person to another and such a business model is not legitimate.

You will not be making any significant money here as this will probably not last long, especially when you run out of people to recruit.

That’s why most people fail at MLM or any opportunities that require massive recruiting efforts.




When you don’t have a retail component to your system while trying to pass off useless lead packages as products, then you’re basically a Ponzi or pyramid scheme and I would call all of those a scam.

Automated Income Systems uses an illegal business model in the FTC’s eyes and it will not last long if they are found out.

This Automated Income Systems creates no value for anyone and you’re just getting together with people to pass money around and Automated Income Systems is pocketing profits from every transaction.

How are you going to get people to join something that is really nothing?  How will you “sell” it?  Earn $1300/day doing what?  Selling garbage leads?

Think about it, this sounds so ridiculous I don’t know how you will get anyone to join.

This is not a real business model to use, highly unethically, and it’s not sustainable for you to just keep recruiting in the long run.

I do not recommend you using the Automated Income Systems for the above reasons.




I have created this site to help others find a real path to making money online and to show you what products are not good to use or buy into as there are truly so many scams on the internet, it’s a bit scary.

It also took me awhile to find the right business model to use but I have found it and a safe place where you can learn it all to build your own legitimate online business.

I’ve compiled a free guide to give to my readers so I can explain to you what this business model is, how it works, why it works and where to get started for FREE!

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It’s a business model where you don’t have to go recruit anyone, and in fact, you are taught to just build your online business in a way that will attract targeted traffic to you on its own.

You will learn techniques on how this is done, what you need to do, and step-by-step you will have your online business online before you know it.

You will create value for others and earn an online income you can depend on in return.

This will require your real work effort and time to build as in any business you go into but if you can build it to the level where you are making 4 or 5 figures, it’s all yours.

Stop messing around with scams and start building a real online business today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Automated Income Systems is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



10 thoughts on “Make $1,300/Day Or Is Automated Income Systems A Scam?”

  1. Your solution sounds like a program called “Wealthy Affiliate”! Which I was a member years ago. Are they still asking members to review other opportunities, and prove that their program is superior to others?

    • No, not superior to others, just another option to make money online. It’s easy to see the pros and cons of another product though when there are so many more features at Wealthy Affiliate than majority of the programs I review. Some don’t even come close to what WA offers these days, you may want to check it out again, it’s probably very different than when you last saw it. They have made vast improvements every year, you can’t say that about a lot of programs out there in this space.

      Best to you,

  2. Well, they NEED to improve!

    During my stay at WA I was disgusted getting lousy answers from their forum “help” systems and IMPATIENCE and lies from admin.

    If WA, or ANYTHING was any good, they’d let you try it out for FREE and make REAL money before asking you for $50/mo upfront.

    Their “free trial period”, like every other one I have seen, is virtually worthless for REALLY seeing what’s up with the plan, and a level at which you will make NO MONEY, despite what ANY ad says!
    It’s just too short a time period to truly make money in!

    And admin KNOWS you are on trial, so they adjust their “training” accordingly!

    • I’m living proof that the training at WA works as you can read about my latest results here.

      People like you just wants a free ride. If you want to take a course at any college or university school, do you expect to go for FREE? Maybe one day, but currently any education after high school is paid.

      This is no different, you’re actually getting a blueprint on how to make money online and learn how it works.

      The free trial gets you to test out the Premium features to see if you like it first before you have to pay a dime. Obviously any free account will have restrictions.

      Do you get to test out any university courses before you have to pay tuition? NO.

      I’m sorry you got lousy help, but that just means you haven’t reached the right people. I am a very active mentor there and I can do the same for you if you want to give it a go again.

      I offer my personal time for free!

      You will not learn how to make money with your attitude like this. I don’t think ANY system will work for you.

      Thanks for giving my site a comment though!


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