Is PayTime ( A Scam Or Make Extra Cash Fast?

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Is A ScamHave you seen PayTime recently and wondering if it’s a good way to make some extra cash fast? may just be a scam waiting for you to help them make money so I dug a little deeper to see what this is all about.

I’ve reviewed other sites that look legit but when I researched it a little more, they sure are not legitimate so I would love to give this site the benefit of the doubt but I already see several red flags.

All I know is that I’m glad you’re here to read about what really is and I hope you will find this review useful.

I will take you through the following:



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Program Name: PayTime


Price: Free

Owner: Hidden

Recommended? No

PayTime is a site where you can do some simple tasks online to make some money but don’t get too excited, you won’t be making a lot of money if any. Home Page


I say this because I’ve reviewed other sites like Fix Monthly Income & Money Come First and they totally look legitimate but they are really scamming you, even if it’s not your money, it’s your time.

I hope this one is different and will actually benefit you but let’s see what I find out.

On the PayTime home page, you will see it’s very easy to make money, you will be signing up for free which earns you $10 already, then once in, you will be doing the following things: Ways To Earn


  • Download free apps ($2 – $20 per download)
  • Fill Surveys / Sign Up for trials ($5 – $200 per survey or sign up)
  • Promote Products & Courses ($25 – $150 per sale)
  • Share posts on Facebook ($0.50 per valid post)

Most of the rates they list on there are pretty high for those types of tasks for these types of sites so I was already weary about what I would find on the inside.

There are other red flags as well such as:

Time it takes for the tasks is not consistent on their FAQ: FAQs are contradictory


Their rates seem high for the tasks for $5 each, most tasks I find are worth pennies to $2 and usually on the lower end.

It says that you can get paid by the following methods and minimum payouts: PayPal: $50, Payoneer: $100, Skrill: $100 Wire transfer: $500.

These amounts are quite high for this industry as well and it’s also net 30, meaning you will be paid on the last day of the next month for current month earnings, if you meet the minimum threshold.

This delay is not that common but it could happen, however, for this site, it’s a red flag for sure.

Despite the red flags, I wanted to see what it is like on the inside, so I signed up and sure enough I get the $10 and even an extra $0.50 for signing in.

But then things got a little weird once I started to try to find some of the tasks to do, as it turns out, this site is no better than the other ones I’ve reviewed above.




As I suspected, when I got to their “tasks” to see what I can do, there is nothing listed there but a Launch Tasks button and some verbiage about getting $5 for each task we do there. Tasks


There is not much else to do but to click on that button and it brings me to a new screen with this: Fake Tasks, CPA offers 2


If you click on Task Set 2, you’ll get a different set of links: Fake Tasks, CPA offers


This is very similar to the sites I mentioned above that I’ve reviewed before, the offers you see at this screen are not “tasks”, you are being fooled to try offers and sign up for things you don’t need or want so you can make THEM money.

You think you’ll do one of these tasks and you’ll get paid $5 but really you probably will not be paid because once you click on those links, you’ll be going through questions after questions and offers after offers.

You’d think you’re near the end or coming to the end then it’ll take you to yet another offer or survey and it just seems like it never ends.

All of the things you’ll do in this area will make the owners of PayTime money, every sign up or trial offer you complete will make them money, these are called CPA offers.

CPA is a form of affiliate marketing and it’s a legitimate way of making money online but the owners of this site is using it unethically and fooling you at the same time.

These are also the only “tasks” and “surveys” that are available in the member’s area too, there’s really nothing else to promote except PayTime itself.

You can just invite your friends with the referral url they give you or you can use their promotional banners like seen here to post on Facebook: Promo Banners To Lie To Others


The banners you will be using are totally unethical since those are not your own results (screenshots of money you supposedly made with this site) that you’ll be posting to lure others to this PayTime site.

You will be spreading fake testimonies so this site can make more money while also compromising your own integrity and ethics.

There was actually another section about promoting movies and tv shows but there was nothing available at the time of this post.

In fact, there is nothing else in the members area that can earn you any money so some of the things they listed on their home page for ways to make money are just plain not true.


Will You Actually Get Paid?

If history tells anything, it’s that these types of sites will NOT pay you.

Just like the two other sites Fix Monthly Income & Money Come First I mentioned earlier, this PayTime is just here to get you to make them money and have no intentions of paying you.

Here are three examples of people who tried this and not have any good experiences with them: Real Testimony from Affiliate Unguru
Source: Real Testimony from Precious New Start
Source: Real Testimony from My Room Is My Office




When you’re just wasting everyone’s time just to benefit yourself, then yes, is a scam.

PayTime will never pay out.  The only reason this was created was to mislead all of you to make them money and promote their site unethically as well.

This site is no different from this other site called $1 Dollar Tasks which looks freakishly similar in many ways and even confirmed above by another user that it’s the exact same scam. Same As $1 Dollar Tasks


More likely than not, your information that they have of you will most likely be sold or misused as well so I wouldn’t use your real name or email address to try it.

These guys are not making anybody any money except themselves and they are doing it very unethically and irresponsibly.

For these reason above, I highly do NOT recommend PayTime ( to anyone.




You may be discouraged after reading what PayTime is really about but don’t be too down because I have a solution for you.

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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether PayTime is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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