Opinion City Review: Is It A Scam Or Really Make $500/Week?

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Is Opinion City A Scam?There are a lot of survey sites out there and Opinion City claims you can make $500/week with their surveys or is Opinion City just a scam trying to make a fool out of you?

I can tell you right now that $500/week to fill out surveys is a complete lie.  There’s no way you can do that many surveys in a week to make that kind of money.

I have been researching survey sites for awhile now and the most you can make off of surveys are some extra change in your pockets, and nothing consistent or significant like $500 a week.

So I really don’t have a high opinion of Opinion City right off the bat from seeing that on their home page.

I signed up to see what I can find inside so I can write a detailed analysis for you in my review so let me go through these topics:



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Opinion City Logo


Program Name:  Opinion City

Website: opinioncity.com

Price: Free

Recommended? No

Opinion City is actually not a survey site or a marketing research company itself, it’s just a website that shows you where to go to get paid surveys done so you will still have to register to each of those survey sites after signing up here at Opinion City.

In fact, after I signed up and got into the member’s area, there is no account profile info that you usually see on the right corner.


Opinion City Home Page with No Account Info


There is absolutely nothing that even shows I have logged in or account settings so I feel like I gave them my personal info in vain and tells me they may even misuse my info.

Some of the surveys they have on there are well known and are fine to sign up with but some I’ve never heard of and could be questionable.

On the Bonus Survey tab, there are actually offers you can try but I see there are paid offers here too meaning you’re not going to make any money but to spend money instead!

Coupons and Freebies tab gives you 4 places where you can get discounts to: Ebates, Gala, Mystery Samples, and Publishers Clearing House.

Then there is a Work From Home tab you can check out that has offers on it that can make you money from home.  These are more business opportunities but more on that later.




What’s going on in this Opinion City website is that the first motive is to make money for itself which is well and fine to do.

They are using affiliate marketing to earn money with every survey site or offer that you sign up to from their site which is totally okay to do and legitimate.

If you sign up for 5 survey sites or offers, they will at least make $1 – $5 per site you sign up to.

However, when some of the offers are clearly scams then I wouldn’t want you to use such a site that will get you into bad programs.

All the offers listed on their Work From Home tab are scams that I’ve already reviewed: The Job Quitter, My Online Profits Breakthrough, and Automated Daily Income.

Opinion City Has Scam Offers


For those Work From Home offers, if you go through with them and sign up, they will make even more money at around $50 – $100 per verified credit card.

But I warn you these are not real money making opportunities, they are all funnels to very expensive programs and can get you into thousands of dollars in debt.

They are all very dangerous products for any beginner who wants to try to make money online.  I have warned many people of these products that are out there because they are not easy to spot.

One of my readers have been tricked my programs like these and got herself into $15K of debt because of their false promises.


Will You Make Money With This Opinion City?

Sure you can sign up for a few surveys and offers and see if you can make some money but I tell you this, you won’t be making the $500/week they are saying on their home page.

Most survey sites only have a handful for you to do a day, if that, they usually are very low paying, and a huge time waster.

What I mean by time waster is that sometimes you can be filling out a survey and you have invested at least 15 – 20 mins into it and all of sudden it can tell you you’re not qualified all of a sudden and kick you out of the survey.

Some survey sites also don’t pay you for the time to fill out your profile questionnaire which also takes up some time to ensure you are getting the right surveys to you.

All in all, you won’t be making much money here if you use any of the sites listed on Opinion City.




These guys are not taking your money and running so I won’t call Opinion City a scam.

Although, they are listing some scam offers that I wouldn’t recommend you taking on as shown above, and the site itself is questionable since there’s no account info that I signed up to.

Some other things to be weary about are the offers that make you pay money.  These payments could be one time payments or recurring so read everything before signing up to these and ensure you are getting what you expect.

However, I never find pay offers worth my time because spending is not the point of making money.  Yes I spend on things for my business but those are direct expenses and necessary, unlike signing up for things that I would never use or pay for things I didn’t want to try in the first place.

That is why I just can’t do offers no matter how hard I try, it’s a waste of time, learn to make real money here instead.

Otherwise, I do NOT recommend Opinion City for the reasons explained above.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Opinion City is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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    • Hi Joey, not sure which site you are referring to. On my own site here, you do not make money here, only I make money on here. You can learn how to make money from my guide here.

      If you’re asking about Opinion City, you can read my review above again which I don’t recommend.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  1. Hi Grace, I tried to open an account with wealthy affiliate but was told it does not support my country. Can you please give me other online jobs that pay. Thanks

    • Hi Belinda, it just means that you have to open a Premium account. That’s the thing, you have to find a corporate online job is that’s what you want but they are hard to come by so you have to pretty much build your own business if you want to really make money online.


  2. Hello, I was wondering if you know about opinion cities testing products. I was interested in testing products but after reading your article I’m second guessing it.


    • Opinion City can work for testing products, it’s just that any of these types of work is not consistent and you can’t really depend on something like that if you were wanting to make a full time online income. This would not be the right path. But, if you wanted to do this to get some extra cash on the side, then it’s cool.

      I hope this helps,


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